Lucius Robbi told friends he was camping in Idaho on August 19 en route to orientation at the University of Montana. He never showed up.

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Ataui Deng Paris Fashion Week

Ataui Deng, the Sudanese model, has been missing from midtown Manhattan since August 6. Here are the pictures you need to see.

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Ataui Deng Missing

Ataui Deng, a Sudanese supermodel, has been missing for 10 days. Deng was last seen in Midtown Manhattan after telling her boyfriend she wanted to sleep in the park.

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Hayley Turner Hot

The FBI have joined the search for 18-year-old Hayley Turner in Michigan. Here are the images you need to see.

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Hayley Turner Facebook

Shortly after telling a friend “He’s got a gun!”, 18-year-old Hayley Turner vanished in the Bedford Township of Monroe County, Michigan.

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Jennifer Cossette Facebook

Jennifer Cossette is missing from Fishers, Indiana. She was last seen on August 3.

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Jennifer Huston missing oregon mother dead

Jennifer Huston, an Oregon mother who had been missing for nearly two weeks, was found dead near her SUV Tuesday morning. She was only 38.

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Alicia Stankwick Facebook

Alicia Stankwick has been missing from her home in Winter Haven, Florida, since July 18. She’s a married mother-of-one who formerly lived in New York.

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Alicia Stankwick Facebook

Alicia Marie Stankwick has been missing from her home in Winter Haven, Florida since July 18. Here’s what you need to know.

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Alexandra Chery Facebook

Alexandria Chery, 16, has been missing from her home in Orlando, Florida since July 28.

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kibby thumb

Nathaniel Kibby has been arrested for the alleged kidnapping of Abigail Hernandez, who was found alive after disappearing for nine months.

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Angelic Dean missing, missing Washington girl journal

Cops in Washington state are searching for 17-year-old Angelic Dean, who they believe to be involved in a trafficking operation. Dean has been missing since June 23.

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