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  • Random Testing in Indiana Shows COVID-19 Is 6 Times Deadlier Than the Flu

    A team of researchers from Indiana University performed random testing for COVID-19 across the state. The results offer some of the most accurate data to date about important aspects of the virus.

  • Landlord-Leaning Eviction Courts Are About to Make the Coronavirus Housing Crisis Worse

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  • The Understated Affection of Fathers: How Dads Show Their Love

  • How ‘Karen’ Became the Name for Entitled & Racist White Women

    Generic names can take on a linguistic life of their own, becoming powerful forms of social commentary. Here's how Karen became the name for a racist and entitled white woman.

  • Being Convicted of a Crime Has Thousands of Consequences Besides Incarceration

  • Why Cellphone Videos of Black People’s Deaths Should Be Sacred, Like Lynching Photos

  • Memorial Day: Why Veterans Are Particularly Vulnerable to the Coronavirus Pandemic

  • COVID-19: Masks Help Stop the Spread of Coronavirus, Scientist Says

  • The Mysterious Disappearance of SARS & Why We Will Need a Vaccine for COVID-19

    COVID-19 and SARS are both deadly – but different. SARS symptoms were quick to appear, making it easier to contain. Because health officials were able to contain it, the virus died off.

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  • What US States Can Learn From COVID-19 Transition Planning in Europe

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  • COVID-19: Study Shows Pangolins May Have Passed Coronavirus From Bats to Humans

  • How the Coronavirus Recession Puts Service Workers at Risk

  • Should We Be Wearing Masks to Protect From Coronavirus?

    The CDC is reconsidering its policy about the widespread public's use of masks, amid the coronavirus pandemic. Here are facts about when it's appropriate to wear a mask – and what kind.

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  • New Federal Sick Leave Law: Who’s Eligible, Who’s Not & How Many Weeks Do You Get

  • 3 Ways the Coronavirus Pandemic Is Changing Who We Are

    The coronavirus pandemic alters who we are, writes a psychologist. It affects how we think, how we relate to others and what we value.

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  • Seniors & Coronavirus: 4 Tips From a Geriatrician to Stay Safe & Connected

    As the novel coronavirus COVID-19 spreads, an expert offers ways seniors and the elderly can stay safe while staying connected.