WATCH: Video of Oklahoma Football Player Joe Mixon Punching Woman

Surveillance videos have surfaced that show Oklahoma running back Joe Mixon punching a female student several years ago, an incident that led to his suspension at the time.

You can watch the video above. Be aware it shows the actual moment of violence.

The 2014 video shows Mixon punching Amelia Molitor. According to ESPN, Molitor suffered four fractured face bones after being punched at a sandwich shop near the campus. ESPN says Mixon, who was charged with a crime for the incident, was suspended for the 2014 season as a result.

The video shows the woman strike Mixon first, and he then responds by punching her. The woman then falls to the ground. She later gets up but appears to be shaky. Mixon’s attorney released the video, said News/OK.

The Oklahoma Supreme Court had ordered the video’s release after a lawsuit by the Oklahoma Association of Broadcasters, according to ESPN. NewsOK said Mixon’s attorney wrote in a letter, “Mr. Mixon asked us to once again say he is sorry for the way he reacted that night. He has apologized publicly to Ms. Molitor, her friends, his family, teammates and the University. He hopes that his voluntary release of these recordings will help put this matter to rest.”

SBNation said that the charge ended with a plea in which Mixon acknowledged prosecutors had enough to convict him while not admitting guilt. The site said Molitor also sued Mixon. Mixon has alleged in court documents that “Molitor ‘and/or’ members of her party use racial slurs in referring to him” and that she attacked him first. According to NewsOK, she responded that she was trying to end a heated discussion he allegedly initiated.

The university released a statement after the video’s release.

Mixon has long since returned to the playing field.

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  1. lol, guess the leftist pajama boy….
    Why is it that whenever blacks get caught being, well, “stereotypical black”, the first thing out of their mouths is “they called me a name”?

    • Was Ms. Moliter being a stereotypical white girl. I’m a 57 yr old white woman, and yes he should have walked away but I bet she thinks twice before she puts her hands on any man again. He was wrong but she was wrong first, trying to slap ANYBODY around. Her parents might need to save the college funds, she’s not to bright.

    • Why when “stereotypical white woman” hits a Blackman they think it’s okay he should’ve knock her head off and had your stupid behind to pick it up.

      • Agreed, that white girl needs to shut TF up and just submit, like that lil white pajamaboy, be meek, be silent, be submissive.
        White people don’t have any right to get in the face of blacks as white people are slave owners that need to be taught more lessons.

    • Why is it that when a white woman feels that she is privileged enough to put her hands on someone out of anger,and not charged with a crime? She knew before she attacked him that he was first of all a lot bigger than her and stronger. I think she got what she needed. He should have pressed charges on her as well. Stereotypical white girl, got a lesson in the new age and not slavery days, nor the 60’s.

    • Why is it some people HAVE to make everything “left vs. right”?….Jesus Christ, why does something that has nothing at all to deal w/politics have to be turned into red state vs. blue state…

  2. Equality! Women want to be treated equal? No problem. If a man struck Mixon and he hit him back, nobody would have a problem with it. So everybody who has a problem with this, is a sexist. Mr. Mixon believes in equality for all. He supports women rights to the max. Same salary, same treatment.

    • White don’t know how you were raised but your thought process is really screwed. I don’t care if she beats every last drop of excrement out of him a real man would do everything BUT ever lay a hand on a woman.

      • If you were raised to let a woman beat “very last drop of excrement” out of you, instead of defending yourself, your momma raised a b*tch boy. If you had any self-respect at all, you would never put up with that from anyone, man or woman.

      • It is nonsense such as your idea that contribute to the experience of the girl that was hit. You and all others like yourself ,better understand that first offenders can not have any expectation of control over the type and intensity of retaliation they invite from their victims

    • Either women are equal with men under the law or they are not. Regardless of past chivalrous societal behavior, that is not what the feminists wanted.
      This person struck Mixon first. This person should have been charged with assault. Mixon just reacted instinctively to defend himself.
      For those of you that think what Mixon did was wrong, my question would be how much violence should this attacker been able to inflict before you think that Mixon could defend himself?
      If the attacker hit him with a bottle, could he defend himself? What if the attacker brandished a fork or a knife?

  3. Voluntary release????? Since when is voluntary a Supreme Court order??? “Oklahoma Supreme Court had ordered the video’s release after a lawsuit by the Oklahoma Association of Broadcasters, according to ESPN. NewsOK said Mixon’s attorney wrote in a let”. Nothing but trash, both of them.

  4. Joe, you clearly have no legal education background and I only enlighten people when paid. This is volutary and an order had to be enteted for procedural purposes. Know the laws and procedure of the country you live in. Read and learn before just mouthing an opinion. You lack knowledge my friend, stop embarassing yourself.

  5. Mixon is 100% innocent in this encounter. To say that “he was wrong, but she was wrong first” is a ludicrous mischaracterization of events. AT NO POINT IN THIS VIDEO WAS MIXON EVER IN THE WRONG. This woman instigated by shoving and slapping him VIOLENTLY. If she were a man, no one would be saying that Mixon should have exercised restraint. MIXON IS NOT UNDER ANY MORAL OBLIGATION TO EXERCISE RESTRAINT. Just as would be the case, were his attacker a man, Mr. Mixon is 100% entitled to defend himself, and even if you want to get into the nitty gritty of “well, he can’t respond by killing her. It has to be an appropriate amount of self-defending force,” there is nothing non-commensurate about the way this guy responded. A violent shove and SLAP to the face is more than enough provocation to justify what Mr. Mixon did. He should never have apologized to this woman, who is clearly the aggressor, and who is the only party in this video to have committed a crime. SHE should be the woman going to jail, and he should be suing her. This double-standard is ridiculous. Yes, it is morally wrong to hit a woman, but only because IT IS MORALLY WRONG TO HIT ANYONE (with the exception of self defense). The relative strength or size of the attacker is irrelevant. If it had been a 5’5″ 130 lb man that had hit Mixon, no one would be saying that Mixon should have taken that into account before defending himself. You do not get to attack someone and then recharacterize their self-defense as an attack on you. Why are humans so incapable of basic logical thought??????????????????????? Mixon is 100% innocent and honestly did this woman a favor. Some people have no clue when they’re being awful human beings. This woman is one of those people. He gave her a clue. He ought to be commended.

    • 1. Did Mixon choose to pursue Molitor into the establishment?
      2. Did Mixon call Molitor’s friend a slur pertaining to sexual orientation?
      3. Was Mixon injured as a result of a push and slap? Could there have been a different outcome if Mixon had voted with his feet and removed himself from the situation?

      I would not say he was innocent here.

  6. It should have read video of a woman attacking a Oklahoma football player Joe Mixon and got what she deserve a knock out yaay.

  7. Why is this turning into Black/White??? Has nothing to do with anything, the man should have been charged with assault and thrown into jail and let the judicial process take over from there. He should have been held accountable for his actions immediately and thrown off the team! College athletes get away with way too many injustices and it’s too bad that sports means so
    much to colleges, who are there to educate FIRST!!!

    • He should have been punished for defending himself? Yeah, that makes sense. I’m glad that the courts understand the principle of equal treatment under the law, even if you don’t.

  8. Playing the race card is unnecessary. She clearly attacked Mixon. He hit her once–enough to neutralize the threat, and left. He did not stomp his attacker after she was down. As far as I am concerned, Mixon applied the minimum force necessary to stop his attacker. He has nothing to apologize for.

  9. Get to the bottom line, he’s a great football player = NOT GUILTY and even if he was he’d just give her some money she wouldn’t normally have. I mean it beats cleaning houses which is what she does during the day. There’s plenty of them. LOL

  10. It looks to me like they knew each other prior to entering the restaurant. He went right up to her and she flipped out like a crazy girlfriend. I’ve tried to find a story of what occurred but everything that comes up is just this video. Lame!!

  11. She got what she deserved just because he used to beat her daddy’s ass and she think that she can go up and hit another man Society teach these kids to do that then deal with what happened she was wrong and the media is wrong for blowing out of proportion

  12. In the video, HE was the actual victim of the initial violence. SHE was the aggressor and the abuser. It is not wrong in any way, shape, or form, to defend oneself from attack. So, when is it okay to strike a woman BACK? The same time it’s okay to strike a man back: when that out-of-control person, male or female, attacks you first. In this instance, she asked for it and she got it. She should have been charged with assault at least, rather than being paraded around as a supposed victim. When they initiate the violence, women cannot delude themselves into expecting to avoid retaliation just because they have a vagina.