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  • Has President Trump Violated His Oath of Office?

    Donald Trump has lately been called "treasonous" by some; others say he's violated his oath of office. What are the president's Constitutional obligations?

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  • Indicting 12 Russians Makes Sense Even if They Never Stand Trial in the U.S.

    An expert on US-Russia relations argues that there's value in the United States' indictment of Russian intelligence officials.

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  • Jahi McMath Case Is Important for Understanding the Role of Race for Black Patients

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  • Is the Supreme Court’s Legitimacy Undermined in a Polarized Age?

    Is the Supreme Court out of step with America?

  • Milking Cows for Data – Not Just Dairy Products

  • Roe v. Wade: How the Supreme Court Ruling Changed the Lives of American Women

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  • Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador Likely to Defy Trump on Immigration

  • Mick Mulvaney Turned the CFPB From Watchdog to Do-Nothing Government Cog

    With the Consumer Finance Protection Bureau doing a fraction of the work it did under Obama, what kind of agency will the new CFPB director lead?

  • Is Juul Making It Easy for Kids to Vape in School? New Study Suggests Yes

  • Extreme Stress in Childhood Is Toxic to Your DNA

  • Sonic Attacks: How a Medical Mystery Can Sow Distrust in Foreign Governments

  • Hate Crimes Continued to Rise in the U.S. in 2017, New Data Shows

  • World Cup VAR: Technology Is Transforming the Beautiful Game

    VAR video replay at the World Cup is part of a wider trend of digitalization that threatens to make football less natural and spontaneous.

  • One Likely Winner of the World Cup? Vladimir Putin

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  • Turkey Elections: Nationalism & Piety Dominate

    Turkey's snap election is on Sunday. One fact is clear: The candidates and electorate are both nationalist and pious. That's in contrast to the strict secularism of 20th century politics.