Cedric Ford: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

cedric ford, cedric ford hesston kansas, cedric ford excel industries

Cedric Ford. (Facebook)

Cedric Larry Ford, a painter at Excel Industries, is accused of opening fire on co-workers at the Hesston, Kansas, company on Thursday before he was fatally shot, KWCH-TV reports.

Shootings also occurred at a location in nearby Newton, along with other areas in Hesston. Harvey County Sheriff T. Walton said four people were killed, including Ford. Fourteen others were wounded, and at least five of those victims are in critical condition. One victim is in surgery and eight are in stable condition, he said.

“This is just a horrible incident that has happened,” Walton said. “There’s going to be a lot of sad people here.”

Ford, 38, was killed by Hesston Police Chief Doug Schroeder at the manufacturing plant. Schroeder was the first to respond to the shooting and entered the building alone. He exchanged gunfire with the shooter, but was not shot.

Walton called Schroeder a “hero” who saved lives. He was also praised by Kansas Governor Sam Brownback.

The victims have not been identified.

Here’s what you need to know about Ford and the shooting:

1. He Was Issued a Protective Order Hours Before the Shooting From a Woman Who Said He Choked Her During a Fight

Cedric Ford was served with a protective order barring him from contacting a woman he lived with and had previously dated. The order was served to him about 90 minutes before the shooting, while he was at work, police said.

The “protection from abuse” order says that he was moving out from the residence where he lived with the woman, and that they had lived together with children, but they were not their kids. The woman filed the petition February 5.

She described what led to her seeking the order, writing, “Cedric + I were verbally fighting. It became physical by him pushing me then grabbing me. He placed me in a choke hold from behind – I couldn’t breath – he then got me to the ground while choking me – finally releasing me.”

cedric ford pfa

(Sedgwick County Court)

She said he was an “alcoholic, violent, depressed … It’s my belief he is in desperate need of medical + psychological help!”

You can read the protective order below. Click here to read it if it does not appear.

While Ford’s ex-girlfriend described a dangerous and violent man, his co-workers said they didn’t see anything out of the ordinary with him.

Ford’s partner at the plant said no one saw this coming in an interview live on KWCH-TV. He said he recently bought a new truck and there was no indication that anything was wrong. The co-worker said he talked to Ford earlier Thursday.

Another co-worker told the news station he was a “nice” guy and it didn’t seem like he would do something like this. Police have not said they have a motive for the shooting.

Ford lived in Newton, Kansas, the town where one of the shootings occurred. A trailer park there was swarmed by officers about an hour after the initial shootings, KWCH reported. Police with AR-15s and in body armor have swarmed the area, telling anyone in the home to come out with their hands-up. The sheriff said they believed someone was in the house where Ford lived, refusing to come out, but later determined it was empty.

Sheriff T. Walton said at a press conference that the first shooting occurred at about 5 p.m. in Newton, Kansas. The gunman shot at two vehicles from inside his own vehicle, wounding one driver and missing the other. He then continued on and shot at a third vehicle, hitting the driver in the leg. After stealing that victim’s vehicle, he drove to Excel Industries, where he shot one person in the parking lot, Walton said.

The gunman then entered Excel and shot 15 people, killing three, before law enforcement exchanged gunfire with him. He was fatally shot by officers, Walton said.

Walton says they do not believe the shooting is related to terrorism.

Ford was killed in the painting area of the Excel plant, where he worked, and apparently was shooting at random, the sheriff said.

Cedric Ford Photos: Pictures of Accused Kansas Shooter

Cedric Ford is accused of shooting co-workers at Excel Industries in Hesston, Kansas, before he was fatally shot by police. See photos of him here.

Click here to read more

2. He Posted a Video Showing Him Shooting a Rifle & Photos Holding Guns on His Facebook Page

cedric ford, cedric ford hesston kansas shooting, cedric ford excel industries

Cedric Ford posted this photo on his Facebook page showing him holding a gun. (Facebook)

A photo on Cedric Ford’s Facebook page shows him holding a handgun as a long gun lays across his chest.

He also posted a video showing him shooting a rifle in a field in September 2015:

It’s not known if those weapons were used in the shooting. The photo was posted on February 15.

“Lol I’m ok really just doing my thing as things,” he said in a comment. “Come on it’s sexy a little bit.”

After someone said to him, “Ain’t nothing new my Dogg been having that heat,” he responded, “Every day since I hit them streets … And all my real goons know.”

He also posted a photo on January 30 with the handgun in his lap and a bottle of gin between his legs:

Cedric Ford, Cedric Ford kansas


A witness who said she was shot at during the incident told KWCH-TV that the gunman had a “machine gun.”

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3. He Was Was Accused of Domestic Violence & Has a Felony Record in Florida Dating Back Several Years

cedric ford


According to online court records, Ford has a criminal record in Harvey County, Kansas. He was arrested on December 17, 2010, and charged with a parole violation, domestic battery, drug possession, possession of drug paraphernalia, traffic violations and theft.

The outcome of that case was not immediately available.

He also has a record in Florida, according to online court records in Broward County and KWCH. His convictions include fleeing from police, battery and grand theft.

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4. He Was a Painter at Excel Industries & Was Originally From Miami

cedric ford, cedric ford hesston kansas, cedric ford excel industries

Cedric Ford. (Facebook)

According to his Facebook page, Ford worked as a painter at Excel Industries.



He is originally from Miami, Florida.

According to Excel Industries’ website, the Hesston-based company is a “leading manufacturer of turf care products,” including the Hustler Turf Equipment and BigDog Mower Company product lines. The company was founded in 1960 and has been a family-owned business for three generations.

Chief Doug Schroeder: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

It was the police chief of Hesston that took down maniac killer Cedric Ford at Excel Industries on February 25.

Click here to read more

5. He Has at Least 2 Children

cedric ford, cedric ford excel industries, cedric ford hesston kansas

Cedric Ford wearing an Excel Industries T-shirt. (Facebook)

According to his Facebook page, Cedric Ford has two children, a son and a daughter, who appear to be under the age of 10.

He recently posted a video on February 21:

In another video from the same day he can be seen watching a movie and singing and dancing along with music:

On February 15, he posted a photos of his car, and said “Getting ready for the car show,” on February 26 and 27:



On January 22, he “checked in” to Excel Industries on Facebook and said “man F*CK”:



On October 14, 2015, he wrote, “It’s so hurtful when you have no one to talk to about your problems.”

It’s not clear why he made that post.

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    • why say such things with out having the guts to use your real name ? I agree that BLM is a hate group and that they will soon lose the FED protection they now enjoy but I do not hide my name or face when I challenge them of the NAZI Federal goons that support them

        • BLM has been caught on camera segregating whites to the back.BLM has been caught on camera spitting on and verbally abusing all who aren’t black.BLM members and founders are tweeting, facebooking etc, celebrating every officer death.BLM has been caught on camera not even letting white folks into their meeting even in a public building.ALL things the equally hateful KKK would do if they had any power.The difference is, most white folks think the KKK is stupid and they dont follow the loudest voice without questioning it.I can go on all night but its simply easier for you to not watch network news and believe someone elses opinion.Look for raw footage.

      • Because having people (especially darkies) come around looking is not smart. Just because he’ll get his ass kicked doesn’t make him wrong. Here’s an idea, start posting derogatory things about Israel using your real name – see what happens.

        • Lol ‘darkies’ what are you 12 from the 1920’s? Honestly, this is why I pity America; because of people like you who are too uneducated to even understand humans. You know you derived from those ‘darkies’. You do know that you have ‘darkie’ genes? Lol, what an ignorant monkey. I’m sorry sir and or madam, may you hopefully never breed.

        • Black lives matters is not a hate group, you are very sadly mistaken. Its a movement to increase awareness in my eyes especially to young black men to help them realize they matter stop the killing if your own brothers.

          • It IS a hate group, G. Why lie? And this right here is why white folks won’t give us jobs, don’t want to live near us, and regret they ancestors ever bought and brought our ass over here. You ain’t never heard Brother Malcolm X? He told you if you vote DEMOCRAT you a chump and a traitor to your race. Yet ya’ll BLM folk all up in Miss Hillary a-s! What up with that?? She the worst one of all the KKK crackas ever! (Since Margaret Sanger, anyways!)

      • Black lives matters is not a hate group, you are very sadly mistaken. Its a movement to increase awareness in my eyes especially to young black men to help them realize they matter stop the killing if your own brothers.

      • Are you Jewish per chance? Why real names are important unless you intend to use the law for attempting to silence dissent.

    • Do your life matter? You seem angry, people need mental help but they aren’t getting it. Statistics show more non-blacks have killed people randomly in this country. Do the research.

    • why think the that if one person did something that all of them are bad there not all bad some of them are good people if a white person did this then would you think that all white people were

    • why think the that if one person did something that all of them are bad there not all bad some of them are good people if a white person did this then would you think that all white people were

    • Haha!! LMAO!!! Love the gallows humor. Thank sweet zombie jesus it was a black guy that did it or we would have that idiotic saying repeated over and over again.

    • I am black and I am gone have to approve this message. See, it is a coward who get angry cuz his girl think he a d-ckhead and file papers on him, and then he gone go shoot unarmed people down who work with him. And that cowardice makes all my brothers look bad. But hear ye hear ye, I do NOT claim brotherhood with a lil skrimp d-ck coward tatted up sissy boy.

  1. How unprofessional and disrespectful of you to give this man the credit and fame he wanted by posting his name and writing a whole article about him. You should be focusing on the victims –
    NOT on the shooter. Give them nothing. Give them no recognition. Let them die the unknown,
    Unnamed criminal that they were. Again, very unprofessional.

    • and what will that get us ? m,ore votes for you chosen NEO-Nazi Democrat gods ? We must FIGHT crime and for that we must target and take out people like him …you cry about his victims all you want us adults will work to protect others from the Race Based terrorist groups you support!

    • is that justification ? what I am asking is …how many people can I go out and shoot today after ready all the dumb things posted against me by liberals this morning …or do you have to be black to get a FREE PASS on ALL CRIME ???? get a clue kid – war is not coming it is here and even the cowards like you who talk nice to the monsters will be caught up in it

      • “Blacks get a free pass on all crime”? That’s new. Last time I checked, a significant amount of Black people are being accused of crimes they didn’t even commit… or is that not the world you live in? If not, we don’t reside on the same planet.
        This dude actually snapped, committed a horrible crime, and was taken down. It’s over. It has nothing to do with his race. We don’t know him or his situation. So, we don’t know why he did it. He was just a dude with problems that should have been addressed before this happened.
        Why are we throwing around race accusations, when it is not pertinent to this case?? People all over the world who have done this, and none of them look the same.
        This is a really stupid comment feed.

        • Because they’re too stupid to figure out a way to get away with the crimes they commit. No I don’t believe for one second there’s an epidemic or darkies being accused of crimes they didn’t commit. They bring it om themselves. As a business owner, I’ll never hire one.

    • If comments make you go postal then you need to be restrained with a straightjacket and put in a safe space asylum where you can’t hurt yourself or others :D

  2. So many crime news reports across the USA with the 13% of the population that is Negro so often in those stories that I wonder if there is something inherently perverted in the Negro persona or in one or more of the Negro sub-cultures or something that makes America’s Negro populace stand out so much in the news and in the crime statistics showing the Negro committing crimes far out of proportion to their percentage of the population.

    • what you ought to wonder about is why the Negro’s crimes are put to the forefront of the media when the White man’s crime is mostly hidden on back pages. Then you ought to wonder why you do actually count the number of crimes that are actually done by white people as crime. I wonder if you have a dam problem with reality, like main stream media. When the White populace is shown and stand out like they should and not be protected by the system, then you can talk about truth and reality because right now, that bogus talk you are having is just that, bogus.

      • Actually what he’s talking about isn’t bogus. You can go to FBI Table 43. Blacks are committing over half of the violent crime in this country, but make up only 13%. When you figure that it’s mostly males between the ages of 18-25…you’re talking about less than 7% of the population doing most of the killing (and dying). I would agree that vice crimes are disproportionately black b/c of racist police procedures, but violence is investigated based on victims, not perpetrators. The victims are also overwhelmingly black, although there has been a 17% rise in black on white violence since Obama took office (DOJ 2013). Until the black community is ready to honestly face these facts and stop making excuses for the increasing violence, nothing will change. Most white people don’t make excuses or condone white violence, but an overwhelming majority of black folks do make excuses. The worst part is when the perpetrators are apprehended, black folks won’t even testify. We just had a gangbanger in Miami shoot 15 kids at a nightclub (the youngest was 11). He only did one year b/c nobody would testify. That silence and apathy is what is killing black folks…not whitey.

        • Exactly, that was what I meant by my earlier comment above that “Black Crimes Matter” all the talk from BLM about injustice at the hands of Law Enforcement has ZERO credibility until they, and the Black Communities as a whole come to grips with the culture of crime that exists in their areas in nearly every city in this country, as long as black kids who do well in school are shunned and insulted, and snitches get stitches, the black communities will never prosper, and none of that has anything to do with White oppression. And everything to do with the generational embracing of the culture of crime.

    • I have wondered the same thing, it is not often you find a darker skinned person who is not wickedly deceived, for example, those who support aborting their own race out of existence (they keep dwindling every year), or those who support BLM, and even traitor in chief Obumma. They are so easily lied to and believe that they are somehow slighted every where they turn, when in reality, most people could give a rats A about what color they are. They care more about skin color than anyone I have ever met.

  3. If this guy was all about #blm or #bpm or a new Muslim convert his name and acts should be shared far and wide and these groups should be blasted for their race baiting every time they show there faces on the national stage or the corner.

    • So now he is apart of BLM, really? Please show us that; you people are so dam stupid and scary about any and everything you don’t know. Like you are so important the world Black nation is after you for some reason. SMDH. People are trying to live, no one has time for your foolishness. Sick arse minds you have.

  4. The unending cycle of hate:

    Oh Black lifes does’nt matter!
    So Anger and why whites matter?
    Even more advocate of these.
    Resentment increase and INCREASE?
    WHO matters anymore?

    Just a few STUPID.all-blaming bigots
    Careless accusing without thoughts
    THAT Innocent kids and good people must now pay
    Days and Days and Days!

    Dieing with the MAD that slay
    Because of words that fools and idiots
    did SAY
    and Say
    AND SAY….

    Mockers there are many
    Doing there hardly are any
    So Paltry…

    • Sadly this man committed suicide by Law Enforcement and in my point of view the Officer saved many more lives!! As for Cedric, he posted many dark comments on his page over the last few months. In the video you posted he appears to be under the influence of something. Also he and his friends are very firearm oriented when you look at various comments. I think he was in trouble and tipped over. Sadly no one seemed to take him seriously because the comments and pictures go back a ways. CHe apparently came to KS from FL sometime before 2010 so it’s not like he just moved. Sad story, but these “black lives matter” comments are off base, ALL LIVES MATTER!!!!!

    • The man was a felon. As such, those guns were not possessed legally. No changes to the law would have changed the outcome of this matter. Until the gun-runners and straw-purchasers are dealt with, this will not stop. Going after legal gun owners will not do a damn bit of good and the 2nd amendment is not the problem.

    • Please remember this is not about the 2nd Amendment. This is the ILLEGAL use of a firearm. That is NOT what the 2nd amendment is about . . . at all.

  5. Hmmm wonder if he broke any gun laws!?!? Multiple felons….I’m sure the Obama will have a new executive order taking away my 2nd amendment rights

    • 2nd Amendment ratified 225 years ago, hardly applies to today’s weaponry and ‘attitude’. NRA could give up assault weapons and not lose credibility. The ‘slippery slope’ to come into your house and take away your 12-guage or 30-06 is not likely. Who are “they” that would do it? On another note, the only reason hand guns were developed was for the explicit purpose of killing another human being. Most people would re-think their interpretation of the 2nd amendment when family members or friends become victims of these nearly weekly mass shootings.

      • It does apply to weaponry today. That’s why the founders didn’t write it as “it only applies to today’s weaponry, i.e. muskets”. You anti-gun loons just need to get a clue already.

        • Mensa candidate? Been on the wrong side of an assault weapon (as in defending your country)? Check yourself – I’m not anti-gun, just anti-murder. Re-read the amendment then show me your ‘militia’.

      • Come on Man. All real niggas know that the reason foe the second amendment was foe killin’ peoples. Dat be what the security of a free state and a militia be all about. in 1787 dey ain’t had no uniformed deer huntin.’ Sometimes you white peoples be too much. Haw some of ya’ll was smart enough to keep niggas down foe three hundred years is beyond me.

      • There was no assault weapons used!!! It was an semi automatic weapon. One pull of the trigger one shot. If you people are going to bitch about the shooting. At least call the weapon what it is.

      • Than the 1st amendment doesn’t cover stupid comments on the internet, it’s intention was a slow printing press.

  6. Felon in possession of a firearm… how did he get the weapons? Last time I checked felons aren’t allowed to purchase them legally…

  7. Felon, doesn’t raise own kids, complains about not having anyone to talk to…
    Obama wants to block job application criminal history checks.

    • What? Post a link about the blocking criminal background checks for job applicants. Companies can require background checks and the president does not have the authority to forbid them.

  8. We should all be tired of all the senseless killings everywhere in the world., of anyone. Resurrection awaits the innocent. Let’s eke hope. Sympathy for the victims and their families. I hate to see these incidents, but they seem unpredictable, and unstoppable.

  9. He was a painter. I’ve been in construction 40 years and met a lot of painters, they do suffer from the effects of their profession and violent mentality is one of the effects of the fumes they get exposed to. Not all of course but definitely many of them. Darn Shame

  10. You left out two very important facts. He hated all white people and cops. Nice job pushing the fear mongering anti-gun bs though. I know plenty of people who post pics of their firearms and they would never hurt anyone unless their lives were in danger.

      • Sure Hommie. The Big Pimp dat stay off in the White Hut promised us Fundamental Transformation and Hope & Change. Why can that magical nigga not fulfill his constitutional responsibilities of enforcing federal criminal law. Pimp Daddy has the BATF, FBI, USMS under Brown Sugar’s DOJ to do it. He’s supposed to save people from alldat. That’s why we have gun laws.

  11. So even though he had felonies, he managed to buy a weapon. I don’t get it. So how is making more laws going to prevent this? When the authorities cannot even manage to enforce the ones we have already?

  12. It never ceases to amaze me how these shootings are all carried out without the shooters breaking any current laws. Surely new laws that do nothing except prevent law-abiding citizens from protecting themselves will make the bad guys stop.

  13. “his co-workers said they didn’t see anything out of the ordinary with him.”

    In other words, Ford behaved just like most black men and whites have been conditioned to accept or ignore uncivilized behavior from blacks as proof they aren’t racist. I wonder how many of Ford’s victims were NOT white.

  14. What psychiatric drugs was Mr Ford taking ? It is becoming increasingly evident that multiple murderers are on psychiatric medication. Its obvious these murderers have deep seated problems and so is it the drugs containing paroxetine tipping them over the edge ? The normal attitude being held under self control now medicated let it all hang out.These drugs ie,; Aropax and Paxil uesd for treating depressed adolescents have worrying side effects. Please ask yourself what is making the murderers suddenly snping and going on their deadly rampage beside the usual questions asked.

  15. Here we go. Another criminal with an extensive record obtaining all those weapons? Posting pictures on facebook? No one questions? Where was law enforcement to begin with? He should not have owned any weapons with his violent history. But the liberal agenda will act like he was a legitimate gun owner going crazy and no “legal” lawbidding citizens should have them. Should be noted that most mass shootings have been done by registered democrats, including this bozo. Maybe we should disarm all democrats and make a safer U.S..

  16. A felon, with a gun bought by the girlfriend that got the restraining order on him. His target practice video looks like he modified the weapon putting it in full auto mode. Fortunately, he’s dead, hopefully the bitch gets 25+.

  17. I bet alot of these comments ar from Gangstalkers. I bet the most vile and racist comments are from perps, who aren’t racsit. Just good new fashioned gangstalkers. Wonder if this guy was gangstalked?

  18. What we do in our lives, what we listen to, who we listen to, they build a person on the inside, and anger & conflict releases this uncontrollable “shadow” inside of us that we trained. By the time it’s evil work is carried out it is too late. Take a good look at this man, he is a product of the world, not of God. We are surrounded by an evil powerful force that is building a dangerous society.

    Proverbs 22:6
    “Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.”

    This is the real problem not only in America but in the world. When it is a crime to praise Jesus and Hitler’s work is continued, you know there is a problem.

    Our number one commandment from Jesus is to love one another like we do ourselves and to serve the Lord. A two-in-one commandment.

    Stop and ask yourselves… What kind of God would you prefer if not that? Why did Hitler kill 6 millions jews? Oh maybe because Jesus’s title is “King of the Jews”?

    Why are Christians being beheaded in the deserts till this day? Because evil still remains, and hates the light.

    We are the most advanced species yet we are consumed by greed & desire destroying what we were really made for.

  19. Lets just hope and prey he blasted nothing but white men. Scary ass mothafuccas lol, talk that shit on the net all ya want but push come to shove we murderin white men in bunches. And what do lil dicc white men do? Come on here, be anonymous and say “darkies”. Morons. Lil boys more like it. Every year whites are becoming the minirity in this country. It will soon be a great place to live.

    • Try reading the article or at least paying attention up to the first grade, spook. It says rite in it that he shot a coon.

      • *right.
        Ps. not a coon a person.
        Try being a little less 1800’s or at least TRY to live in the 21st century Mr.Stupid.

  20. Lets just hope and prey he blasted nothing but white men. Scary ass mothafuccas lol, talk that shit on the net all ya want but push come to shove we murderin white men in bunches. And what do lil dicc white men do? Come on here, be anonymous and say “darkies”. Morons. Lil boys more like it. Every year whites are becoming the minirity in this country. It will soon be a great place to live. Amen

  21. RACE has absolutely nothing causal to do with this anyway whatsoever.
    People bringing race into this are just low IQ blowhards living in their momma’s basement collecting SSI and wishing they had a libido, and some place to use it besides their hand.
    Mental illness has everything to do with this, and almost all other mass shootings.
    (caveat: race had nothing to do with this, but race will affect how the MSM covers it)

  22. Another good question is WHO IS EXCEL INDUSTRIES and “WHO IS” THE COMPANY YOU WORK FOR??? Does your company or your school paint targets on your back too???? I BET THEY DO. These workers were prevented from exercising their Constitutional & God Given right to carry concealed & defend themselves. Had their civil rights not been GROSSLY violated by this company, this killer would not have killed ANYONE. This Cop is great (good job, sir) but even in this TINY town with no traffic, it still took about 15 minutes to respond. The employer killed these people as much as the whackjob himself. Thanks to another employer for creating a “gun free murder zone”.

    Everyone in Heston should thank them for making their hard working family members INTO HELPLESS TARGETS. THANKS EXCEL INDUSTRIES, FOR MURDERING YOUR EMPLOYEES. If I had family who was a victim, I’d sue them for Civil & Constitutional Rights Violations. They took these people’s GOD GIVEN rights away and it cost them their lives. Prevent it from happening again….stand the hell up…..start hitting company bank accounts with wrongful death, manslaughter and civil rights lawsuits and this crap will stop! No “shooter” walks into an employer to shoot up helpless sheep when he knows they are armed. These people spent their last minutes running like rats, hoping for ONE LOUSY PERSON to come and rescue them…Over 100 people scurrying like rats!! THAT is pitiful.