Agent Dash: Top 10 Tips and Cheats You Need to Know

Agent Dash Tips

Agent Dash places you in the James Bond-ish slacks of a secret agent. These types of infinite runner games are designed to keep your eyes on the prize ahead. For this dash-happy game, you’ll have to run, jump, dodge and slide your way through secret bases and more. Use these 10 awesome tips, tricks and cheats so your agent stays alive and gets his pocket fatter with more gems.

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Check out this extra video on an amazing 1,000,000 points run (learn how to do it yourself while you’re at it:

1. Earn Some Gems Before You Start Playing

Agent Dash Tricks

Before you start going crazy on this infinite runner, do yourself a favor and unlock some extra gems. Check out the many methods that will earn you 2000 gems ASAP:

– Like the game on Facebook: 500 Gems
– Follow @FullFatGames: 500 Gems
– Sign up for the game’s mailing list: 500 Gems
– Rate the game on your smartphone’s app store: 500 Gems

2. Know About Your Agent’s Many Gadgets

Agent Dash Tricks

A secret agent certainly needs to go into his/her missions with a trusty group of gadgets. listed all the important details regarding the gadgets you’ll be able to obtain:

– Jetpack: With the Jetpack, players can fly into the air for a finite amount of time. Like the rest of the game’s gadgets, it can be upgraded.
– Magnet: When the Magnet is activated, it will attract gems for a brief period of time.
– Super-Diamond: As you upgrade the Super-Diamond gadget, you’ll spot more and more rare jewels in the game that are worth 10 gems.
– High-Value Gems: Upgrading the High-Value Gems gadget will increase the amount of red (x2) gems you spot from the Town section of the game onwards.

3. Try Staying in The Middle; Move to the Left/Right While You’re Airborne

Agent Dash Tips

Common Sense Rule #1 – Stay in the middle land as much as possible. You’ll have a better chance moving to the left/right lanes if you just stick to the center lane. Oh and by the way – when you jump or slide – you have the option of dashing left or right. This should help you stay out of those bottomless pits and miss those obstacles.

4. Don’t Sacrifice Your Life for Those Precious Gems

Agent Dash Tips

Like most infinite runner games, there’s a lot of running and collecting to do. For Agent Dash, there’s gems to nab. We’re sure you all know this already, but we’re going to tell you anyway – don’t collect gems at the cost of your life. Those hard-to-reach diamonds might not be really worth it, folks…

5. The Best Way to Survive The Bridge

Agent Dash Tips knows the best way to stay alive on that hazardous bridge above the steaming hot lava:

Here’s the best way to remain among the living while on the bridge. If the rocks fall all the way on the left, you need to be on the far right. If they fall on the right, you need to be on the far left. So long as you remember that, and play from the middle, things will be OK.

6. Get To Know Your Single-Use Boost Items

There’s some items that you’ll need to spend thousands of gems on for early starts, score multipliers and more:

– The Air Drop costs 2,000 Gems: it will land you at the entrance of the first villain base.
– Gem Rush costs 2,000 Gems: it will get your score higher by equipping you with x2/x3 gems from the start of a level.
– Slow-Mo costs 3,000 Gems: it let you use the Time Dilation device to slow the pace down.
– The Back-Up costs 4,000 Gems: it will let you keep on running from whichever point you tripped at.

7. Start Running Before You Start Purchasing

Agent Dash Tricks

It’s easy to get tempted by all the items and gem packs the game offers at the start of your first run through Agent Dash. Start getting a handle of the game before you start spending some real world dough on everything that’s being offered to you and your agent. The temptation for more game-winning items should die down the more you successfully complete a few levels. When the time is right, spring a few bucks or gems for some items.

8. Plan Your Moves According To What’s Farther in the Distance

When you spot any arrows in the distance, the track is about to switch directions on you. Instances like this one should be paid special attention to since you’ll be changing lanes real soon. Don’t keep your eyes on your agent and the short distance in front/next to them. Look the farthest for everything gem and danger-related.

9. Upgrade The Right Gadgets

Agent Dash Tips provided some tips on what gadgets you should upgrade before anything else:

Instead, focus on upgrading your gadgets in the gadget HQ. I recommend starting with the magnet and the Super Diamond, then continuing with the others in this recommended order: Jetpack and High Value Gems. The reason why I say to get the high value gems last is because they only appear from Town onwards and it will probably be a while until you will regularly get there to make it a solid investment.

10. Check Out These Extra Tips from the Game’s Creators got some extra tips from the creators of the game itself:

– Invest in high-value gems to get rich quicker!
– Upgrade the Magnet to boost the gem values as well as attracting them.
– Upgrade the jetpack to make it last longer!
– Take extra care not to run into a hazard after using the jetpack.
– Trying to collect all gems can be risky. Stay focused on the track! [Definitely worth repeating.]
– Jump over gaps and holes to allow you more time to dodge them.
– Try activating Slow-Mo when destroying the base for huge points.
– Controls not sensitive enough? Tweak them in the options menu.
– Use an Air Drop to parachute down to the base entrance.

If you have any extra tips and cheats you’d like to contribute to fellow Agent Dash players, throw them in the comments section!