Emma Cain, Kyle Hendricks’ Girlfriend: 5 Fast Facts You Need To Know

Emma Cain Kyle Hendricks, Kyle Hendricks girlfriend, Kyle Hendricks fiancé, Chicago Cubs starting pitcher, Dartmouth College

Emma Cain, girlfriend of Chicago Cubs starting pitcher Kyle Hendricks. (Instagram/Emma Cain)

Emma Cain is the steady girlfriend of Chicago Cubs starting pitcher Kyle Hendricks, who posted his best Major League Baseball season in 2016, winning 16 games against just eight losses with a stellar 2.13 ERA — good enough to lead the National League in only Hendricks’ third season.

Here’s what you need to know about the 26-year-old hurler’s girlfriend, Emma Cain.

1. The Couple Have Been Dating Since Hendricks Was in the Minor Leagues

Cain was posting on social media about her relationship with Hendricks as far back as 2014, when he was one of the Cubs’ top pitching prospects.

She also tweeted that year that she had been together with Hendricks for three years, meaning the pair started going out in 2011, the year that Hendricks began his professional baseball career.

In fact, Hendricks won the Cubs’ Minor League Pitcher of the Year award in 2013, his first full season in the Chicago organization after he was dealt at the 2012 non-waiver trade deadline from the Texas Rangers in exchange for big-league pitcher Ryan Dempster. The Southern California native made his Major League debut on July 10, 2014.

2. She Recently Graduated From Nursing School

Emma Cain Kyle Hendricks, Kyle Hendricks girlfriend, Kyle Hendricks fiancé, Chicago Cubs starting pitcher, Dartmouth College

Emma Cain and Kyle Hendricks (Twitter/Emma Cain)

Reportedly, Cain is now a certified nurse, originally from Spokane, Washington, though she now lives in Chicago where Hendricks pitches for the Cubs. Judging by her Twitter account she comes from a family of die-hard Washington Huskies college football fans.

Cain’s advanced degree makes her a good match for Hendricks, who at least on paper would be one of baseball’s smartest players. One of the few former Ivy Leaguers in the Major Leagues, Hendricks graduated from Dartmouth College with an economics degree in December of 2013, after balancing his studies and his pro baseball career since 2011 when he was drafted out of Dartmouth in the eighth round by the Rangers.

3. She Loves Animals

Emma Cain Kyle Hendricks, Kyle Hendricks girlfriend, Kyle Hendricks fiancé, Chicago Cubs starting pitcher, Dartmouth College

Hendricks’ cat, Max, with Cain (Instgram/Emma Cain)

Over the summer, Cain posted the above picture to her Instagram account. According to her own description, that cat is Max, who belongs to Hendricks himself. But Cain didn’t just intend to post a cute picture of herself with her boyfriend’s cat — she had a message to convey.

“I’ve always had a love for all animals (Yes EVEN cats for all you dog people!) but this kitty in particular has held a special place in Kyle’s and my heart since the day we met him in the shelter,” she wrote.

“I still ask myself who saved who! Please, please, please, do NOT ‘shop’ for your pets. Go to your local #nokillshelter and adopt pets who need and want loving homes! Thank you @pawschicago for the blessing of this little cuddle bug. We are forever grateful!!!!”

4. Hendricks and Cain Are Engaged, But Won’t get Married For Another Year

Emma Cain Kyle Hendricks, Kyle Hendricks girlfriend, Kyle Hendricks fiancé, Chicago Cubs starting pitcher, Dartmouth College

The happy couple. (Instagram/Emma Cain)

In February of this year, apparently right before Hendricks left for the Cubs’ spring training in Mesa, Arizona, the rising-star pitcher popped the question. Cain obviously said yes and commemorate the event with the above photo montage posts to her Instagram account.

But having waited five years to go from boyfriend-girlfriend to “fiancé” status, Cain and Hendricks are apparently in no rush to tie the knot. They have set a wedding date of November 11 not this year, but in 2017.

That still leaves another year to go before Hendricks becomes eligible for salary arbitration with the Cubs. After the 2018 season, he’ll be due for a substantial raise over the $541,000 he made in salary in 2016 — just barely over the Major League minimum. If he continues to post numbers similar to or better than his 2016 statistics, Hendricks can expect to at least double that paycheck, and perhaps do even better than that.

5. Their Wedding Gift Registry is Available Online

Though their wedding is more than a year in the future, the couple are not only registered at Crate and Barrel, their family and friends have already purchased everything they asked for. The registry included a French Kitchen Marble Wine Cooler, an Easton Stainless Steel Cocktail Shaker and a Waring Belgian Waffle Maker.

But the most expensive item on Can and Hendricks’ Crate and Barrel registry appears to be part of the Cubs’ righty’s training regimen — a Vitamix 750 Heritage Professional Blender, perfect for protein and vitamin shakes, on “special” for $574.

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