WWE Monday Night Raw Match Results & Spoilers September 19th

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Seth Rollins will battle Rusev on Monday Night Raw this evening. (

Tonight on Monday Night Raw, it’s the last show prior to the upcoming Clash of Champions pay-per-view event, and Seth Rollins will duke it out with United States Champion Rusev. Plus, the Cruiserweights will make their debut on the main roster. The show will be broadcast live on the USA Network at 8:00 p.m. Eastern Time. Read on for match results and spoilers, followed by a full preview of the night’s events written earlier this afternoon.

8:00 – Roman Reigns enters, and the crowd erupts in boos. He gets into the ring and is about to start talking when Stephanie McMahon enters. She says she and Mick have a show to run even if Roman wants to settle his scores, and right on cue, Mick Foley enters. He says that tonight, he will pit the two perpetrators of last week’s interruption, Seth Rollins and Rusev, against each other tonight. Also, Roman Reigns will get a match at Clash of Champions against Rusev for the United States Championship.

Mick Foley also says that it’s time for him to start making things right, because all the superstars are part of the same Raw family united in competition against SmackDown. Foley also decides he will give Roman Reigns a rematch against Kevin Owens tonight.

Kevin Owens enters, and he’s outraged. That decision makes no sense, he says, because he already beat Roman Reigns twice. Stephanie McMahon says that tonight’s match will not be for the title, but it will take place inside a steel cage.

8:17 – Backstage, Rusev confronts Mick Foley, upset that Roman Reigns gets another title opportunity. He declares that Foley is just jealous of the Rusev family because his own family is miserable. At the end of the segment, he gets a phone call from Chris Jericho.

8:19 Seth Rollins fights Rusev. The match ends in a double count out. Rollins jumps off the commentary table onto Rusev before leaving.

8:34 – Backstage, Charlotte and Dana Brooke complain that Sasha Banks didn’t actually win last week and that it was a double pin. Foley decides that the Clash of Champions match will be a triple threat between Sasha Banks, Bayley and Charlotte.

8:40 – Backstage, Chris Jericho says that Mick Foley is being ridiculous by giving Roman Reigns his match tonight. He decides to make a list of every bad decision Foley has made at General Manager.

8:42  Braun Strowman defeats Sin Cara.

8:45 – Backstage, Bayley tells Sasha Banks how excited she is for Sunday because it’ll be like old times. Banks isn’t as happy, saying she beat Bayley last week. Bayley disagrees, but regardless, she says that one of them will become the WWE Women’s Champion, and tonight, they’ll show everyone how it’s done as tag team partners.

8:50 Dana Brooke & Charlotte defeat Sasha Banks & Bayley after Dana Brooke distracts Bayley and allows Charlotte to pin her.

9:06 – Backstage, Seth Rollins goes to see Stephanie McMahon.

9:11 – Seth Rollins asks Stephanie McMahon why she “threw it all away” for Kevin Owens. Stephanie says she was puling for Rollins the whole time, but maybe Kevin Owens is right; Rollins is the reason the WWE World Championship went to SmackDown, and Triple H was just tired of Rollins ruining his reputation. Rollins says that he’s going to become a Universal Champion that Stephanie can’t control. Stephanie shoots back that Kevin Owens has replaced Seth Rollins as “the man.”

9:14 Bo Dallas defeats a local jobber.

9:17 Cesaro defeats Sheamus. The best of seven is now tied three to three.

9:33 – Backstage, Chris Jericho confronts Mick Foley, saying he’s doing a terrible job as general manager. He shows off his list of grievances, saying that Foley has never liked him. Foley says that this isn’t true, although he hasn’t liked him in a long time.

9:44 – Chris Jericho enters along with his list of grievances against Mick Foley. The first item is that Foley is trying to drive a wedge between himself and Kevin Owens. He also has terrible fashion sense.

Enzo Amore and Big Cass enter. Enzo takes issue with Jericho saying he’s best friends with Kevin Owens because a real best friend would never let someone come into the ring wearing what Chris Jericho is wearing.

The Shining Stars enter, saying Enzo and Cass look stressed and need to blow off some stress by purchasing one of their highly affordable time shares.

The New Day enters, saying they’re out here basically because they’ve got nothing else to do. Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows enter, saying this silliness is exactly why they’re taking the title this Sunday.

Chris Jericho says his list was originally all about Foley, but now he’s starting a new list of stupid idiots, and everyone in the ring makes it.

Sami Zayn enters and begins beating up Chris Jericho. A huge rumble breaks out between everyone in the ring as Zayn and Jericho continue to fight.

9:57 Sami Zayn, The New Day and Enzo & Cass defeat Chris Jericho, The Shining Stars and Karl Anderson & Luke Gallows. 

10:14 – Mick Foley introduces the Cruiserweights: Rich Swann, Gran Metalik, Cedric Alexander and Brian Kendrick enter. Next up will be a fatal four way to determine who gets an opportunity to face T.J. Perkins at Clash of Champions. 

10:26 – Brian Kendrick defeats Rich Swann, Gran Metalik and Cedric Alexander in a fatal 4-way. He will face T.J. Perkins at Clash of Champions. 

10:51 Roman Reigns defeats Kevin Owens in a steel cage match after he is able to escape the cage moments before Kevin Owens. After the match ends, Rusev comes out and begins brawling with Reigns. He then brings Reigns back into the ring, locks the door shut, and teams up with Kevin Owens to assault him. Seth Rollins enters, scaling the cage and attacking Kevin Owens and Rusev.

Last week on Monday Night Raw, the main event between Roman Reigns and Kevin Owens was interrupted by both Seth Rollins and then by Rusev. According to, the punishment for this is that Rollins and Rusev will have a match this evening. Presumably, now that Rusev is back, we will also see him clash with Roman Reigns at some point tonight. Reigns and Rusev were feuding heading into SummerSlam last month, but their match at that pay-per-view never actually started, so they have some unfinished business to deal with.

Plus, Sasha Banks is back, and last week she defeated Bayley and Dana Brooke to secure her right to challenge Charlotte at Clash of Champions for the WWE Women’s Championship. In addition to seeing another confrontation between Banks and Charlotte, tonight we’ll also likely see the fallout of Dana Brooke slapping Charlotte across the face. Is their partnership coming to an end? And what’s the future for Bayley, who lost out on a title opportunity last week?

The Cruiserweight Classic came to an end last Wednesday, with T.J. Perkins emerging as champion. Now, he’ll be making his debut on Raw tonight, and so will Brian Kendrick, Rich Swann, Gran Metalik, Cedric Alexander, Lince Dorado and Noam Dar, according to WWE’s official preview. The best of seven between Cesaro and Sheamus also rolls on, and presumably Braun Strowman and/or Bo Dallas will continue to defeat local jobbers. It all goes down tonight at 8:00 on the USA Network.