A military veteran who was accused of killing her service dog on video along with her special ops boyfriend was found dead in a possible suicide.

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Patriots’ Day is an important holiday in Massachusetts, marked by the Boston Marathon and remembering the state’s role in the American Revolution.

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Kerry Rear, a missing Sanford, Maine woman, has been found dead after her body was located in the woods.

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What is the net worth of former President George H.W. Bush and Barbara Bush? The Bushes are

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Portland police released mugshots of those arrested in the anti-Trump protests and riots in Portland, Oregon.

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Maine voters will vote for President and two House members on November 8.

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Asher Woodworth, of Portland, Maine, dressed as a tree and blocked traffic before police led him away. See photos and video.

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Paul LePage is the controversial Republican governor of Maine, who earned more notoriety on Friday for leaving an expletive-laced message for a legislator.

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Maine Governor Paul LePage left an explicit message on State Rep. Drew Gattine’s voicemail, calling him a “c**ksucker” and daring him to prove he’s racist.

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Three states celebrate Patriots Day on the third Monday in April to remember the first battles of the American Revolution, fought in Concord and Lexington, Massachusetts.

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Maine Governor Paul LePage is facing criticism after making comments about drug dealers coming to his state and impregnating “young white” girls.

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A neighbor of a man in Limerick, Maine called the police to report a Christmas light display that seemed to promote the Islamic State, but he failed to notice that Santa was peeing on the letters.

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A missing woman in Maine was found dead on the morning of October 21, hanging from a tree. Now police are investigating if her disappearance is connected to another missing female.

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The Coast Guard says the American cargo ship El Faro sunk during Hurricane Joaquin. Here’s what we know so far about the ship’s crew.

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Michael Davidson, 53, of WIndham, Maine, is the captain of the container ship El Faro, which is believed to have sunk during Hurricane Joaquin.

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Devon Staples was killed when he put a fireworks mortar to his head and lit it off during a July Fourth party in Calais, Maine. See photos of Devon here.

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