Married at First Sight Season 9 Couples Still Together Today

Married at First Sight

Lifetime Which "Married at First Sight" couples will stay together? Which couples will call it quits? Read on for our MAFS couples predictions for season 9 of the show.

Married at First Sight, Lifetime’s hit reality series featuring couples who met their spouse at the alter, airs tonight at 8:30 p.m. ET with the special reunion episode. Fans will get a chance to see the season 9 couples reunite to discuss their lives since the cameras stopped rolling and to confront their spouses on issues they had throughout the eight week experiment.

Last week’s Decision Day episode saw two of the couples split up and file for divorce, while the other two decided to give it another shot and keep working on their marriage. You can read a recap of the episode here.

So which couples made it work after the cameras stopped rolling, and who went their separate ways? How accurate were the experts when they paired up the couples this season? We won’t know for sure until the reunion episode airs tonight, but we’ve got a few ideas on who we think are still together today. Read on for our MAFS season 9 couples predictions (WARNING! Some light MAFS spoilers ahead, so turn back now if you’re not caught up!):

Deonna & Greg

Deonna and Greg, arguably season 9’s sweetest and best-paired couple, decided to stay together on Decision Day. On tonight’s season 9 reunion, the couple teases some big news: their family is growing! Although it’s unclear at this time if they are expecting a baby or just adopting a pet, it appears the reality couple is still together today and stronger than ever.

“Are babies in your future?” the MAFS host asks the happy couple in the clip above while Greg looks lovingly at his wife with a little smile on his face. Deonna glances nervously at Greg and replies “So, we do have some news. Our family is expanding.”

Even if they are just adopting a dog (which is awesome too, although we hope for a new MAFS baby), their exciting news shows that the two are committed to expanding their family and staying together and that they are working hard to make their marriage work. We believe they are still together today and will remain together for plenty of years to come. Check out the sweet announcement clip above.

Keith & Iris

Probably the most shocking (and disappointing) decision of the evening, Keith and Iris ended up calling it quits on Decision Day last week, and will be reuniting on tonight’s episode. Keith had been finding it more and more difficult to deal with the fact that his wife is a virgin, and considered Iris’ sexual inexperience something they couldn’t get past in their marriage. He tried to be patient with his wife and ease into being intimate, but he didn’t feel like Iris was trying very hard to open up to him or work on her own reservations about sex. Although Iris wanted to stay together and keep working on their issues, Keith called it quits and decided to end their marriage.

Promos for tonight’s episode shows the two discussing their intimacy issues, and Iris tells Keith that she “may not know what it means to have sex but that’s why I wanted to have that experience with you.” The two ended amicably enough during Decision Day, and Keith even mentioned that he would consider getting back together with Iris (he specifically said he “wouldn’t count it out”), so we’ve been holding on to hope that the two will reconcile their differences and get back together. Will they decide to give it another shot on tonight’s reunion episode? Fans will have to wait and see, but we have a good feeling about their reunion.

Matt & Amber

Matt and Amber unsurprisingly called it quits on Decision Day, and was the only other couple to do so besides Keith and Iris. Amber revealed that Matt had been dating other women while the two were married, and he had frequently left his wife at home while he went out drinking with friends all night (without his wedding ring). Amber’s friend Raven also told Amber he had seen Matt leave the bar with another woman while the two were still together, so Matt will be facing some difficult questions about his infidelity on tonight’s reunion episode of the show.

Although we are crossing our fingers that Iris and Keith get back together during tonight’s reunion, we have serious doubts that Matt and Amber will suddenly have an epiphany about their relationship and decide to get back together. Matt’s treatment of Amber throughout their relationship was toxic and he even admitted that he mainly considered Amber his “friend” and not his wife throughout the experiment, so we don’t think they will be getting back together anytime soon.

Elizabeth & Jamie

Elizabeth and Jamie decided to stay together on Decision Day, to the surprise of many MAFS viewers. The reality couple had one of the most noxious, volatile relationships in MAFS history, complete with several blowout fights and a flipped table. Jamie even left the house and disappeared for four days after one particularly explosive fight, so fans were shocked when the two decided to work through their issues and remain married at the end of the experiment.

So are the two still together today? We don’t believe they are, based on the awkward and uncomfortable clips of the two during tonight’s reunion episode. In the preview above, Elizabeth appears agitated and unwilling to answer many of the host’s questions about her relationship with Jamie. “Stop pushing me to answer your questions, I just have nothing to say,” Elizabeth tells the host, who replies that he isn’t trying to offend Elizabeth in any way. It doesn’t look promising that Elizabeth is so hesitant about answering questions about her relationship with Jamie, and the promo teases some “shocking reveals,” so we predict that Elizabeth and Jamie might have split up since Decision Day (but we hope we are wrong!).

Although it’s too soon to tell, from what we’ve gathered so far we stand firm in our predictions about who stayed together and who called it quits since Decision Day. Fans will just have to tune in tonight at at 8:30 p.m. ET. on Lifetime to see how their love stories played out in the end.

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