‘Pokemon Go’: What to Do When the Game Freezes at Launch


‘Pokemon Go’ is available for iOS and Android devices. (Niantic)

Many Pokemon Go players are once again experiencing a game-breaking glitch, this time having the app freeze every time it’s opened.

A wave of complaints about this followed the release of the game’s most recent update, Version 1.21.0 for iPhone and 0.51.0 for Android. What will usually happen is that following the initial loading screen, which currently shows Pikachu putting up Christmas lights, the game suddenly freezes, with the trainer avatar not budging no matter how much you move around. Sometimes, it’s just that none of the graphics around the trainer load properly. Is there anything that can be done to fix this?

Well, the first thing you’ll want to try is just force quitting the app. On an iPhone, this can be done by tapping the home button and swiping up, and on an Android, just go to Settings –> Apps –> Running –> Pokemon Go and select “Force Quit.”

But if that doesn’t work, a Reddit user who goes by N4Y4R posted one solution on the Silph Road subreddit today that’s helping a lot of people, although it is not effective for everyone. Here’s what to do:

  • Before starting Pokemon Go, disable the GPS on your phone. On an iPhone, you can do this by going to Settings –> Privacy –> Location Services. Then turn Location Services off. On Android, go to Settings –> Location, and then turn Location off.
  • Now, open the Pokemon Go app, waiting for it to get through the loading screen and for the glitch to occur.
  • Go retrace your steps from step one and then turn the GPS back on.
  • Open up Pokemon Go, and the freezing should hopefully have stopped.

It seems that the success of this tactic depends on what kind of phone you are using. Reddit users have reported that the fix works with the OnePlus 2, HTC M8, Xperia X, Redmi Note 3, Nexus 6P, Moto G4, Moto X Pure Edition, Samsung Galaxy s6, Sony Experia Z5, and the Nexus 5X, but it doesn’t work for the LG G4, LG V10, or the HTC One M9.

Another option that has helped some people is clearing the app’s cache. Unfortunately, the iPhone doesn’t let you clear the cache of a specific app, but the Android does. Here’s what you need to do if you’re playing the game on an Android device:

  • Go to Settings –> Applications/Applications Manager –> All Apps
  • Select Pokemon Go 
  • Select “Storage”
  • Tap “Clean Data” and “Clean Cache”

Finally, one last option is to try to downgrade to the previous version of Pokemon Go, assuming you only started experiencing this glitch after the update. On an iOS device, the easiest way to do that is to restore your phone to a backup from prior to when the new update was downloaded. On an Android phone, you can download this APK of the previous update and, using Windows Explorer, replace the old update with that new file.

This is hardly the first time that Pokemon Go players have experienced major difficulties following a new update, but this is one of the most prominent instances, with hundreds of fans flocking to the Internet to complain this week that the app is virtually unplayable for them.

For now, all we have are these temporary workarounds, but hopefully, Niantic will come out with a permanent fix sometime soon.

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2nd option works for LG models. Clear Data, Clear Cache.

It’ll ask you to confirm your date of birth & sign back in & recover your account.


Yes but it is a complete pain in the butt to do every single time you want to play the damn game.


Yes but is faster than doing a complete uninstall and reinstall and of course won’t use as much mobile data either

Domagoj Erceg

another option (working for me on LG G4) is to delete a single file before starting the game:
filename: 620D29205C723FA79-DA6515471071611
size: 463KB
location: Android/data/com.nianticlabs.pokemongo/files/bundles/


Nexus 6P running Android 7.1.1. Pokemon Go just started freezing today, after I run it one time. App goes through loading screen and goes to blank map with my trainer not able to move. Nothing in the game will work. Clear Data allows me back into the game, after entering birthday, etc. Once I exit, cannot run again until I Clear Data. Clearing Cache does not help. Been running PG 0.51 for about a week with no new issues until this afternoon.


I had the same problem, Try this: Enable data usage (Also works with WIFI On), DISABLE GPS location. Start your game, let it go after the loading screen. When your character is stuck in the middle of nothing, enable your gps. Hope it works. And i haven’t found a fix to this problem so you HAVE to do this every time you start up the game;( (Got this problem after updating to 7.1.1)

Update to iOS 10.2 if you have an iPhone and haven't done so already.

Ever since last night when I made the stupid decision to update the game (which I never do right away), the game kept closing every time I opened the app. I read several articles explaining what to do. I tried basically everything they mentioned including turning off my GPS, deleting the game and downloading it again, and backing up my phone, which I knew wouldn’t work because the last backup took place two hours after I updated the app. But finally as I was just about to give up, I thought I’d try updating to iOS 10.2 and what do you know..after about 20 minutes my phone restarts and the app finally works!!!


Thank you for this comment, I couldn’t play Pokemon Go for two days because of the crashing problem (and I tried all the methods in the article). I did what you suggested, and the app now works!


If Niantic would tone it down with their bullshit gamebreaking updates, that would be nice. Nearly every update they roll out makes the game slightly less fun and slightly more unplayable.

Dylan Berry

I tried the second option. I use an LG G4 and it worked. I guess all i can say is that you just need to know how your phone works and how it’s layed out in the settings menu cause not all settings menus are the same. Don’t try following the directions as written cause it may be the layout of a different phone. Just look for what’s similar. Like here it’s looking for your location options. But do you best. It worked on my G4 for Android it can work on yours too.

Dragos GT

A method that works on my lg g4 is activating the power saving mode entering the game, and it works, if i reset the game it freezes again, but if i deactivate the power saving mode and start game, it works again, and repeat. Hope it works for you too.


Version 0.51.0 renders the game useless (freezes on pale green screen) on an HTC Bolt (Android 7.0). Can’t even downgrade to 0.49.0 because it forces you to update and won’t let you go further until you do. So far none of these fixes work. The ONLY way to play is to clear data and cache each and every time you want to play. If the game freezes during play, you’re basically screwed.


I’ve noticed this only happens with Gmail accounts. I have 3 different accounts (1 for each team). Two of them are gmail accounts and the third is pokemon trainers club. I’ve never had anything freeze for the pokemon traders club account, so it seems the glitch only affects gmail accounts.

When i switch from gmail account to a seperate gmail account, the game freezes almost every time. When I switch from gmail account, to pokemon trainers club account, then to the 2nd mail account, my success rate seems to be better for the game to load without freezing. That strategy could help ppl with multiple accounts.

Whenever it freezes and non of these tricks seem to help, I restart my phone. The game always loads the first time I load it after restarting my phone. Huge pain in the butt, but it has always worked for me.

Bill H

I have an HTC One M9 and the only thing that works, 100% is to force stop and then open. Yes a hassle but it works


none of the fixes work for me. I down loaded an earlier version, it installs but as soon as I open the game it automatically makes me upgrade to the latest version and I am right back at the frozen screen.

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