Ronald Gasser: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

The suspect in the road rage shooting death of former NFL star Joe McKnight has been named. NOLA reports that 54-year-old white male Ronald Gasser was taken into custody at the scene of McKnight’s shooting in Terrytown, five miles southeast of New Orleans, on December 1. McKnight was 28 years old. He was unarmed at the time of his death. Witnesses reported that EMTs tried to perform life-saving techniques on McKnight at the scene to no avail.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Gasser Is Back in Police Custody on Manslaughter Charges

According to jail records in Jefferson Parish, Louisiana, Gasser is back in police custody as of December 5. He is facing manslaughter charges. At the time of writing, no bond has been set.

Less than 24 hours after his arrest, Gasser was released from police custody, reports WDSU. The station also says that detectives spent most of the night questioning Gasser about the shooting. Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office Col. John Fortunato said, “Gasser was released overnight and has not been charged as of yet. The matter remains under investigation.” WWL TV reports that Gasser “Gasser admitted to shooting McKnight and gave an explanation to investigators.”

NOLA reports that a female witness said she saw McKnight “trying to apologize” to another man after some sort of traffic accident. The witness says that the gunman then shot McKnight once, stood over him and said, “I told you not to f**k with me,” and fired another shot into the former NFL star. That account was later discredited by Jefferson Parish Sheriff Newell Normand who said that Gasser was in his car when he fired the shots. Normand told the media the day after the shooting, “Everyone should pause and reflect and recognize that a rush to judgment does not equal anything. The easiest thing for me would have been, ‘Book ’em, Danno.’ But the fact of the matter is in trying to flesh out these details … we chose not to do that.”

While Fox New Orleans reports, citing witnesses, that McKnight was “pulled from” his Audi by the suspect prior to the shooting. The New Orleans Advocate quotes a witness saying that she heard four shots in total.

Fox New Orleans reports that Gasser was taken into custody at the scene. The station adds that he turned his gun over to authorities when they arrived. He was driving a blue Infinity sedan at the time of the shooting.

2. His Sister Said Gasser Is ‘the Best Guy, the Most Generous Guy’

Speaking to NOLA, Gasser’s sister, Sharon Weileman said of the suspect, “He’s the best guy, the most generous guy. I have no idea what happened. I can’t even talk right now.” While his daughter, Candice Gasser-Bua, said, “I’m speechless at the moment. I’m still trying to wrap my head around what happened.”

3. Gasser Has No Criminal Record in New Orleans

Ronald Gasser LinkedIn page


New Orleans attorney CJ Mordock tweeted that Gasser has no criminal record in Louisiana. Mordock later posted, “The sentence in LA for 2nd-degree murder is life. Any hate crime enhancement is an additional 5 years to run consecutive.”

Online records show that Gasser lived in Gretna, Louisiana. A neighbor told NOLA that the suspect “seemed to be a loner. I never saw anyone else coming or going out of there.”

According to his LinkedIn page, Ronald Gasser was educated at the Naval Air Technical Training Center. The page also says that Gasser has been the owner of LAN-TEL, a telecommunications consultancy business, since January 1996. Gasser is also listed as the owner of Go Live Installs, a plumbing company.

Online obits show that his mother, Virginia, died in May 2000. His father also named Ronald, died in July 2015.

4. At the Time of His Death, McKnight’s Stepfather Said the RB Was About to be Signed by Minnesota

joe mcknight dead, joe mcknight cause of death


McKnight’s stepfather, Elmo Lee, told Fox New Orleans that the slain player had been about to sign for the Minnesota Vikings.

At the scene of the shooting, McKnight’s cousin, Roxanne Lundy, told NOLA, “He didn’t deserve it. He was a good guy, it was 100 percent unnecessary.”

5. There’s Been an Outpouring of Emotion on Twitter as NFL Stars Mourn McKnight

As news of the shooting filtered through to the NFL world, stars from the sport were lining up to pay tribute on Twitter. Here are some of the most poignant tributes:

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A Cuban model has been accused of trying to sell a video of her and Von Miller having sex for $2.5 million.

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  1. Why was the pic of him mean mugging chosen for this article? The man was murdered but we can’t find any nice pictures of him smiling? I wonder what pic would have been chosen if he had been white? 👎👎👎

    • And ppl wonder why Trump won. It’s because of Anti-White racists punks like you and your Anti-White racist rhetoric. Keep it up and see what is going to come of it in the very near future. This is only the beginning. You think European Americans are just supposed to sit idly back and embrace all out racism against them that Liberals like you are forcing upon us? Ahahaha, that is NOT going to happen my friend. You Liberals have been asking for a fight for years and years now, well, you have awaken ONE PISSED OFF SLEEPING F-ING GIANT and you are all to blame for it.

      You shouldn’t have started this fight if you didn’t want it.

      • I think regardless of color, Gasser would have shot McKnight and regardless of color McKnight would have confronted Gasser. Gasser could have stayed in his car, McKnight should have stayed in his car. If you’re going to split the blame pie here, it’s 90% gasser 10% mcknight.

        • So he get 10% for saying Hey, man I’m sorry. Its his fault Gasser wanted to kill somebody black. He would not have killed another white man cause the consequences are too harsh; he may feel its just a N who cares. Evil just plain evil. Nobody should be killed because of mistakes on the road.

          • I keep a 9.5 inch hard body pen on me at all time. Pull me out my car, and it’s through your mouth and into your brain. Think my people! There are more Ron Gassers’ to come. Are To Blame above is a prime example.

            • Well maybe it’s time to start recognizing the anger of the Ron Gassers and Are To Blames and work with them instead of against them, in a common goal of peace and unity? Or we can each just keep playing the moral high ground. White people want to pretend like there aren’t inherent problems with the system and injustices prevalent in society, and black people are too often playing the victim and ignoring culpability in their situation. As an entire race of human beings, we need to stop choosing colors, and start using our brains to choose common sense. Rodney King was a scumbag, who was beaten by scumbag cops, O.J. Did it, and Ronald Gasser more than likely was on a power trip and just unnecessarily used deadly force to defend himself against a black man.

          • so, you are only saying it was because of skin color because Gasser was white??!! your a moron, and you are the reason for racial tension in our country. There has been no evidence offered, whatsoever, that the shooting was racially motivated. It was a road rage incident, from all accounts, and CSI has proven that all of the shots were fired from inside gasser’s car, not standing over him as reported by someone who pretended they saw it. In fact, since the witness has been proved to be lying, no one really knows what happened. So you’re just making racism where there was none.

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      • anti white racism??? wowwww!…then you follow it up with a threat that it’s just the beginning…The guy made a very simple point, based on historical facts. No, nobody woke up the giant, you’ve always been an irrational, fear mongering bully. It’s not rocket science, whites killed off most of the Native populations. Whites brought over black’s to be slaves. Whites put themselves above all other races. The irony is, you call yourself European Americans, yet, whites came to America, to escape the tyranny that was Europe, and how they governed themselves. You fought the British, to change how things were. Now, you toss it all aside, because you think you are the victim of racism. It’s obvious you don’t like being treated bad because of the colour of your skin. Rather than say, “now i understand why they have been angry for hundreds of years”..You just threaten others, because of a little statement. Trump won, because stupid, and ignorant people believe the bullshit he spewed, and bigoted, ignorant racists, now think they have a voice, and don’t have the sense, to know, what is right and what is wrong. Nobody started a fight. You just wanted an excuse to bully, and be a jerk.

          • Anyone who trusts you deserve what they get.that rich football player obviously was given the chance to win because he was no threat and allowed by whites.did God use his murder to in his final moments teach him that he should never have trusted you? Yes. Good riddance of justice

          • why bring natives into this the story is on a white guy who had a gun in his car and shoots a black man who is a pro football player

            • Exactly, A white guy kills someone and suddenly all whites are racist. Typical pot calling the kettle BS. Obviously, racism is two sided. This is a story is of an asshole who killed someone, the story being riddled with he said she said. None the less, the guy should be HELD because he murdered someone, until all facts are sifted through. Getting back to the Native comment, This story has nothing to do with the natives or what happened to them. Whites who exist today have not a DAMN thing to do with what happened to someone in the past. To judge “white people” on that basis is ignorant. What about the countless whites that fight for your freedom today. The countless whites that died for black freedom during the civil war and so on. So if you are incline to stand up to racism do your part and PRACTICE WHAT YOU PREACH!

              • Yes you are right. However, you tend to overlook the cause (white systemic racism), and the effect (victim of white systemic racism victimization), which result in prejudice against you. You might not have created it, was born into it, however, you have no problem with maintaining it. What does that make you. Yes, the pot (racist) call the kettle (prejudice) black. The difference the kettle becomes black due to being burnt by the fire of the black souled racist.

              • The Argument regarding Racism isn’t that Gasser killed McKnight because he is black, and NOBODY is saying that all whites are racist because of this…It’s that if it were the other way around and young black man, had shot a 54 year old white man (with a gun that they are not even sure if Gasser had the proper permits for), he would go directly to jail, and held until the investigation was over …It is the system that is racist, and when white people deny it, it sounds ignorant as hell, because you discrediting those of us of color who have felt how hurtful unfair treatment from the government is. Its just a fact that the system is not fair for all people, whether you want to acknowledge it or now… We ALL know deep down that had it been the other way around, a young black man would NOT be released after questioning. The fact that the police seem to be protecting this guy who KILLED A HUMAN BEING OVER BEING CUT OFF ON THE ROAD is NOT justified, any way you look at it.

                • I lived in the same neighborhood 20 years ago. I was assaulted by a fool with a tire tool in the middle of the day in the Walmart parking lot not a mile from there. I got a pistol and carried in my car after that. I do know that people don’t take chances in that drug infested area.

                  • Right, but McKnight wasn’t a druggie, or a tire tool carrying fool. He was a professional NFL player driving an Audi. That is also part of the problem. People (of all colors) see a black man in a sketchy neighborhood, and immediately feel threatened, and say that they felt like they had to defend themselves to the extreme bc “they felt like their life is in danger”. The world needs to stop with that assumption that black = danger. It’s a dangerous assumption that has led to too many deaths

          • Diamanical, please. The story of the encounter between European settlers and America’s native population does not make for pleasant reading. Among early accounts, perhaps the most famous is Helen Hunt Jackson’s A Century of Dishonor (1888), a doleful recitation of forced removals, killings, and callous disregard. Jackson’s book, which clearly captured some essential elements of what happened, also set a pattern of exaggeration and one-sided indictment that has persisted to this day.

            Thus, according to Ward Churchill, a professor of ethnic studies at the University of Colorado, the reduction of the North American Indian population from an estimated 12 million in 1500 to barely 237,000 in 1900 represents a”vast genocide . . . , the most sustained on record.” By the end of the 19th century, writes David E. Stannard, a historian at the University of Hawaii, native Americans had undergone the”worst human holocaust the world had ever witnessed, roaring across two continents non-stop for four centuries and consuming the lives of countless tens of millions of people.” In the judgment of Lenore A. Stiffarm and Phil Lane, Jr.,”there can be no more monumental example of sustained genocide—certainly none involving a ‘race’ of people as broad and complex as this—anywhere in the annals of human history.”


          • I got swamp land for sale. If you buy that BS you just spewed, I got swamp land for sale. You’re just like those Ohioan’s that are now on the hook to pay 1,000 Carrier employees salaries. Keep emptying your pockets believing your own hype that believe your behavior on others. Talking about Trump. You just screwed yourself. Don’t believe me. Just watch! lmao

          • Thats why there are so many of them now. Natives didn’t kill each other at rate that would almost wipe each other out get your facts straight.

          • could you provide us with a link to some of those ‘pesky little facts’ Diamanical Johnson, as the University I attended, and of course history, disagree with you. in fact, there is this little historical event called the Genocide Of Indigenous Peoples in the Americas that would also challenge your revisionist history. hell, even wikipedia disagrees with you.

          • That’s actually not true at all. not even almost true. Native americans had been around for countless millennia in sustaining populations. Using the fact that tribes often fought each other, without even coming close to eradicating themselves as justification or even dismissal of the fact that european settlers and the US government drove them from the land by killing 99% of them and forcing the rest into controlled areas where they were rendered subservient and dependant on the US government is ludicrous.

          • Yes, Natives fought and killed each other just like Whites, Asian, Africans and every other indigenous group of people on the planet. However, just like those other groups, they didn’t kil each other to the brink of extinction which is what Europeans attempted to accomplish…BTW you sound gay AF

        • Whites brought over the captors of warring tribes in Africa given to the whites by blacks, as a matter of fact the first slaves in America were Irish and Scottish prisoners of the British empire. Before “white” man arrived in the west the western Indians were raping and murdering each other over roaming resources for 5000 years….but you go ahead and make up your own timeline to fit your narrative…..the person you were replying to is correct, you and your socialists agitators have woken up the sleeping giant and this giant is not just white, it’s all Americans that hold a job and love their family and country………

          ps, do you know who the first female American was? Sarah Breedlove, a black woman in the early 1800’s Look her up

        • You should re-read your history. It was black folks in africa who made slaves of the people who ended up being brought to the US and other countries. Not to lessen the culpability of the slave traders who brought them, but you guys invented slavery. The trader’s sin was in their making use of it, but white people weren’t out rounding up people in africa to make slaves. Africans did that themselves. Tribes went to war with each other to take slaves of their own. Africans are as much to blame as whites for slavery. Thankfully, slavery doesn’t exist anymore and all who participated, white and black, slaver and slave, are long dead. Racism is NOT a word whose definition is exclusive to any race. While there are some white racists currently, there are at least as many black racists. Racism is defined as “prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism directed against someone of a different race…” When you assume that any person of any race, based only on that person’s skin color, that anything they may have done was racially motivated, you fit the definition of racism. There is no evidence that there were any racial motivations in this incident. If you believe otherwise, please cite specific facts that male this a racially motivated crime. If you offer the fact that Gasser is white or that Mcknight was black as evidence of racism, you are not only a racist, but a moron as well. Please be specific. Ranting about how you feel oppressed is not valid evidence.

      • @AreToBlame

        You are exhibit no. 1 as to why Trump’s election was never about the shafted angry working guy and really about inadequate impotent dinosaurs trying to wag their short dicks after a successful two term black President cleans up the feces you were swimming in from the other incompetent Republican fckwits BushNDick who got us into this cesspool.

        The way you react in a thread about a murdered young talented athlete who was shot dead for no reason, is to pull out your tiny pencil dck and stroke it in glee, then continue masturbating as you fantasize about getting your dirty harry on with more unsuspecting citizens of color.

        Don’t look now but you’re just as pathetic as the mirror and your woman tells you you are.

        There’s no operation that will supplant your shorty with a gun show purchase.

        You’re a sad duped who saw a geriatric Democrat billionaire reality game show host and said – i love this guy because he hates brown people and will make my life better.

        How much of a moron do you have to be to cut off your own arm and eat it, just because someone winks at the toothless Nazi meth head on foodstamps.

        You’ll get screwed by him just like you were screwed by BushCo. Buckle up. Ground war in which your kids will be cannon fodder starting in 5..4..3..

        You dumb piece of racist sh*t


        • @Dinosaur

          You’re obviously intelligent, but it’s too bad you completely neutered all your rhetoric with your focus on short male members. Not even sure how that matters here and it makes me wonder about you and your logical fallacy. I’ve learned that people who start off topics with such narrowly focused physical attribute ad hominem attacks often have their own perceived inadequacy issues (whether it’s related to pen1s size or not). They lash out with attacks on such things, hoping it will stun their opponent into confused submission because they assume their opponent has a small pen1s and also has some sort of complex about it. You know what they say about assumptions. Stick to the facts, of which there are very, very few in this case. Stop making this about race. They report the one man’s race, but not the other. That happens all the time. That already sets a racist tone and makes this whole thing spin out of control. There is something inherently wrong here. And then y’all throw in politics too just to add more flavor?!! If this is how intelligent people behave online, we’re all doomed.

        • Dissinfectant says:

          “…really about inadequate impotent dinosaurs trying to wag their short dicks…”

          Izzat all you got?

          “Don’t look now but you’re just as pathetic as the mirror and your woman tells you you are.

          “There’s no operation that will supplant your shorty with a gun show purchase.”

          Okay, yeah. That’s all you got. News Flash: a penis is no substitute for a brain, except when you’re trying to qualify for more EBT.

          “…a successful two term black President…”

          • You mean the bankster puppet who leaves office with the stock markets at all time highs—and Black unemployment at double the REAL national average of over 20%?

          • You mean the Peace Prize Prez who droned thousands of innocent brown civilians to death?

          • You mean “Mr. Shovel-Ready-Jobs” who threw a TRILLION dollars down the throats of his union mafia buddies—and didn’t do DICK to fix our crumbling infrastructure?

          • You mean the sniveling little manchild who spent eight years blaming his predecessor and playing golf, instead of actually working to fix any of the problems caused by the previous half-dozen presidents?

          I could go on, but your Mighty African Penis can’t understand what I’ve already said, so there’s no point. FWIW, I have absolutely nothing to compensate for, which is why I can laugh so loudly and deeply at YOU.

          If you’d like to see a real racist, Mr. Swinging Dick? Go look in the mirror.

      • Stfu wood this isn’t a hate crime and what euros like you gonna do nothing, issis bitch. Keep claiming idiots work and you gonna find yourself behind the gun. Sit around whinning about racism, what cartoon has been running for years, disrespectin Europeans, wear are the pictures of yall hanging fromantic trees, trump ain’t gonna save your broke ass, if you broke now you’ll be broke in 4yrs

      • Stfu wood this isn’t a hate crime and what euros like you gonna do nothing, issis bitch. Keep claiming idiots work and you gonna find yourself behind the gun. Sit around whinning about racism, what cartoon has been running for years, disrespecting Europeans, wear are the pictures of yall hanging from trees, trump ain’t gonna save your broke ass, if you broke now you’ll be broke in 4yrs

      • What do you mean “This is only the beginning”? Your side won and yet you seem more p-o’d than ever. Get over yourself. You are insignificant and I have no use for you.

      • ^^^^ wow take a look at this idiot. Hey dipshit, he lost the popular vote. That comment wasn’t racist, you moron. You deserve to get your ass beat by black cops so you know what real racism is

      • Bro shut your punk bitch ass up… Your white ass ain’t going to do a damn thing pussy. Put up your address hoe ass nigga!

      • Look at this coward typing this bullchit from behind a keyboard. “Awakened a sleeping giant”? You want to use this tradegy to promote this hate? I bet my last that your p*ssy ass wouldn’t say what you typed to anyone’s face you coward. I’m starting to hate whites because of idiots like you. This young man was murdered…..I hope that someone kills you.

      • I hate whites like you…..white people like you deserve to die. I might just kill one myself….I’m annoyed. Cowards like you hide behind keyboard but be real b*_tches in real life. I wish that one of you whites would run up on me because I will blow your brains out and I’m legal to carry my pistol white b*tch. F*©k your threats trolls your day will come.

      • @Are To Blame That is the whiniest and most self victimizing post I have ever seen and you are clearly ready to use just about anything as an excuse to be offended and lash out online over feeling personally insulted when someone calls out institutional racism. You just read an article about a man shooting another man out of anger and then getting off the hook, and you respond fuming over someone saying maybe we shouldn’t be doing everything we can to portray the victim, an innocent black man, as a thug. Nothing is going to come of the “rhetoric” you’re talking about because far too many people are more sane than you. No one is encroaching on you, your rights or well being by suggesting that maybe we shouldn’t murder black people.

      • I hate whites like you…..white people like you deserve to die. I might just kill one myself….I’m annoyed. Cowards like you hide behind keyboard but be real b*_tches in real life. I wish that one of you whites would run up on me because I will blow your brains out and I’m legal to carry my pistol white b*tch. F*©k your threats trolls your day will come. Ain’t nobody scared of you white to.

      • Lol the white man killed that nlgger lol….more nlggers will die. The white man will NOT sit back and take abuse any more from the porch monkeys. Either pick our cotton or go back to your stinky spear chucking country. Lol…just another dead nlgger!!!!!!

        • Please STFU. Troll comments like this do nothing but validate the mistaken thought process that calls all whites racists. That was a person, just like you, who had family, a future, etc. This was senseless stupidity of one man killing another. There is no place for hateful comments from either side.

      • Honey please. You THINK you want a war with us, you BETTER be ready. That war will be the beginning of the end of America. And you better believe it. And you are so sadly mistaken…Trump fooled all of you revengeful ignorant lower class trailer trash whites who would love nothing else but to start and keep up sh**t. Giants fall down HARD.

        • Anonymous says:

          “Honey please. You THINK you want a war with us, you BETTER be ready.”

          LMFAO: YouTube –> watch?v=HnJZ2haLPCw

          WE don’t want the war; YOU do. Except the thing is—no, you really, REALLY don’t; you just think you do. Because we ARE ready. And the reasonable folks like me, who would rather not see a lot of needless death, will have little choice but to step aside when you finally piss “White America” off badly enough to trigger it.

      • What fight was started,, none. Gasser had a road rage incident 10 years before at the same location and he beat someone up. Surprise he wasn’t charged. Now flip the script and Gasser is dead, McKnight is not being let go after killing someone. Trump won because he preached hate from day 1, now after he won what does he do, softly tells his supports to be “nice”. He create his own debt by the fact secret service has to protect and pay Trump rent to protect his family outside of the White House.

      • That’s a BS reactionary statement. Obviously they chose a mean-mug photo to demonize (yet another) black man killed by a white man. It adds to the impunity Gasser faces in this case. Of course Gasser is innocent. No one targets blacks. It’s a black racist conspiracy that some whites target them! And if you believe that, then you probably think a foul-mouthed, racist, misogynistic failure of a businessman would make a better president than a highly educated law instructor who is, err, black. I’m white. I’m sick of my black friends and family members being targeted. I’m sick of the tension which keeps rising between them and myself, on occasion, simply because racist dumbasses are HUNTING black men: from age 12 up to senior citizens. Sick. Go tRump!

    • He was not murdered. Says right in the article the sentence for murder in Louisiana is life. Mcknight was running his mouth, and threatening someone’s life, and got his ass shot for it.
      Moral of the story: DON’T RUN YOUR MOUTH…..EVER. Just cause you’re a super star doesn’t mean you’re bullet proof.

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    • Tom Miller, are you offended because you’re white? If you are, then guess what, you don’t have to worry because Albert Einstein was white.

      And so was Hitler.

      Color means jack sh*t

        • HB is not the one who needed to be called out. It’s the sensitive snowflake, who wrote “fk you” for some reason, who should have been.

          • No the race baiting ‘victim’ of nothing but himself is the one who got upset over them using a picture that is probably one he was most proud of. Nobody told him to give a hateful mug for the camera he did it b/c he thought it was ‘dope’

            • Naturally the person with a Confederate flag whines about someone else “race baiting” (lol!!).

              It never fails. What a weird world we live in.

            • So, first you assume HB is black, then, you insult the victim. Classy. HB asked a very honest question. When white’s are killed, they usually find good pictures of the victim, but, in this case, out of all the online pictures of McKnight, they choose one that makes him look like a thug. As for your comment about nobody telling him to give a hateful mug for the camera, and he did it b/c he thought it was dope. The guy just got killed, and you make a demeaning, stupid remark like that. I guarantee, you have pictures where you made faces for the camera. Let’s hope, when someone shoots you, for being a jack ass on the road, they don’t pick a picture of you being maniacal, cause you thought it was “dope”. Fyi, there are witnesses, who state Glasser shot McKnight, after he was already down. Telling him, “I told you not to f**k with me”…Ya, self defense..Pretty sure if the roles were reversed, you’d be wanting the death penalty, even before charges were laid.

              • Yeah there were also ‘witnesses’ that saw everything that happened with Keith Lamont Scott but when it was time to give sworn testimony turned out they really didn’t see anything and stated as much. Furthermore I did not assume HB was black, I said he was race baiting, which he was. Are you just angry because Glasser doesn’t have a criminal record for them to report? They obviously looked into it and would have if there was one. I simply stated it could have been self defense, you don’t know that it wasn’t anymore than I know that it was. I corrected someone that said it was a crime, if it had went down like ‘witnesses’ are stating I don’t see the shooter sticking around.

                • Don’t forget- the media is a bunch of lying assholes. They’re full of shit 100%. Look at the recent election for proof. 98% chance of hilary winng- LOLOLOLO

      • we don’t know if this was road rage or ‘roid rage, but I’ll agree color means nothing compared with education and upbringing. yes gasser’s going to jail but it will be for manslaughter and he’ll get approximately 10 years more or less.

      • Keep your hopes up DJ you racist piece of shit. I think short dicked Trump fans masturbate to these stories – makes ’em feel more manly to think they took down a black guy. One can tell. There’s no humanity or expressions of regret that a life has been lossed. They love this sh*t. If they could make Zimmerman an honorary aggrieved bitter inadequate white guy they would. Even after he’s been shown to be a racist misogynist sociopath who choked out his father in law, attacked his wife and gf and recently called someone an n-word lover, they will *still* align themselves with him, instead of 17yo Trayvon. All they need to know is if the victim were black and the perp white and they align themselves against the dead black kid. They’re useless morons.

        • This is how this whole mess happened with these two… people are so quick to jump off the deep end and start shooting off insults. Does anyone have any sort of self control anymore? Just stop, all of you who are spewing hate on both sides. People are ready to fight at all times.. “Did he just look at me funny?” .. “Did he just write that message with a ‘tone’?”.. Really? Stop trying to justify your hate. You can’t seriously think you “look” good when you talk like that… you are making whatever you stand for, look bad. Fighting fire with fire does nothing but burn the place down faster..

    • I bet most thought the shooter was black. Nope, just a gun toting fool with a lot of courage that he wouldn’t have without it. Guns make a he-man out of the biggest of pussies!! I would say he will get his in prison but I doubt he gets anything because we all know black people are scary. SMDH… Dude in California rapes a girl in college and every pic of this punk are in suits or nice homecoming shots.

      • no, mcknight believed that and when the old dude pulled out a gun mcknight began to apologize but it was too late. why mcknight assumed that an old guy would be unarmed is beyond me.

    • He probably wants to be one ala the neutered simpleton Zimmerman who couldn’t make the cut. Which is why he stuffs socks down his pants and ‘open-carries’ looking for young black guys and kids around town to confront, like all the losers.

  2. You just know that Gasser guy is going to get handle behind bars.There is only so long you can hid him in protective custody.

  3. Why is it that the first statement from the attorney’s office is that the suspect has no criminal records and is a business man. What has that got to do with anything other than trying to get him off on bail!! He had no criminal records but he does now! Only takes but a minute.

    • He does not have a criminal record now, he has not been charged with anything. Heavy is not his lawyers, Heavy inquired about criminal record there was none, sorry that you are disappointed. You don’t know anymore about this than anyone else so as far as you know it was self defense.

      • You’re a disgrace to every man and woman who fought for our country and for your freedom of speech. As a man who fought for your right to be able to even type on a computer I am actually disgusted in the fact that you are defending a man who has killed another man for a traffic dispute. Self defense? Really? Are you that much of a racist? God will deal with your ridiculous thought process whoever raised you did a horrible job. Do not call yourself a patriot, do not call yourself an American. Real Americans know the difference between right and wrong your honestly just a Trolling racist piece of shit whos only objective is to comment on any post that could use any sort of racial commentary.

        Sergeant T. Good

  4. You people are SICK!!! A young man lost is life and you guys are arguing over race. The only comment that should have been left here are condolences for his family or RIP Joe McKnight!!! SHAMEFUL!!!

  5. Oh yeah, I remember this guy….scrub running back for the Jets…threatened a fan who wasn’t nice to him….legal problems….got cut….

    Road rage was it ?

  6. the shooter does not need a trial just hang his ass, white/ black does not matter until you severly punish all criminals white, black yellow or red violence will continue

    • I agree with not giving a shit about race. Skin colour is one hell of a stupid thing to hate over.

      These situations are about good guy v bad guy. Let’s look at the facts.

      1) Punishment for murder is life in Louisiana.
      2) Cops questioned him all night, let him go no charges filed.

      What does that tell you? It means that gasser shot in self defence, and every other detail in this story is pure, unadulterated yellow journalism.
      BS, all of it. Don’t let the media tell you how to think. Ever.

  7. Come on people. Arguing and insulting doesn’t help anyone. A person died here. We don’t know most of the details. Road rage was mentioned. Why try to make it about race or the election when there are no facts to back that up.

  8. The reality is that this never would have happened if he didn’t have a gun in his possession. Simple as that. He knew full well he could use it if he was going to get his ass kicked so the “no fear” attitude rears it’s ugly head and someone gets killed because one guy, who can’t fight, thinks he’s all tough cause he’s carrying a piece.

    • You ever been in a situation where your life was threatened? If you had, maybe you’d feel different about guns.
      You know what statistic you’ll never see? How many lives are *saved* by guns in america. I’d bet it’s a lot higher than the deaths….

  9. The witness has to be dismissed out of hand. There’s no way that a 54 year old twig pulled a pro NFL player out of a car. This is race-baiting journalism at its worst.

  10. I am not happy the shooter is not held without bail. To me the shooter is a danger to the community. The fact he gave up his gun means nothing to me. We do not know if he has other fire arms. Murder should be a no bail situation period! Yes I am white and voted for Trump but this here is a malpractice of justice. I expect the law to treat every one the same way. I would fully expect to be held without bail if I kill a person in a road rage incident regardless of my color. I have never heard of a release without bail let alone bail being granted in a road rage incident. Make no mistake this was out right murder there is no excuse for killing in a road rage incident. I am expected to act responsibly and society should not tolerate this kind of stupidity! My opinion is you only have the right to self defense with your gun. This was not self defense! The shooter should be held without bail until case is concluded in the court of law!

  11. The south will rise (and fall) again! You have no chance, because there is right and wrong. And you conservatives are wrong.

  12. Law enforcement may have several reasons to refrain from making an arrest immediately after a crime. Quite often, more investigation needs to be done, and they want to get all their ducks in a row. However, since this case at first blush appears open and shut, it’s hard to figure out why Gasser was released without being charged. It may be that eyewitness reports that the victim was unarmed were erroneous. If McKnight brandished a weapon earlier in the dispute, then left it in his car in an effort to defuse the situation, that might explain why eyewitnesses didn’t see it, and also why law enforcement finds itself in the kind of muddy waters that mitigate against a quick arrest.

  13. “I would ask the community to pause and reflect that if you start with ‘I feel,’ that is a slippery slope,” Sheriff Normand said. “It’s what the evidence suggests, what the evidence reveals, and what the evidence is.”

    Sheriff Normand added that the shooter, Ronald Gasser, did not stand over McKnight. Gasser, according to Sheriff Normand, was in his car when the shots were fired. The shell casings, Normand said, were in the car.

    Also, Sheriff Normand said there is no video of the shooting, and no witness account of any “apology” being made by McKnight to Gasser.

    The reference to the shots being fired by Gasser while in his car brings into play Louisiana’s “Kill the Carjacker” law, an extension of the “stand your ground” law that allows for a person to use deadly force to defend himself while in a vehicle. And this could set the stage for Gasser never being charged or, if he’s charged, acquitted of any crime that he may have allegedly committed.

  14. Clearly this was a racist assassination by a White Male Christian Jihadist (WMCJ). It is time to start rounding up these WMCJ, who should be considered, and are nothing but, domestic terrorists.

    Since we still have the Concentration Camps in the Western States, where we incarcerated the Japaneses and Italians during the Second World War, we should use them to imprison and remove from society the WMCJ’s. Since they are terrorists, they have no habeas corpus rights to consider. Obama established this precedent with the assassination of Anwar al-Awlaki, which in turn resulted in no action by the Congress or the Courts to stop or punish Obama for the murder without due process of law of an American Citizen. This establishes the precedent that we can remove the rights of domestic terrorists, like WMCJs, who MAY commit a future act or who are members of groups that MAY act in a White Supremeist or class biased way. Keep in mind, al-Awlaki had not committed a terrorist act. His assassination by Obama was because it was believed he might help in planning a terrorist attack in the future. Using this reasoning, we can start rounding up the White Supremacist groups without having to worry about the courts.

    Furthermore, there is no costly trial. We simply label racist white supremacists upon their arrest as such, and there is not need for a court process, we simply take them to the camps. Either that, or we are going to have to exterminate them.

    We cannot allow white male Christian Jihadists, who would make great soldiers for the Islamic State, they are so much alike, homophobic, misogynistic, and racists, to continue murdering People of Color, we just cannot have this going on. It is destabilizing our social culture, hurting business, and causing mistrust of law enforcement. It is simply a good business decision to remove these mentally defective WMCJs from society. We just cannot have anymore of this type of action occurring in our country

    if the Regime in Washington does not get it done, we need to stop paying taxes until we get what we want. A society cannot survive with WMCJs turning our country into a Iraq or Afghanistan, and that is exactly what these Christian Religious Fundamental Jihadists are doing in America.

  15. The sheriff says there was no reason to hold the killer, who was the only one with a gun. But he also stated, “this was not about race.” Looks like more of the same. Position the white guy for an acquittal from the beginning.

  16. One of the deadliest and most bloody racial confrontations is about to take place in the US and under Donald Trump’s watch. Yet we do not even want to think about it butb Blacks have to wake up and do what they have to regardless of lost of lives.American blacks are too forgiving. How can you forgive a man who happens to be white after going into your Church and killing ten people including your family members? Forgive? No wonder they think you are all stupid. There was one KKK who came to Jamaica with his racist …. and we took care of him. You guys are jokers. Do what you have to do. Stop playing their games.

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  18. Ok, now it’s time for all you screaming racism to apologize and go home with your head hung low. Forensic evidence is now out which supports the facts that the shots were fired from inside Gasser’s car, upward, at McKnight who was standing at gasser’s window while his car was blocked from leaving by other cars. SO, a big, angry pro football star was cornering Glasser in a threatening way. I’d have shot him too in that circumstance, and Louisiana’s law would allow it. There are consequences to coming up to the window of a guy you don’t know and menacing him.

  19. Issis is using all this racism connected to Donald Trump to plan a big time attack on White supremacist in The US. Just over heard heard it and cannot wait. These racist cowards will soon meet their match and its about time. When it comes to Issis ans dome of there contact world wide these white supremacist cowards will lose big time.

  20. Gasser initiated the conflict, he chased after McKnight and than both men started arguing and swerving in front of each other in a crazy road incident that went on for miles. Finally McKnight boxed him in and than went after him while he was in his car. That’s when Gasser shot him dead. I doubt if Gasser did not have that gun he wouldn’t have acted so brave. he also beat up another white man in 2006 over a road rage incident. He also precipitated that conflict!

  21. I see racist whiteys defending Gasser. I will never not hurt a white at any chance I get because we can see what murderers you are. I will knock up your daughter, rob your wife and beat you honky men down until you die.