Beyonce was joined by daughter Blue Ivy and husband Jay-Z at the 2014 MTV Video Music Awards. Check out their best VMAs photos together here.

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Blue Ivy VMAs 2014, Beyonce VMAs 2014, Blue Ivy And Jay Z VMAs 2014, Beyonce Performance MTV Video Music Awards 2014

As Beyonce performed on stage at the 2014 VMAs, hubby Jay-Z and daughter Blue Ivy watched from the audience. Check it out.

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Beyonce VMAs 2014, Beyonce MTV Video Music Awards 2014, Beyonce Performance VMAs 2014, Beyonce VMAs 2014 Performance

Beyonce gave an incredible performance at the 2014 VMAs tonight. Check out the video footage here.

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Sorry Ms Carter, Beyonce And Jay Z Divorce, Beyonce Cheating, Jay Z Mistress, Jay Z Cheating, Jay Z Divorce, Jay Z And Beyonce Split Up

Rapper LIV has released the infamous music video, calling out Jay Z on his alleged cheating. It’s called “Sorry Mrs. Carter.” Check it out.

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Beyonce And Jay Z Divorce, Beyonce Cheating, Jay Z Mistress, Jay Z Cheating, Jay Z Divorce, Jay Z And Beyonce Split Up

Mr. & Ms. Carter Beyonce & Jay Z are surrounded by rumors. Are they splitting up? Are they divorcing? Is rapper Liv’s cheating story true? Here are the facts.

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alicia keys songs in a minor

Alicia Keys is expecting her second child with her husband Swizz Beatz. Heres’s what you need to know about the hip hop artist who is a Bronx native.

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Beyonce and Jay-Z

Beyonce and Jay-Z may be heading towards a breakup. The 32-year-old singer was seen apartment hunting in New York City without her husband.

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fifty shades of grey

Beyonce put out a teaser for Fifty Shades of Grey using her anthem “Crazy in Love.” The breathless version of her song seems quite fitting.

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Saturday Night Live had a hilarious cold opening by mocking the highly publicized fight between Jay-Z and Solange Knowles. Check it out.

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We finally know why Solange Knowles attacked Jay-Z at a Met Gala after-party and it all has to do with his wanting to go to Rihanna’s Met Gala bash. Read on.

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We know we shouldn’t find this so funny…OH HELL, WE’LL HAVE A GOOD LAUGH ANYWAY!

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Solange Knowles is making headlines today after physically assaulting Jay-Z. Read on for the facts on the fight, past feuds with Solange, and more.

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