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  • Why Do Presidential Inaugurations Matter?

    Formal ceremonies and rituals can trigger psychological signals that command people's attention and strengthen the perceived importance of those moments.

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  • How MLK’s Atlanta Church Became a Seat of Black Power for Generations

  • How Many People Need to Get a COVID-19 Vaccine to Stop the Coronavirus?

    Researchers say around 70% of the US needs to get the coronavirus vaccine to stop the pandemic. But questions around the vaccines and regional differences add some uncertainty to that estimate.

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  • Aliens May Be Out There, but UFO Sightings Aren’t Persuasive: Astronomer

    Scientists are not convinced by the current evidence of UFOs. That doesn't mean that they don't exist. But have Americans' belief in UFOs gone from science to a new religion?

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  • ‘Constructive Arguing’: Keep the Peace at Your Thanksgiving Table

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  • The 2020 Election Will Shape Congress Through 2030

  • Here’s How Congress Could Decide the 2020 Election

    Biden and Trump are both preparing for a court battle in November. But when the Electoral College produces no clear winner, it's the House of Representatives that's supposed to select the president.

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  • Can Trump & McConnell Seat a Supreme Court Justice Before Election Day?

  • How Ruth Bader Ginsburg Helped Shape the Modern Era of Women’s Rights

    Before she became a Supreme Court justice, the late Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s work as an attorney in the 1970s changed the court’s approach to women's rights and how we think about women – and men.

  • How the Pain of 9/11 Still Stays With a Generation 19 Years Later

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  • Convalescent Plasma: How COVID-19 Antibodies in Blood Could Treat Coronavirus

  • Coronavirus: What Is Plasma Therapy & Can It Be Used to Treat COVID-19?

    A century old therapy using plasma from blood is being tested on patients with COVID-19 as a possible treatment for the coronavirus.