Top 10 Best Cooking Games for Girls

Cooking Mama

There’s a large variety of free games floating around the internet. Plus there’s a bunch of free/paid interactive experiences available on PC’s, mobile devices, handheld systems and home gaming consoles. We know the young boys and grown men of the world enjoy their gritty first-person shooters, extremely hype fighting games, flashy racing games, sports games etc.

As for the young girls who don’t find any of those genres entertaining, there’s still a wealth of games out there that cover the genres they adore. On the cooking side of things, we spotted several titles that replicate the experience of preparing delicious delicacies.

These are the top 10 cooking games that are perfect for the younger girls in your life!

10. Pizza Maker – Cooking Game: Android Devices

Cooking Games Android

If your little lady gets mesmerized at the sight of a pizza getting created in front of their very eyes, then letting them play this game is a safe bet. Pizza Maker – Cooking Game lets players become a pizza chef and top their creations with all types of toppings. Plus they have the option to shape their pizza in any way they see fit.

9. Ice Cream Now – Cooking Game: Android Devices

Cooking Games Android

This ice cream themed version of the last game on this list provides just as much fun for the little ones. This mobile title allows players to craft their own frozen delights in a bowl, waffle cone or plate. Once you’ve selected your dish of choice, you’ll get the option to craft single scoops, double scoops or whatever else your your appetite desires. Ice Cream Now – Cooking Game is a good time. By the way, if your prefer cake making then try out Cake Now – Cooking Games (it’s made by the same developers of Pizza Maker and Ice Cream Now).

8. Cooking Games for Girls: Android Devices

Cooking Games for Girls

This Android cooking game collection comes with a wide variety of fun options – girls have the ability to craft hamburgers, cook Japanese spring rolls and feed some cute puppies and kittens. Cooking Games for Girls is a 4 in one pack that’s full of virtual cooking fun.

7. Sara’s Cooking Class (series): Free PC Games

Cooking Games for Girls

If you’re more inclined to let your little one hop online and play some cooking games safely over the internet, then allow them to check out the Sara’s Cooking Class series of titles. Young girls have a ton of different recipes to learn and master – bento boxes, soups, ice cream, cakes and other types of tasty delicacies.

6. Emma’s Recipes (series): Free PC Games

Cooking Games for Girls

Emma’s Cooking Recipes is another set of free PC web browser games that are easy to play and hard to step away from. Young girls will get to craft specific recipes that focus on one delicious and complex dish – a rainbow cake, an apple chicken quesadilla, cauliflower soup etc. There’s 16 recipes to master, so there’s plenty to whip up in your virtual online kitchen.

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