• Nintendo eShop: What’s New For 8/3/17

    Here's what going on in the eShop this week.

  • Dragon Quest XI Surpasses 2 Million Copies Sold in Japan

  • Atlus Announces Three New Persona Titles

  • Metroid: Samus Returns Amiibo Functionality

  • New Rare Pokemon Available in Pokemon Sun & Moon

  • Nintendo Direct For ‘Dragon Quest XI’ Coming This Week

    Bad news: Japan only.

  • ‘Pokemon Sun & Moon’: More Marshadow Details Revealed

  • ‘Metroid: Samus Returns’: Special Edition Contents

  • This Year Is Crucial For The ‘Metroid’ Franchise

  • ‘Mario & Luigi Superstar Saga + Bowser’s Minions’ is Real and Coming to 3DS

  • ‘Fire Emblem Warriors’ Features New Characters and Amiibo

    Check out some features in Fire Emblem Warriors.

  • Remake Of ‘Metroid 2’ Coming To Nintendo 3DS

  • WATCH: Nintendo Spotlight & Treehouse E3 2017 Live Streams (June 13 – 15)

  • ‘Pokemon Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon’: What Are They?

  • ‘Pokemon Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon’ Are Not Coming To The Switch

  • ‘Pokemon Gold & Silver’ Coming To 3DS Virtual Console

  • WATCH: Nintendo’s ‘Pokemon’ Direct Live Stream

  • ‘Mega Man Legacy Collection 2’ Skips Nintendo Consoles

  • ‘Pokemon’ Nintendo Direct Predictions

  • ‘Pokemon Sun & Moon’ Announces Next Online Competition

    Only little Pokemon allowed.

  • ‘Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia’: 5 Tips You Should Know

  • Four Free Mega Stones Available In ‘Pokemon Sun and Moon’

  • Four New Heroes Joining ‘Fire Emblem Heroes’

  • ‘Fire Emblem Echoes’ Wraps Up Series On 3DS

  • GameStop Giving Away New Pokemon For ‘Sun & Moon’

    Players will be able to pick up Lycanroc (Midnight Form) starting May 15 for Pokemon Sun and Moon.

  • Many New Amiibo Now Available For Pre-Order

  • Ranking The ‘Lego Star Wars’ Games

  • ‘Pokemon Stars’ Rumor Roundup

  • ‘Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia’ Season Pass Details

  • Japan Is Getting Cool ‘Dragon Quest’ Themed Consoles

    The PS4 and the New Nintendo 2DS XL are getting the Dragon Quest treatment.