‘Fallout Shelter’: Top 10 Tips & Cheats You Need to Know

Here are the top 10 tips/tricks/cheats you need to know for Fallout Shelter.

1. Build Your Buildings Next to Each Other to Make Them Wider and Produce More

Fallout Shelter Tips

• When it comes to rooms that focus on producing food, water and electricity, make sure you build up two or three of them at any point in time. That way, you can place more Dwellers inside a combined building and increase the production of that particular item it’s tied to. So for instance, placing three Diner pieces next to each other will make it extra wide. Which then leads to more food getting added to your food meter. But know this – bigger rooms means you’ll suck out more electricity. Make sure you clear out any boulders in the way before you follow this tip.

2. Place Your Dwellers in the Appropriate Rooms According to Their Personal Characteristic

Fallout Shelter Tips

• Each of your Dwellers has a specific trait tied to them – Charisma, Strength, Agility, Perception, Intelligence and Luck. Take note of a Dweller’s personality trait before you put them to work in your chosen building. You can see the appropriate trait tied to a building before you build it, by the way. When you pull your Dweller over to a newly constructed building, you can tell how useful they’ll be within it by looking at the green number above their avatar. Doing this will result in your Dweller being put to use in the best way possible. For example, Agility-based Dwellers belong in the Diner.

3. Send Out Your Dwellers, But Make Sure They’re Fully Prepared

Fallout Shelter

• You’ll want to make sure any Dweller you send outside the Vault is properly equipped. When you finally amass some firearms and protective gear, stick it on any Dweller who’s stronger than their fellow denizens. You should also make sure they have a good supply of RadAway and Stimpaks. They’ll have a higher chance of surviving in such a contaminated environment. When you have enough Dwellers inside your Vault, you’ll get the chance to build rooms that store weapons and produce Stimpaks and more.

4. Call Your Exploring Dwellers Back Once They Pick Up Some Loot

Fallout Shelter Tips

• You should pay close attention to the well being of your exploring Dwellers. When their health gets too low or when they find some helpful loot, call ’em back on the double! The longer you keep them away, they’ll have a higher chance of perishing. Plus you’ll need them to keep those Raiders in check.

5. Upgrade the Health of Your Vault Door ASAP

• When you have enough bottle caps to do so, please make sure you strengthen your Vault door. You never know when you’ll have to contend with Raiders, who can easily wipe out your Dwellers and halt all your hard work. You can also lower the risk of getting your weaker Dwellers wiped out by placing your armed ones inside any building nearby the Vault entrance.




6) Are you trying to insult us, are you calling us stupid, because that’s what it looks like? Do you think we need to be told to do quests, the game tells us to do them and they show us the rewards, you didn’t even mention that some of the OBJECTIVES not achievements give you pets? 7) This is also told to you and obvious because when you touch a dweller corpse or check on the after they die exploring it gives you one of two options, remove the body or revive them. Now you may ask why remove them, simple this idiot didn’t tell you that leaving dead dwellers decreases happiness and them dying to begin with does the same. And what the hell do you mean the weaker must be left to die?! All dwellers are in fact the same as the one right next to them unless you’re talking about on a quest or comparing health which is pointless. the only reason a dweller dies is because you didn’t give them a stimpak and the only reason they’re weak is because you didn’t give them a weapon. Lets say you get a dweller with 7 agility and place them in the diner but forget to give them a weapon. A mole rat infestation appears and that dweller dies as well as a useless dweller who had a fat man. You revive the dweller with 7 agility because they are more productive, so its not about strength its about productivity. 8) Rushing often fails which causes disaster which stops production which decreases production, it also reduces happiness and damages your dwellers, so rushing is a bad idea nless you are in dire need of resources as explained by the game. 9) The game tells you, you can do this, this is outright stupid. 10) There is a radio station that increases happiness AND gives you dwellers every 2 hours or so. And to top it all off you have to wait for the children to grow up too and while theyre growing up they don’t help produce resources either. Oh and did I mention there aren’t ANY CHEATS.