Chesapeake Walmart Victims: Names, Tributes & Photos

chesapeake walmart shooting victim

Facebook Tyneka Johnson, the first Chesapeake, Virginia, shooting victim named.

Tyneka Johnson was the first victim named in the Chesapeake, Virginia, Walmart mass shooting.

Johnson was identified by family members.

“Tyneka Johnson. D*** couss I’m sorry this happened to you💔so soon you had so many plans but i guess god had other plans🥺 So this means no more phone calls? No more sending pictures of your tattoos and i pick them out?” wrote Rashawnda Ruffin.

“No more of you FaceTiming me out the blu to talk junk with lil Re? No more of you replying to my stories hyping me up? No more of you calling to vent? Look over the Family couss. I’m just lost of words it was noting but laughs and jokes😔LONGLIVETYNEKA💜💜.”

Chesapeake police later released the victims’ names: “Lorenzo Gamble, Brian Pendleton, Kellie Pyle, Randall Blevins, and Tyneka Johnson. The sixth victim is a 16-year old male resident of Chesapeake whose name and photo are being withheld at the time due to him being a minor.”

An active shooter at a Chesapeake, Virginia, Walmart store, left multiple victims dead and more injured, according to Chesapeake police. Video from the scene captured an employee describing how a manager opened fire in a break room. Six people have died, not including the shooter. The shooter was identified as Andre Bing, the overnight manager at the Walmart.

Authorities have not named the victims. Heavy is committed to updating this article with a bio post for each victim as they are named.

Tyneka Johnson

On Facebook, Johnson wrote that she went to Indian River High and Western Branch High School. She lives in Chesapeake, Virginia, and she is from Portsmouth, Virginia.

Shortly after the shooting, a family member wrote on Facebook, “We need help locating my lil cousin. She is an employee at Walmart…Everyone need to know if she is safe. This post is about helping and locating Tyneka Johnson❤️. No questions. Just help.”

Lorenzo Gamble

Brian Pendleton

A person who knew Pendleton wrote on Facebook, “We literally just sat in Walmart the other day just chopping it up about how short life is…….And now this BS, The good always going to soon Brian Pendleton Rest Easy my guy.”

Kellie Pyle

On Facebook, Pyle wrote that she was a former Quality Inspector at NTK Axle Company and a former Auditor at Monticello Spring Corporation. She went to Norfolk Catholic High School, and lived in Chesapeake, Virginia. She was from Norfolk, Virginia, and she was in a relationship with Brian Baker.

Baker shared photos of Pyle on Facebook.

Randall Blevins

Unidentified 16-Year-Old

Jalon Jones, Surviving Victim/h2>

One of the surviving victims was named as Jalon Jones, 24, who was in the break room when he was shot by Bing.

In a news conference, a police spokesman said officers found “multiple fatalities and multiple injured parties” inside the Walmart. He said that the first call came in at 10:12 p.m. on November 22, 2022. Police immediately found evidence that a shooting had occurred, he added.

“It’s less than 10 right now,” he said when asked how many victims were killed. He believed it “happened inside,” and he said that he did not know if the shooter was an employee. The spokesman said one victim was found deceased outside the Walmart.

In one live stream video, a crying woman told a man she saw bodies. “That sh** crazy,” the man, Kevin Harper, said, indicating that the shooter was a Walmart employee. Again, police have not confirmed that account. Harper said a manager went into the break room and started shooting people. “By the grace of God, you know,” Harper said in the video. One crying woman said the shooter “looked right at me… I saw him standing there.”

Kevin Harper wrote on Facebook, “They just shot up Walmart on battlefield.” He followed that up with a livestream video on Facebook, writing, “Shooting at my job.” The full video can be found on Harper’s Facebook page. Be forewarned that he names specific people he believes are victims in the video.

In the video, people said that the gunman shot a woman in the head and shot another man they knew. In the video, they discussed various people who they believed were shot. Harper said he “booked it” and ran out of the Walmart.

He said he was in the breakroom when a manager came in the room and “started capping people… we lost a few of our associates,” Harper said. “The manager shot a couple people here,” Harper told another man. He said he wasn’t going to show bodies in the video. “This ain’t no game…sad, sad…he plotted this sh**.” He said he left his jacket behind when he ran.

He said he heard a barrage of gunfire shortly after he left the breakroom.

The Shooter Is Deceased, Police Say

The police spokesman said in the news conference that authorities believe there was a single shooter. He is deceased. He said there was not an officer-involved shooting.

The situation was still being investigated, so further details were not released.

The spokesman said officers put together tactical teams to give victims life-saving measures.

“We responded in an active shooter fashion,” he said.

Dispatch audio early on captured a dispatcher saying a female was shot to the neck, there was another “patient in front of Walmart,” a suspect was found in the breakroom with a possible gunshot wound, and one person was found shot in the chest in the grocery side.

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