Authorities are looking into an ISIS propaganda video that shows footage of Las Vegas strip landmarks while calling for terrorist attacks.

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Nicolai Mork, a 40-year-old MIT grad, has been indicted on terrorism charges after Las Vegas Police say they found enough chemicals in his home to blow up a tank.

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Denise Eddines and Immanuel Church, of Las Vegas, are accused of torturing and killing a cat they believed to be possessed by a demon, police say.

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Cannabis Cup 2017 in Las Vegas is being threatened with shutdown by authorities, leading to concern by recreational marijuana proponents that Donald Trump’s administration may crack down on legalization.

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Moises Johnson is a friend of Sean Kingston’s and was arrested for allegedly firing a gun during a fight between Kingston and Migos.

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Nevada recount results are in, and they show that Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump lost only 15 votes. Meanwhile, a Wisconsin recount continues.

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What is the current status of the recounts in Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania, as well as Nevada and an attempt to force one in Florida? They are all at different stages.

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Trisha Meyer is charged with child endangerment after allowing exotic and dangerous animals, including tigers, to roam freely in a home she shared with her teen daughter. Read more on the woman and story here.

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Donald Trump has filed a lawsuit against Clark County, Nevada, Registrar of Voters Joe Gloria for extending voting hours two hours beyond closing time.

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Nevada voters head to the polls on Tuesday to make their choice for president, and also on the ballot are races for the Senate, the House, and more.

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Austyn Crites was identified as the protester in the middle of the dramatic scene in Reno, Nevada, where the Secret Service rushed Donald Trump off stage. He says he’s a Republican.

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Latest U.S. Senate polls shows control of the Senate is for grabs as a number of races are still toss ups. Democrats have a chance to take control.

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A truck drove into a crowd of Columbus Day protesters in Reno, Nevada. Watch video.

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Donald Trump supporters are being encouraged to yell “Bill Clinton is a rapist” at Democratic presidential rallies for Hillary Clinton. A rally in Las Vegas, Nevada hosted by VP pick Tim Kaine was a recent target.

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A man shot another person and allegedly said he had a bomb at a Las Vegas Starbucks.

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Roger Mayweather, Floyd Mayweather Jr.’s uncle and trainer, was reported missing by the Las Vegas police. He’s also a former professional boxer himself.

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