What are the road conditions in Virginia? Which roads are plowed and salted? Here are snow plow trackers for Virginia.

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Virginia is one of several states hit by Winter Storm Jonas. These are photos of the blizzard, pictures of Snowzilla, and how people in the region are faring.

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Virginia is one of several states hit by Winter Storm Jonas. See the town-by-town snow totals for the 2016 blizzard here.

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An award-winning Virginia sex crimes detective fatally shot himself before he could be arrested on charges of inappropriate contact with two boys.

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A 21-year-old woman was found shot dead in a car in Spotsylvania, Virginia, and police are calling her death a homicide. Her family says she had a female stalker.

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Virginia police have released video showing the events at the Fairfax County Detention Center leading up to the death of Natasha McKenna. Watch it here.

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Stephen Rankin, a Portsmouth, Virginia, police officer, has been charged with first-degree murder in the shooting death of 18-year-old William Chapman.

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Photos and video taken inside the apartment where Virginia shooter Vester Flanagan, also known as Bryce Williams, lived give a glimpse into his life.

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The New York Daily News has generated controversy on social media over its choice of using a photo of the Virginia shooting from the gunman’s video.

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WDBJ honored slain journalists Alison Parker and Adam Ward during their nightly newscasts with tributes and stories about their lives.

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Vester Lee Flanagan sued a Florida news station, WTWC, in 2000, alleging racial discrimination. Read that lawsuit here.

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Vester Lee Flanagan, AKA Bryce Williams, is the alleged shooter who killed reporter Alison Parker and cameraman Adam Ward of WDBJ-TV live on-air in Moneta, Virginia.

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Vester Lee Flanagan has been identified as the gunman suspected of fatally shooting a Virginia news reporter and cameraman during a live broadcast.

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Adam Ward, a 27-year-old cameraman at WDBJ-TV, was killed along with reporter Alison Parker during a shooting on live TV in Moneta, Virginia.

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A gunman opened fire on a news crew in Moneta, Virginia, during an interview Wednesday morning on live TV at the Bridgewater Plaza.

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Michael Edington, a Norfolk, Virginia, cop, has been indicted on a voluntary manslaughter charge in the 2014 shooting death of David Latham, a mentally ill man.

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