‘Pokemon Go’ Generation 2 Move Guide: Best Offensive & Defensive Moves For Each Species

pokemon go

Pokemon Go is available for iOS and Android devices. (Niantic)

Over 80 brand new Pokemon have just been released in Pokemon Go, and players are now beginning to learn which movesets work best for all of the new species.

Based on CP alone, the most powerful new Pokemon in the game is Tyranitar, which has a max CP of 3,617. Also quite powerful is Blissey, which has a max CP of 3,173. Outside of the Pokemon themselves, the damage inflicted by some moves has been altered, and so based on the amount of damage inflicted per second, the most powerful quick move in the game is now Dragon Breath, and the most powerful main move is Future Sight.

The following chart breaks down the best movesets for each generation two Pokemon, both offensively and defensively, using data from Pokemon Go Info. Click on the name of each Pokemon to see more information about its moveset and the damage-per-second of each move.

Pokemon Best Offensive Move Set Best Defensive Move Set
Chikorita Vine Whip & Grass Knot Tackle & Grass Knot
Bayleef Razor Leaf & Grass Knot Razor Leaf & Grass Knot
Meganium Razor Leaf & Solar Beam Razor Leaf & Solar Beam
Cyndaquil Tackle & Flamethrower Ember & Flame Charge
Quilava Tackle & Flamethrower Ember & Flame Charge
Typhlosion Ember & Overheat Ember & Overheat
Totodile Scratch & Water Pulse Scratch & Crunch
Croconaw Scratch & Water Pulse Scratch & Crunch
Feraligatr Water Gun & Hydro Pump Water Gun & Ice Beam
Sentret Scratch & Grass Knot Scratch & Grass Knot
Furret Quick Attack & Hyper Beam Quick Attack & Hyper Beam
Hoothoot Feint Attack & Sky Attack Feint Attack & Sky Attack
Noctowl Wing Attack & Sky Attack Wing Attack & Sky Attack
Ledyba Tackle & Silver Wind Tackle & Silver Wind
Ledian Bug Bite & Bug Buzz Struggle Bug & Bug Buz
Spinarak Poison Sting & Signal Beam Poison Sting & Signal Beam
Ariados Infestation & Cross Poison Infestation & Cross Poison
Crobat Air Slash & Sludge Bomb Air Slash & Sludge Bomb
Chinchou Bubble & Thunderbolt Bubble & Thunderbolt
Lanturn Water Gun & Thunderbolt Charge Beam & Thunderbolt
Pichu Thunder Shock & Thunderbolt Thunder Shock & Thunderbolt
Cleffa Zen Headbutt & Grass Knot Zen Headbutt & Grass Knot
Igglybuff Pound & Shadow Ball Feint Attack & Shadow Ball
Togepi Hidden Power & Dazzling Gleam Hidden Power & Dazzling Gleam
Togetic Hidden Power & Dazzling Gleam Hidden Power & Dazzling Gleam
Natu Peck & Drill Peck Peck & Psyshock
Xatu Air Slash & Future Sight Air Slash & Aerial Ace
Mareep Thunder Shock & Thunderbolt Thunder Shock & Discharge
Flaaffy Charge Beam & Thunderbolt Charge Beam & Discharge
Ampharos Charge Beam & Zap Cannon Volt Switch & Zap Cannon
Bellossom Razor Leaf & Leaf Blade Razor Leaf & Leaf Blade
Marill Bubble & Aqua Tail Bubble & Aqua Tail
Azumarill Bubble & Play Rough Bubble & Play Rough
Sudowoodo Counter & Rock Slide Rock Throw & Rock Slide
Politoed Bubble & Hydro Pump Bubble & Hydro Pump
Hoppip Bullet Seed & Grass Knot Bullet Seed & Grass Knot
Skiploom Bullet Seed & Grass Knot Bullet Seed & Grass Knot
Jumpluff Infestation & Solar Beam Infestation & Solar Beam
Aipom Scratch & Swift Scratch & Swift
Sunkern Razor Leaf & Grass Knot Razor Leaf & Grass Knot
Sunflora Razor Leaf & Solar Beam Razor Leaf & Solar Beam
Yanma Wing Attack & Aerial Ace Wing Attack & Silver Wind
Wooper Water Gun & Dig Water Gun & Dig
Quagsire Water Gun & Sludge Bomb Mud Shot & Earthquake
Espeon Confusion & Future Sight Confusion & Future Sight
Umbreon Feint Attack & Foul Play Snarl & Dark Pulse
Murkrow Feint Attack & Foul Play Feint Attack & Foul Play
Slowking Water Gun & Psychic Confusion & Fire Blast
Misdreavus Hex & Ominous Wind Hex & Ominous Wind
Unown Hidden Power & Struggle Hidden Power & Struggle
Wobbuffet Counter & Mirror Coat Counter & Mirror Coat
Girafarig Tackle & Psychic Confusion & Thunder Bolt
Pineco Tackle & Gyro Ball Tackle & Gyro Ball
Forretress Struggle Bug & Heavy Slam Struggle Bug & Heavy Slam
Dunsparce Astonish & Rock Slide Astonish & Dig
Gligar Wing Attack & Dig Wing Attack & Dig
Steelix Iron Tail & Heavy Slam Iron Tail & Heavy Slam
Snubbull Bite & Dazzling Gleam Bite & Dazzling Gleam
Granbull Snarl & Play Rough Snarl & Play Rough
Qwilfish Water Gun & Aqua Tail Water Gun & Aqua Tail
Scizor Bullet Punch & Iron Head Bullet Punch & Iron Head
Shuckle Rock Throw & Stone Edge Rock Throw & Rock Blast
Heracross Counter & Close Combat Counter & Close Combat
Sneasel Feint Attack & Avalanche Ice Shard & Avalanche
Teddiursa Scratch & Play Rough Scratch & Play Rough
Ursaring Counter & Hyper Beam Counter & Hyper Beam
Slugma Rock Throw & Flame Burst Rock Throw & Flame Burst
Magcargo Rock Throw & Overheat Rock Throw & Overheat
Swinub Powder Snow & Rock Slide Powder Snow & Icy Wind
Piloswine Powder Snow & Avalanche Powder Snow & Avalanche
Corsola Bubble & Power Gem Bubble & Power Gum
Remoraid Water Gun & Water Pulse Water Gun & Water Pulse
Octillery Water Gun & Gunk Shot Water Gun & Water Pulse
Delibird Ice Shard & Ice Punch Ice Shard & Aerial Ace
Mantine Bubble & Aerial Ace Bubble & Aerial Ace
Skarmory Air Slash & Sky Attack Air Slash & Sky Attack
Houndour Feint Attack & Flamethrower Feint Attack & Crunch
Houndoom Fire Fang & Foul Play Snarl & Crunch
Kingdra Dragon Breath & Outrage Dragon Breath & Outrage
Phanpy Tackle & Bulldoze Rock Smash & Bulldoze
Donphan Counter & Earthquake Counter & Play Rough
Porygon2 Hidden Power & Hyper Beam Hidden Power & Hyper Beam
Stantler Tackle & Wild Charge Zen Headbutt & Wild Charge
Smeargle Tackle & Struggle Tackle & Struggle
Tyrogue Rock Smash & Rock Slide Rock Smash & Rock Slide
Hitmontop Counter & Close Combat Rock Smash & Gyro Ball
Smoochum Powder Snow & Ice Beam Powder Snow & Psyshock
Elekid Thunder Shock & Discharge Thunder Shock & Discharge
Magby Ember & Fire Punch Ember & Fire Punch
Miltank Tackle & Body Slam Zen Headbutt & Body Slam
Blissey Pound & Hyper Beam Zen Headbutt & Hyper Beam
Raikou Volt Switch & Wild Charge Volt Switch & Wild Charge
Entei Fire Spin & Overheat Fire Spin & Overheat
Suicune Extrasensory & Hydro Pump Extrasensory & Hydro Pump
Larvitar Bite & Ancient Power Rock Smash & Ancient Power
Pupitar Bite & Dig Rock Smash & Dig
Tyranitar Bite & Stone Edge Iron Tail & Crunch
Lugia Extrasensory & Sky Attack Extrasensory & Future Sight
Ho-Oh Extrasensory & Fire Blast Extrasensory & Fire Blast
Celebi Confusion & Hyper Beam Confusion & Dazzling Gleam

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