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  • Colonial Pipeline Attack: Why National Cyber Defense Is a ‘Wicked’ Problem

    Fragmented authority for national cyber defense and the vulnerabilities of private companies that control software and infrastructure stack the deck against US cybersecurity.

  • Space Tourism Is Here: The Plans to Send Civilians to the Stars

  • How Worried Should You Be About This Giant Piece of Chinese Space Junk?

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  • Full Pink Supermoon: How an Illusion Makes It Appear Bigger Than It Is

    April 26 is the first supermoon of the year. Here's how an illusion makes the full pink moon appear larger than it really is.

  • Census Results Shift Political Power in Congress & Presidential Elections

  • Supermoon Brings Heightened Risk of Tidal Flooding

  • Interstate Water Wars Are Heating Up Along With the Climate

  • Physicists Give Chances of Faster-Than-Light Space Travel a Boost

  • How Environmental DNA Helped the Fight Against COVID-19

    Technology that can identify stray bits of genetic material in the environment can help scientists monitor human and animal health.

  • At What Age Are You Happiest? New Research Reveals Surprising Clues

  • Johnson & Johnson Vaccine Suspension: What It Means for You

  • People Are Anxious About Going Back Into the World After a Year of COVID-19

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  • Why Easter Is Called Easter, & Other Little-Known Facts About the Holiday

  • 5 Ways Parents Can Help Children With the ‘New’ Math

    Parents thrust into the role of math teacher can take simple steps to help their children understand math better and dread it less.

  • What Is International Trans Day of Visibility?

  • 4 Reasons Unaccompanied Minor Children Have Created a ‘Border Crisis’

  • Suez Canal Blockage: Top 3 Takeaways After Ship Is Freed

  • Godzilla vs. Kong: A Functional Morphologist Uses Science to Pick a Winner

  • Suez Canal Blockage: What It Takes to Unwedge a Megaship

    Maritime salvage experts will use a variety of techniques to free the Ever Given from the Suez Canal.

  • Many QAnon Followers Report Having Mental Health Diagnoses

  • This Passover Will Be a Time to Recognize Tragedies & Offer Hope

  • Growing Evidence Shows How Service Dogs Help Veterans With PTSD

  • Why Those Who Have Had COVID-19 Should Still Get Vaccinated

  • How Safe & Effective Is the AstraZeneca Vaccine? 5 Questions Answered

    AstraZeneca just announced results from its US-based trial. It found the vaccine to be 79% effective and safe for use, despite recent concerns around reports of blood clots.