‘Married at First Sight’ Couples Still Together Today

Jamie & Elizabeth, Married at First Sight

Lifetime Jamie and Elizabeth, stars of the hit reality series "Married at First Sight."

As Season 10 of Lifetime’s hit reality series Married at First Sight nears the end, viewers are still scrambling to figure out which of the five couples featured on the current season will stay together on Decision Day. As with every new season of the show, there are a few strong relationships and a few major flops.

Knowing the difficulties each couple faces when it comes to marrying somebody they’ve never seen, kissed, dated or lived with before raises the question – did it work? Who is still together today? Are any of the couples from the earlier seasons of the show still married?

As it stands today, eight couples featured throughout the last ten seasons are still together, and some have even welcomed a few new additions to their families. Keep reading to find out who is still together, and where they are today:

Jamie Otis & Doug Hehner (Season 1)

Jamie and Doug were one of the first couples ever featured on the series. Despite a few bumps in the road during their season of the show, the two are still together today and stronger than ever. They welcomed their first daughter to the world in 2017 and are expecting their second any day now, although they have suffered a few tragic miscarriages throughout the years. The reality stars often post updates on Instagram alongside adorable pictures of their little family, and the two recently renewed their vows for their five-year anniversary on March 2.

Ashley Petta & Anthony D’Amico (Season 5)

Ashley and Anthony were matched in 2016, during the fifth season of the show, and the two had instant chemistry. Although the reality couple had a few issues to overcome during the their season of the show (primarily involving a difficult search for a place to live), the pair was able to overcome every obstacle thrown at them and are still together today. The couple has since welcomed a daughter to the world and recently celebrated their three-year wedding anniversary.

Shawniece Jackson & Jephte Pierre (Season 6)

Shawniece and Jephte were introduced on Season 6 of the show, and despite the lack of “sparks” at their wedding, the two were eventually able to form a deep bond and fall in love with one another. The reality stars faced a plethora of obstacles throughout their marriage, including issues with communication, alleged infidelity, and a mental health crisis; however, both Shawniece and Jephte worked hard to get through their issues and the two are still together today. Shawniece gave birth to their daughter in 2018 and they recently bought their first home together.

Danielle Bergman & Bobby Dodd (Season 7)

Danielle and Bobby were one of the least surprising couples to stay together on Decision Day during their season of MAFS. The two were immediately smitten with one another and never argued over anything, which left fans wondering if they were deliberately trying to avoid arguing because the cameras were rolling. However, it was clear from the beginning that these two were meant to be together … Bobby proposed to Danielle on Decision Day and the two announced they were expecting shortly after. They welcomed their daughter Olivia to the world in February, 2019.

Stephanie Sersen & AJ Vollmoeller (Season 8)

Stephanie and AJ were one of the most solid relationships of Season 8, and ultimately decided to stay together on Decision Day. Although AJ’s temper was a struggle for Stephanie throughout their time on the show, the couple decided to ride it out and work through their issues together. The reality couple communicated well throughout the show, had a lot in common, and appeared genuinely interested in building a life together … the two are still together today and often gush over one another on Instagram.

Kristine Killingsworth & Keith Dewar (Season 8)

Kristine and Keith faced a variety of struggles throughout their marriage, including issues with communication and not being on the same page regarding their future or expanding their family. However, the reality stars took their relationship day-by-day and continued to work through their problems. By the end of the season, both Kristine and Keith decided to stick it out on Decision Day, and the two recently celebrated their one-year anniversary.

Deonna McNeill & Gregory Okotie (Season 9)

Another unsurprising couple who stuck it out in the end and is still together today is Deonna and Gregory. These two had one of the least dramatic, most relaxed and sweetest relationships of the series, and it came as no surprise to anybody when they decided to stay together on Decision Day. The reality stars dealt with a bit of rocky road regarding communication and opening up to one another, but both Deonna and Greg worked hard to overcome their issues, and the two are still together now and stronger than ever, judging by Deonna’s Instagram page.

Elizabeth Bice & Jamie Thompson (Season 9)

Probably one of the most surprising couples on this list, Elizabeth and Jamie are still together today, despite their incredibly rocky, tumultuous relationship on the show. Beth and Jamie often had fiery, explosive confrontations on the show, which frequently resulted in Jamie leaving the house for a few days. However, the two decided to stick it out on Decision Day, and it looks like some time out of the spotlight might have been good for their relationship, since the two are still together today and often gush about one another on social media.

Married at First Sight airs Sunday nights at 8 p.m. ET on Lifetime. Click here for more MAFS coverage and updates on the Season 10 stars.

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