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  • Drinkers Prefer Big Beer Keeps Its Hands Off Their Local Craft Brews

    The likes of AB InBev and MillerCoors have been trying to jump on the craft beer bandwagon by snapping up artisanal breweries. Do consumers care?

  • Venezuela Crisis Explained: A Tale of Two Presidents

  • Amazon HQ2: Texas Experience Shows Why New Yorkers Should Be Skeptical

  • Why the US Has Higher Drug Prices Than Other Countries

  • Measles: Why It’s So Deadly & Why Vaccination Is So Vital

  • Who’s Smoking Now & Why It Matters

    For those who don't smoke cigarettes, the dangers may seem distant. Yet smoking still kills millions each year. A new study suggests that e-cigarettes might curb this public health tragedy.

  • What Would Happen if Hospitals Openly Shared Their Prices?

  • Desegregating Blood Banks: A Civil Rights Struggle to Remember

  • Howard Thurman: The Baptist Minister Who Had a Deep Influence on MLK

  • The Real Problem With Posting About Your Kids Online

  • Afghanistan: The Tensions Inside the Taliban Over Recent US Peace Talks

    What the Taliban's millennials are saying about Afghanistan-United States peace negotiations on WhatsApp.

  • Can the INF Treaty Between Russia & the United States Be Saved?

  • People Don’t Trust Blockchain Systems – Is Regulation a Way to Help?

  • What 4 Economists Say About the State of the Union

  • African Americans Are Still Feeling Economic Setbacks From the Great Recession

  • John Locke & Ralph Northam: Should We Judge People for Their Past Moral Failings?

  • Immigration, Legislation, Investigation: 3 Scholars Respond to Trump’s State of the Union

  • Dying While Black: Perpetual Gaps Exist in Health Care for African-Americans

  • Why Do So Many Americans Now Support Legalizing Marijuana?

  • Electric Grids Need to Be Improved to Withstand Extreme Weather & Cold

    Making electric grids better able to withstand extreme weather events will require teamwork from engineers, researchers and the government.

  • Cannabidiol: Rising Star or Popular Fad?

  • How Facebook Went From Friend to Frenemy

  • Change Your Phone Settings So Apple & Google Can’t Track Your Movements

  • The Shutdown Will Harm the Health & Safety of Americans, Even After It’s Long Over

  • George Platt Lynes: The Forgotten Legacy of the Groundbreaking Gay Photographer

    George Platt Lynes was a highly sought-after commercial and fashion photographer in the 1930s and 1940s. But he had to keep his most important body of work hidden away.

  • Why Al-Shabaab Targets Kenya & What Can Be Done to Stop Attacks

  • Chicago & New York Discounted Most Public Input in Expanding Bike Systems

  • Why Do Muslim Women Wear a Hijab?

  • The Prohibition-Era Origins of the Modern Craft Cocktail Movement

  • Who Are the Federal Workers Affected by the Shutdown? 5 Questions Answered

    The current government shutdown is now the longest in American history, affecting about 800,000 federal employees.