Crime City: Top 10 Tips and Cheats You Need to Know

Crime City Tips

Crime City is the free-to-play modern RPG that places you at the head of a criminal empire. Each move you make impacts a city that’s full of casinos, gun battle and plenty of other illegal activities. It pays to know hot approach this game and its various gameplay mechanics.

Building a massive crime syndicate means knowing how to balance cash, oversee your city and keep your street soldiers on swoll! These 10 tips/tricks/cheats will make your hood/crime empire building activities a much simpler activity.

Once you finish reading this guide, you’ll have the skills needed to become the strongest crime ruler in the Crime City.

1. Focus on Building Up Your Energy and Stamina

Whenever you acquire some skill points, you should focus on leveling up two vital statistics – Energy and Stamina. The more Energy you have will aid you in completing more tasks, while increasing your Stamina will allow you to face off with more even more rivals. Bump up these two stats and you’ll have an easier time completing jobs and defeating rival gangs.

2. Collect Income From Your Hood ASAP!

Crime City Tips

Whenever any of the buildings you’ve placed in your hood acquires some money, make sure you collect the money as soon as its available. Buildings can’t collect any more income unless you go in your hood and take all of the money they’ve gained.


Crime City iOS Tips applied these tips to robbing other rivals the right way:

1. Buy some strong equipment, especially that have High Attack points. Vehicles and Weapons have the most attacks, so use your Respect points to buy more advanced equipment

2. Add more Mafia members and boost up the equipment that’s bound with the numbers of your Mafia

3. Don’t Rob if the Rival has a lot of Defensive buildings

4. The best buildings to rob are Dinner, Electronic Store, Warehouse, Italian Restaurant, Safe House, Empire Theater, Clothing Store and Movie Theater because it gives you more Respect and Money

4. Go Ahead and Make The Most Cash Off of Basketball Courts

Crime City Tips

A HubPage for Crime City talks about the one racket feature of your hood that could net you the most income:

Like any other building, and like all of these buildings before they became rackets, you can still upgrade your building, which adds 50% of your original income each time your upgrade, per job (I.E. 50 dollar jobs become 75 dollar jobs after 1 upgrade, 100 dollar jobs after 2 upgrades, 125 dollar jobs after 3 upgrades, etc).

By far the best racket you can buy in Crime City, is the basketball court. The court costs only 400 dollars, and even before an upgrade, its top job maxes out at a 1,050 dollar income for 2 days. Upgrading a basketball court is relatively cheap, and elevates the income-per-job higher than many other, more expensive rackets. It takes up a lot of space, but simply use the eraser tool to start deleting streets, in order to make room for more basketball courts.

5. Know About All The Game’s Classes

Crime City Tips

Three classes exists for players who utilize different playstyles. Check out the info and perks for each class below:

– Tycoon: Tycoons earn 10-percent more income from all buildings, plus their defense buildings get 10-percent more defense
– Agent” Agents regain their energy 10-percent faster. For every 53 seconds that passes, they gain 3 points of energy back
– Enforcer: Enforcer regain their stamina 10-percent faster
– Goodfella: After paying 150 in gold, the player can upgrade to a Goodfella and gain the bonuses of all three classes

6. Fill Out Your Mafia and Equip Them Accordingly

Crime City Cheats knows that it’s best to add to your mafia’s size and make sure they’re ready for war:

There’s safety in numbers. Increase your mafia size so you can bring more gear with you into fights! Each mafia member can pack one gun, one melee weapon, one explosive, one car and one armor. It’s more powerful up at the top. The higher the level, the more mafia members you can bring into battle, so work hard to level up.


Your gang rivals will always take the chance to take down your empire and steal all of your dough. You should always make it a point to deposit your overall currency in your Bank just in case your rivals come a knocking.

8. Hook Up With a Syndicate

The game’s huge player community is full of various groups that are all trying to rule the world…well, mobile hoods. Try and get connected to a Syndicate by searching out for their codes online (check the game’s wiki page or any other forums). When you’re a part of a syndicate, you’ll get to participate in events that net you more in-game rewards.

9. Try to Log-In As Much As Possible

Logging in every day and finishing off those Daily Scratchers will get you the bonuses and experience that helps make your mafia troops much stronger.

10. Check Out Some of the Guns You Can Get By Completing Missions

Crime City Cheats

Crime City’s wiki page lists the guns you’ll gain by completing missions. The description is as follows – Gun (Attack/Defense) Mission:

– SMG A4 (2/4) Hardcore Hitman Round 25
– Gangland Carbine (7/8) Hardcore Hitman Round 19
– Dual Machine Gun (7/19) Hardcore Hitman Round 22
– .40 Police Special (9/14) Hardcore Hitman Round 18
– Bullseye Pistol (10/9) ($1,200) “Light Up the Town”
– .50 Autoloader (12/9) “Cut the Supply Lines”
– Bugsy’s Assault Rifle (13/8) ($16,000) “Find Bugsy’s Stash”
– Crimson Shotgun (19/14) “Heroic”
– Crimson Shotgun (19/14) “Paint the Town Red”
– Jade Assault Rifle (20/16) ($17,500) “Break the Triads”
– Sawn-Off Shotgun (22/14) Championship Round 21
– Sawn-Off Shotgun (22/14) Winning Streak Round 15
– Sawn-Off Shotgun (22/14) Thug Life Round 77
– Sawn-Off Shotgun (22/14) Hardcore Hitman Round 33
– RPG (36/14) “Executioner”
– RPG (36/14) Winning Streak Round 37
– RPG (36/14) Thug Life Round 42
– RPG (36/14) Thug Life Round 57
– RPG (36/14) Thug Life Round 97
– RPG (36/14) Hardcore Hitman Round 53

If you have any extra tips and cheats you’d like to contribute to fellow Crime City players, throw them in the comments section!