MMA News Roundup: Silva vs. GSP, Frank Mir to Strikeforce

Anderson Silva celebrates UFC 148 victory

We get it.  You’re busy.  And there’s a ton of awesome stuff to keep up within this great big world of MMA. And since you don’t have the time to scour the net for good content like we do, we’re hand delivering you the news, rumors and best of the rest – right here in the Roundup.

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Referee Steve Mazzagatti talks about the harsh comments from Dana White. Won’t you jon us?

UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva is welcoming all challengers. Are you among the select few?

MMA News, Commentary, and the Best of the Rest

Because we could all use a little more Britney Palmer in our lives, here’s a behind the scene look at her 2013 Calender photo shoot (Cage Potato)

What makes a true UFC star are fighters who time and time again prove themselves to be the greatest in the world.  However, there have been many over-hyped UFC fighters who have turned out to be undeserving of their stardom.  Here are the 10 most over-hyped UFC stars (Bleacher Report)

Fans can be assured that GSP’s knee is healing up nicely, just take a look at this video of him doing some pad work (5th Round)

Shane Carwin announced who will be in his coaching roster, find out who we can expect to see in Carwin’s Corner in this years TUF (

Many were surprised when it was announced that Frank Mir would be taking a brief break from the UFC to fight Strikeforce’s Daniel Cormier.  However, when taking a closer look it seems like a beneficial move for both fighters and organizations involved   (

Dana White announces Shogun Rua vs. Brandon Vera will determine who will take on the winner of Jon Jones vs. Dan Henderson.  Read more about it here (

An edition of “UFC Round Table: Legends,” legends of the sport give a glimpse of what the UFC was like in it’s “Dark” days (

With Frank Mir vs. Daniel Cormier coming up, the guys at Low Kick have compiled three key reasons Mir will be victorious (

“I think getting past that mental block was probably the biggest challenge I had to overcome.” Jamie Varner discusses how he jump started his dead career (

It seems our prayers may yet be answered.  Anderson Silva’s camp is open to the idea of a super fight between the Spider and GSP (

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