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  • West Elm Caleb & the Rise of the TikTok Tabloid

    Tabloids traditionally have gone after the rich and famous. On TikTok, anyone can be a target, as "West Elm Caleb" recently found out.

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  • Seditious Conspiracy: A Look at the New January 6 Oath Keepers Charges

  • January 6: American Support for Conspiracy Theories & Armed Rebellion Isn’t New

    Almost eight years before the January 6, 2021 Capitol attack, nearly one-third of Americans surveyed – and 44% of Republicans – said armed rebellion might soon be necessary in the US to protect liberties.

  • Ghislaine Maxwell Guilty in Epstein Sex Trafficking Trial: What the Case Revealed

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  • Why Colorful Christmas Sweets May Pose Health Risks

  • Mistletoe: The Dark Side of the Christmas Decoration

    This evergreen plant has some tricky ways to get ahead, but mistletoe is a valuable part of the ecosystem.

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  • James Webb Space Telescope: How to Launch a Giant Telescope

  • How Effective Are Vaccines Against Omicron? 6 Questions Answered

    For a number of reasons, as time goes on vaccines become less effective. So how do researchers calculate how well vaccines are working?

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  • Omicron: Why the WHO Designated It a Variant of Concern

  • Omicron COVID Variant: How It Was Found & What Scientists Know So Far

    There’s a new COVID lineage called B.1.1.529, known as the omicron variant. It has a genetic profile very different from other circulating variants

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  • What’s the Difference Between a PCR & Antigen COVID-19 Test?

  • White-Tailed Deer Found to Be Huge Reservoir of Coronavirus Infection

    In a sample of white-tailed deer, 80% were found to have an active COVID infection.