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  • Tsarnaev Appeal: Do Unbiased Jurors Exist in an Age of Social Media?

    Is it possible to find an unbiased juror in the age of ubiquitous social media and internet use? That’s the question for the Supreme Court in an appeal by one of the Boston Marathon bombers.

  • Steve Bannon Could Face Criminal Charges in January 6 Panel Showdown

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  • David Amess Killing: Why Threats Toward Politicians Are Growing

  • Indigenous Peoples Day: Why It’s Replacing Columbus Day in Many Places

  • The Pandora Papers: Why Does South Dakota Feature So Heavily?

    A taxation expert explains why South Dakota has become a favorite state for the ultra-rich when it comes to squirreling away their wealth.

  • US Supreme Court Gets Set to Address Abortion, Guns & Religion

  • Why Did Homicides Spike in 2020? A Criminologist Explains the ‘Perfect Conditions’

  • Why America Has a Debt Ceiling: 5 Questions Answered

  • Taliban & Islamic State Arm Themselves With Weapons US Left Behind

  • ‘Get Out Now’ – Inside the White House on 9/11

    A top White House aide to President George W. Bush recounts what 9/11 was like for White House staffers.

  • As Football Season Kicks Off, Climate Change Threatens the Game

  • Bitcoin Is Now ‘Legal Tender’ in El Salvador – Here’s What That Means

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  • What Does Full FDA Approval of the Pfizer COVID-19 Vaccine Mean?

  • Afghan Troops Sought Safety in Numbers – Igniting a Cascade of Surrender

  • Hurricane Henri: What Is a Storm Surge? A Meteorologist Explains

  • As Afghanistan Falls, What Does It Mean for the Middle East?

    Every corner of the Middle East and North Africa will be touched in some way by the failure of American authority in Afghanistan.

  • Afghan Government Collapses & Taliban on Verge of Controlling Country

  • What Are COVID-19 Variants? A Doctor Answers 5 Key Questions

  • IPCC Climate Report: A Lead Author Explains What the Warnings Mean

  • What Is a Breakthrough COVID-19 Infection? 6 Questions Answered

  • Here’s Why the CDC Says Some Vaccinated People Should Wear Masks Again

    The CDC guidance applies to areas with high coronavirus transmission rates – which on the day of the announcement covered 63% of US counties.

  • What Is the HIPAA Privacy Rule? A Health Law Scholar Explains

  • What Would the Ancient Greeks Think of an Olympics With No Fans?

  • What’s in Wildfire Smoke? A Toxicologist Explains the Health Risks

  • Blue Origin & Virgin Galactic: Can They Be More Than Space Joyrides for Millionaires?

  • How to Calm Your Dog During Fireworks: Tips From a Vet

    Millions of Americans love the fireworks on July 4, but millions of dogs will tremble in fear. A vet explains the causes and solutions to this doggie dilemma.