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  • How Many Women Does It Take to Change a Broken Congress?

    Research shows women work more collaboratively than men in groups and create more inclusive solutions to thorny problems. More women in Washington could bridge America's yawning partisan divide.

  • 2 Economic Policies Likely to Change With Democrats in Control of House

  • Georgia Election Fight Shows That Black Voter Suppression Still Flourishes

  • Here’s How Climate Change Could Make Beer More Expensive

  • Blockchains Won’t Fix Internet Voting Security – & Could Make It Worse

  • Hurricane Michael Could Bring More Inland Flooding to Southeast States

    Hurricanes frequently move inland in the southeast US, causing widespread river flooding, but emergency plans focus on protecting people in coastal communities.

  • How Is USMCA, the ‘New NAFTA,’ Different? A Trade Expert Explains

  • On the Supreme Court, Difficult Nominations Have Led to Historical Injustices

  • Teen ‘Boys Will Be Boys’: A Brief History

  • Things Have Changed Since Anita Hill – Sort Of

  • Big Game Days in College Football Linked With Sexual Assault

    Reports of sexual assault increase by as much as 41 percent when the local college football team plays, according to researchers who say the increase is related to the drinking culture on campus.

  • Yom Kippur: A Time for Feasting as Well as Fasting

  • Is Apple Cider Vinegar Good for You? A Doctor Weighs In

  • Rivers Flood Often During Hurricanes, but Get Less Attention Than Coastlines

  • How Les Moonves Got to Leave CBS on His Own Terms While Others Were Fired

  • How Meteorologists Predict the Next Big Hurricane

  • Why al-Qaeda Is Still Strong 17 Years After 9/11

  • Black Student Activists Face Penalty in College Admissions

  • Chelsea Manning: What Role Does Ministerial Discretion Play in Australia Case?

  • This 19th-Century Argument Over Federal Support for Christianity Still Resonates

    President Trump has promised to protect religious liberty. But there was a time when evangelicals believed that a religion that needed protection from government had no reason to exist at all.

  • Why Synthetic Marijuana Is So Risky & Dangerous

  • Petrichor: Why You Can Smell Rain

  • The Few Humanities Majors Who Dominate in the Business World

  • Making College More Affordable

  • Detecting ‘Deepfake’ Videos in the Blink of an Eye

    The new technology behind machine learning-enhanced deepfake videos has a crucial flaw: Computer-generated faces don't blink as often as real people do.

  • Injecting Wastewater Underground During Fracking Can Cause Earthquakes: Study

  • Late Breakfast & Early Dinner Could Help You Lose Body Fat

  • Prisoners’ Strike Is a Reminder How Commonplace Inmate Labor Is

  • Tentative Deal to Replace NAFTA Puts Pressure on Canada in Win for Trump

  • John McCain Helped Build a Country That No Longer Reflects His Values

    Sen. John McCain, dead from brain cancer, ended his career with growing repudiation by his party and the public for positions, from national defense to bipartisanship, that he has long embodied.