The body of Michael Doherty, a missing Duke University student, may have been found in Massachusetts.

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Michael Doherty, a Duke University student, who was missing, has likely been found dead, police say. He vanished after a party in Franklin, Massachusetts.

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A mother of twins is missing in Belize along with Iraq-veteran boyfriend.

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A Canadian woman mysteriously vanished along with her American boyfriend in Belize, a day before she was due to fly back to Toronto.

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Aramazd Andressian, a South Pasadena father, is in the news after his son went missing. He was jailed on suspicion of child abduction but released.

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Otis Nixon was missing but has now been found. The former Atlanta Braves outfielder disappeared after leaving his home and didn’t show up for a golf game.

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Alycia Yeoman, a college student from Yuba, is missing in a mysterious set of circumstances.

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Jill Cummins, Tad Cummins’ wife, has publicly urged her husband to return missing Tennessee teenager Elizabeth Thomas.

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See the recent missing D.C. teen photos put out by the Washington D.C. police. Police caution that most missing teens are found after voluntarily vanishing.

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An Amber Alert was issued in Cathedral City, California, for missing toddlers, Jayden Cortez and Carlos Cortez, who were in a stolen car.

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A string of missing teenager cases in Washington, D.C., has community members calling it an epidemic as police downplay the panic.

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Tad Cummins is a Tennessee teacher accused of taking missing teenager Elizabeth Thomas. He was arrested in northern California, and Thomas was recovered safely, authorities said.

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Elizabeth Thomas, a missing teenager, is the subject of an Amber Alert after police believe she was taken by a suspended teacher, Tad Cummins.

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Kerry Rear, a missing Sanford, Maine woman, has been found dead after her body was located in the woods.

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See photos of Jackie Watts (Jacqueline Watts), the Indianapolis, Indiana woman found dead in a river after she was missing. She posted many pics on Facebook.

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Jackie Watts (Jacqueline Watts), a missing Indianapolis, Indiana woman, accidentally drowned while trying to rescue a dog, police say.

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