The brother of Sugar Bear from Here Comes Honey Boo Boo is considered a missing person in Georgia.

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A 30-year-old woman in Northern California was taken from her home in broad daylight. Shortly afterwards, a man called local police asking for a ransom.

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Police are searching for Denise Huskins, a missing 30-year-old California woman, who authorities say may have been kidnapped from her Vallejo home for ransom.

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A 19-year-old Virginia college student has been missing since March 2 after she disappeared from her Norfolk home under suspicious circumstances. Her dad was arrested while searching for evidence.

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Over a year after going missing, Wall Street Journal reporter David Bird has been found dead.

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A Virginia Tech student who is missing after falling overboard on Carnival cruise ship in the Bahamas.

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A woman who recently went to the local police station with bacon, saying she was there to “feed the piggies,” has gone missing from Ashland, Massachusetts.

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A successful Washington D.C. man has launched a massive campaign to meet the father he never knew.

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Eliana Perkins has been missing since January 16 from Seattle. The 13-year-old was last seen getting into the white Honda of a man of Mexican descent.

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Kyle Crosby has been charged with murdering his missing wife, Erica Crippen Crosby.

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Kayla Chu and Brooke Brindle have been missing from Henderson and Manchester, Tennessee, since New Year’s Day when they texted their mother’s to say they were sorry.

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Kayla Chu and Brooke Brindle have been missing since New Year’s Day, the two teens both texted their respective mothers to say “We’re sorry.”

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19-year-old Erika VonDwingelo went out on a date with a man named “Chris” on New Year’s Eve, then she vanished.

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A missing Brooklyn yoga teacher has been found dead in the Mexican mountains.

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5-year-old Kenneth White was kidnapped from his home in New York by two men wearing ski masks.

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This is the shocking footage showing a 22-year-old woman being kidnapped on the street in Philadelphia.

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