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  • 23 Percent of Young Black Women Now Identify as Bisexual

    According to the General Social Survey, the percentage of men and women who identify as gay or lesbian has held firm. But the share of women who say they're bisexual has skyrocketed.

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  • CBD: The Next Weapon in the War Against Opioid Addiction?

  • How the New ‘Aladdin’ Stacks Up Against a Century of Hollywood Stereotyping

  • Pete Buttigieg’s Universal Public Service Plan Would Be a Major Change

    No matter how well-intentioned, volunteers who may be inexperienced can't solve the entrenched and complex social problems low-income communities endure.

  • China-US Trade War Heats Up: 3 Reasons It Won’t Cool Down Soon

  • How Cryptocurrency Scams Work & How to Avoid Them

  • Ramadan: 6 Questions Answered About the Muslim Month of Fasting

  • Cinco de Mayo: Most Americans Don’t Know What They’re Celebrating

  • Can James Holzhauer Be Stopped? A ‘Jeopardy’ Champ Weighs In

    There have been 'Jeopardy!' greats who can easily answer all the questions, who have mastered the buzzer and who bet big on the Daily Doubles. But James Holzhauer possesses an unprecedented level of daring.

  • How to Avoid Accidentally Becoming a Russian Agent

  • Opioid Epidemic: The Global Crisis’ Spread Explained

  • Trump & Obstruction of Justice: An Explainer

  • Mueller Investigation Was a Goldmine for the ‘Political-Infotainment-Media Complex’

  • Abraham Lincoln, Joe Biden & the Politics of Touch

  • How Columbine Became a Blueprint for School Shooters

  • Tax Day 2019: An Easy Solution Exists to Make Filing Tax Returns Easier

  • Measles Outbreaks: Balancing Public Health & Personal Rights

  • Female Astronauts: How Tailored Equipment Paves the Way to Success

    Designing for women goes beyond just making gear in a size small. By not tailoring equipment and uniforms for women and other underserved people, we prevent them from reaching their full potential.

  • Scientists Probably Already Found the Next Big Discovery in Astronomy & Don’t Know It

  • Are Astronauts Worth Tens of Billions of Dollars in Extra Costs to Go to Mars?

  • First Black Hole Photo Confirms Einstein’s Theory of Relativity

  • Observing the Invisible: the Long Journey to the First Image of a Black Hole

  • How a ‘Missing’ Movement Made Gun Control a Winning Issue

    Gun rights bills passed recently by the House of Representatives may never become law, but they are still a sign of important change.

  • A Country Can Never Be Too Rich, Too Beautiful or Too Full of People

  • How the 1869 Cincinnati Red Stockings Turned Baseball Into a National Sensation

  • In the Future, Everyone Might Use Quantum Computers

  • Colorectal Cancer Increase in Younger Adults: What Could Be the Cause?

  • How a Chess Program Helped Tanitoluwa Adewumi & His Family

    For 8-year-old Tanitoluwa Adewumi, a chess program ended up being a ticket out of a homeless shelter. A chess education expert explains what to look for in a chess program for your child.