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  • What Is a Breakthrough COVID-19 Infection? 6 Questions Answered

    Vaccines can’t provide 100% protection, so it’s not a failure or surprise when some vaccinated people get sick with COVID-19. The good news is their cases are much less likely to be severe or fatal.

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  • What’s in Wildfire Smoke? A Toxicologist Explains the Health Risks

  • Blue Origin & Virgin Galactic: Can They Be More Than Space Joyrides for Millionaires?

    No new records have been broken and no new technology has been tested. But can Blue Origin and Virgin Galactic be more than just space joyrides for millionaires?

  • How to Calm Your Dog During Fireworks: Tips From a Vet

  • Fourth of July: 6 Common Myths About the Declaration of Independence

  • Here’s How Robots Are Being Used in the Florida Condo Collapse Search

  • Why Nurturing Dads Raise Emotionally Intelligent Kids: Fatherhood Researcher

  • U.S. Bishops Set for Clash With the Vatican Over Biden & Communion

    A debate over whether President Biden's views on abortion disqualify him from taking Communion serves to expose a rift between US bishops and the pope, and is a threat to the church itself.

  • Aducanumab: The FDA’s Big Gamble on the New Alzheimer’s Drug

  • What’s the G-7? An International Economist Explains

  • Smarter Firefighting: Bringing Tech Innovation to Wildfires

  • Supreme Court Weighs Voting Rights in a Pivotal Arizona Case

  • Japanese American Soldiers Fought the Axis Abroad & Racism at Home

  • From Grandfather to Grandson, the Lessons of the Tulsa Race Massacre

  • Veterans Took an Especially Bad Hit During the COVID-19 Pandemic

  • How Memorial Day Was Created to Unite a Polarized Nation

  • Why More Public Libraries Are Doubling as Food Distribution Hubs

    These efforts are growing due to the coronavirus pandemic. They involve partnerships with school districts, food banks and other institutions.

  • Atlantic Hurricane Season Starts June 1: Here’s What to Watch For

  • Dangerous Fire Season & Water Crisis Looms in the Western United States

  • Colonial Pipeline Attack: Why National Cyber Defense Is a ‘Wicked’ Problem

  • Space Tourism Is Here: The Plans to Send Civilians to the Stars

  • How Worried Should You Be About This Giant Piece of Chinese Space Junk?

    China's Long March 5B rocket, after a successful blast-off in April to deliver a space station module, is now on track to crash-land somewhere with a latitude between New York and New Zealand.

  • Tulips & Scrips to Meme Stocks & Bitcoin: How Speculating Became a Financial Mania

  • Biden Gives Congress His Vision to ‘Win the 21st Century’

  • Full Pink Supermoon: How an Illusion Makes It Appear Bigger Than It Is

  • Census Results Shift Political Power in Congress & Presidential Elections

  • Supermoon Brings Heightened Risk of Tidal Flooding

    That doesn't mean sea level rise has stopped – it hasn't. When that lunar cycle starts upward again, it will mean double trouble for places like Miami.