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  • Trump Fulton County Indictment: A Georgia Legal Expert Explains 5 Key Things

    Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis's RICO charges against Trump are essentially targeting election law violations, but by another name, Georgia legal expert Anthony Michael Kreis explains.

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  • A New, Thin-Lensed Telescope Design Could Far Surpass James Webb

    Space telescopes are limited in size due to the difficulties and cost of getting into orbit. By revamping an old optical technology, researchers are working on a lightweight and thin telescope design.

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  • Pablo Escobar’s ‘Cocaine Hippos’: How They’re Being Stopped

    Pablo Escobar’s hippos escaped in the 1990s – since then, they have become a problem.

  • Woman Spends 500 Days Alone in Cave: How Extreme Isolation Alters Sense of Time

  • Sudan Crisis Explained: What’s Behind the Latest Fighting

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  • How Better Pollen Forecasts Could Help With Allergy Season

  • SpaceX Launches Most Powerful Rocket in History in Explosive Debut

  • Why More & More Americans Are Painting Their Lawns

  • Human Metapneumovirus: What Is HMPV, the Disease Filling ICUs This Spring?

    Similar to the patterns seen with COVID-19, flu and RSV, HMPV is making a comeback after years of being repressed by people wearing masks and social distancing.

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  • Trump Indicted: A Former Prosecutor Explains 4 Key Points to Understand

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  • Artemis II Crew: Meet the 4 Astronauts Headed to the Moon

  • What Does Ex-President Donald Trump’s Indictment Mean for His Campaign?

    With a grand jury indictment of former President and current presidential candidate Donald Trump, a legal scholar explores what the law says about the consequences of such an unprecedented act.

  • Manhattan Grand Jury Votes to Indict Former President Donald Trump

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  • Waco Siege Still Resonates – Especially Among Anti-Government Extremists

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    Octopuses are enigmatic beings whose experiences of industrial farming are likely to be profound.