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  • Is the COVID-19 Pandemic Over? 3 Experts Weigh In

    President Joe Biden’s suggestion that the COVID-19 pandemic is over has led to a backlash among some experts who suggest the comment is premature – and counterproductive.

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  • Queen Elizabeth II’s Death: The End of the ‘New Elizabethan Age’

  • Queen Elizabeth II: A Modernizer Who Steered the British Monarchy Into the 21st Century

  • Student Loan Forgiveness: Banking, Public Spending & Education Experts Weigh In

  • Trump’s Mar-a-Lago Lawsuit Spotlights How Difficult Search Warrants Are to Challenge

    Trump’s lawsuit against the FBI has been criticized as baseless. But it spotlights a loophole in federal law that doesn’t protect people’s rights when they are subjected to a search warrant.

  • Here’s How Government Documents Are Classified to Keep Sensitive Info Safe

  • Brittney Griner’s Sentence: How Long Will She Be in Prison?

  • Who Was Ayman al-Zawahri? Where Does His Death Leave al-Qaida?

  • Here’s Why Monarch Butterflies Are Now an Endangered Species

  • Is the US in a Recession? That Depends on Whom You Ask – & What Measure They Use

    The US economy shrank for a second straight quarter. While some call that a recession or a strong sign of one, a financial economist explains why the term probably doesn’t yet apply.

  • How Record-Setting Heat Waves Could Punish Economies Already Reeling From Inflation

  • Why Are Drug Names So Long & Complicated?

  • How the James Webb Space Telescope Helps the Search for Alien Life

  • James Webb Space Telescope: An Astronomer Explains the Stunning First Images

  • James Webb Space Telescope: Astronomer Reveals Details About How It Works

  • June Jobs Report Suggests Fed Could Avoid Recession – But Room for Error Is Minuscule

  • Boris Johnson’s Messy Political Legacy of Lies, Scandals & Delivering Brexit to His Base

  • What Are Bail Funds? Two Social Policy Experts Explain

  • 6 Surprising Facts About the Fourth of July & the Declaration of Independence

    A scholar of early US history celebrates the country’s birthday with six under-appreciated ideas about the founding document.

  • Does Hardening Schools Make Students Safer?

  • From ‘Dada’ to Darth Vader: Why the Way We Name Fathers Reminds Us We Spring From the Same Well

  • Juneteenth Celebrates Just One of the United States’ 20 Emancipation Days

  • Fed’s Interest Rate Increase: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

  • January 6 Committee: What Does a Public Hearing Actually Accomplish? An Expert Weighs In

    On the eve of public hearings held by Congress’ January 6 investigative committee, a former oversight staffer for the House of Representatives explains what such hearings aim to accomplish.

  • School Shootings Leave Devastating Lasting Consequences for Students Who Survive

  • What Is Monkeypox? 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

  • Here’s Why the Baby Formula Industry Has Long Been Poised for Disaster

  • Why Does the FDA Want to Ban Menthol Cigarettes? 4 Questions Answered

  • Bad News for the 2022 Hurricane Season: The Loop Current Could Spell Disaster

    With La Niña helping clear the way for a busy hurricane season, this wide current of warm water could spell disaster for the northern Gulf Coast.