Jake Paul Ripped AGAIN by Claressa Shields, Invited To Fight [WATCH]

Jake Paul, Claressa Shields. GETTY

Claressa Shields does not think that Jake Paul can beat her in the boxing ring.

“I don’t know what’s up with Jake Paul,” Shields told me on the Heavy Live With Scoop B Show while promoting recent signing with PFL.

“But I want to tell Jake Paul I’m NOT the one to f**k with! That’s all I wanna tell him. Like, my man I’ll get there with you gladly. We can give all the money to the Flint Water Crisis and give out water and everything but, maaaannnnn man, man. I WILL put a hurting on that boy! He’s feeling real confident after what he did to Nate [Robinson] but the truth is, Nate Robinson’s team needs to be held accountable for that performance because why is he in the ring after two months of training; and I don’t think he ever sparred so that’s probably the first time being hit, and he was in there with no headgear? Like, Jake Paul ain’t got no skill. Now you’re talking about power? Anybody has power against somebody who has no experience who doesn’t know how to block or brace, but Jake Paul knows what’s up with me. Do not play with me because if Triller send that contact with those dollars, I’m signing and I’ma show up and — look, he knows Claressa. He ain’t met ‘Clarenzo’ yet and Clarenzo don’t play that shit.”

Imagine a world where Shields and Jake Paul got into the ring. “He can do what he wants to do as far as that,” says Shields.

“But he will not — its certain levels to it and if he gets in there with a beginning boxer, who doesn’t have any experience he has a chance to beat them. He gets in there with a A, B, or C fighter he’s gonna lose and it doesn’t matter male or female. Now we’re talking about with females, size does matter when it comes to females. Guys are a lot stronger when it comes to when they’re smaller with the size. Now if Jake Paul were to get in there with a girl that weighs 130-145; even a 150lb, he would probably do easy with that but, it also depends on which girl. But he gets in there with me, who walks around at 175lbs and I got titles at 150lb, 160lb and I’m an A+ fighter?… he don’t stand a chance. It doesn’t matter if I’m a female or not. Body types don’t matter. I’m not going to go on there and say, “Oh he weighs 185. I weigh 168. Let’s go blow for blow.” I’m going to use my knowledge because I’ve been in there with guys that are bigger than me and Jake Paul and I beat up on them. So when he comes out there and he’s bringing his jab back to slow after he jabs and he gets countered with a right hand, then it’s going to be a problem, you know what I mean? Oh he’s talking about trying to throw his hook and once he throws his hook and he puts his hand down, or he throws a right hand and he puts his hand down, he’s gonna get hit with a hook with a right. That’s where my skill will come in at; and I also have size and I also have leverage and power which makes me a better fighter than him also. So it’s not like getting in there with someone who don’t know how to jab and also if he’s ‘too strong’ for me as they say because he’s a man, I’m gonna hit him in his body and take that power from him. Him being an inexperienced fighter, those body shots are going to lead up. I don’t have to hit him in the head; I’m going to get down there and take that body from him and then once he gets tired, then I’m going to come up and start smacking him in the head and THEN you’re gonna go down. So that’s what I’m saying with experienced fighters. I don’t have to go in there and punch him in the face at all. I can punch him in the body and break him down and then come out to the head and finish him. That’s what experienced fighters can do, and that’s A,B and C… so Jake Paul doesn’t have a chance against me no matter what he says or what he tweets. For him being a man, this would be the perfect time to prove that the world is changing. When I get in there and whip Jake Paul’s ass to shoe that women can box for 3 minutes for one; second of all, just because a man is stronger than a woman or he’s bigger doesn’t mean he’s going to beat her. Just being able to prove that in this generation here would do a lot for women’s boxing moving forward.”

Shields recently transitioned from boxing to MMA.

For those keeping score at home:
After winning world championships in three weight divisions in just 10 fights as a professional boxer, Shields, a two-time Olympic gold medalist signed a contract to compete in the Professional Fighters League. “Huge transitioning,” Shields told me on the Heavy Live With Scoop B Show.

“Boxing you train more of your body to strengthen your left and strengthen your rights. But — you know you do your runs, you do your workouts, you get your legs stronger and you can kind of focus on that but, when it comes to MMA, it’s a lot more technique behind it as far as mixing all these different types of martial arts together to make it be one. You could be the best jujitsu professor or specialist; but you could get in there with somebody that has a good right hand and you get caught with it and you get knocked out. Do you don’t even get to put your jujitsu to practice because you didn have to use it. It’s all about knowing that you can use something it’s needed, but knowing how to use every martial art to your advantage when it’s time to be used. So it’s way different. It’s a lot more technical than boxing; like I’ve been boxing for 14 years and it’s not a style that I haven’t seen. I can get in the ring with anybody and do VERY well; majority of the time 80-90% win. Doesn’t matter how big the guy is, how strong he is. Just off of my knowledge and skill of boxing I can beat him. That’s how good I am in boxing, but now you’re talking MMA and it’s so many more things. If somebody can’t beat you with the hands, they’re like, “Fuck the hands, we’re going to the ground!” and they take you to the ground; and you gotta know what to do down there too or else it can get really ugly and nasty pretty fast.”

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