Teaspressa did not get a deal for their tea beverages inspired by coffee drinks. We interviewed its founder about their steady growth since leaving Shark Tank.

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Natural deodorant PiperWai struck a deal with Barbara in the Shark Tank. We interviewed its co-founder to learn of the tremendous growth the company’s enjoyed.

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BetterBack is a back belt that helps to correct posture. We interviewed its founder to learn about their growth since securing a deal with Lori in the Tank.

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Alvina Stewart and Anthony Anderson called it quits after two decades together. Alvina filed for divorce in 2015.

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Amy Robach is the news anchor for ABC’s ‘Good Morning America.’ The Michigan-born journalist achieved her goal and battled cancer. Here’s a look at her career.

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Lara Spencer is best known as a co-anchor on Good Morning America, but she’s also the host of other shows. Here’s a look at her career.

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Ginger Zee is ABC News’ Chief Meteorologist and the meteorologist for ‘Good Morning America.’ Here’s a look at her life and career.

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Ginger Zee is ABC News’ chief meteorologist and a member of the ‘Good Morning America’ crew. She’s married to Ben Aaron and has an infant son.

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Robin Roberts has helped ABC’s Good Morning America compete in the race for the top of the morning show ratings. She’s been well-paid for the show’s success.

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Ariel Winter from Modern family is known for her revealing photos.

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Jimmy Kimmel continued The Baby Bachelorette on Monday night’s Jimmy Kimmel Live. Here’s the latest episode in the sketch series.

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Michael Turchin is an artist and the husband of former NSYNC member, Lance Bass. See the best pics of him here.

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Corey Rossman was one of the last people seen with Lauren Spierer on the night of her disappearance. Find out about him here.

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Lauren Spierer has been missing for over five years. Tonight, ABC News’ 20/20 will investigate the details of her disappearance.

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Lauren Spierer went missing on June 3, 2011. Tonight, she will be the focus of ABC News’ 20/20. Get the most recent updates on her case and the story behind her disappearance right here.

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‘Live with Kelly’ has another short week before the July 4 holiday.

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