‘Skylanders: SuperChargers’: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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Activision’s money printing franchise Skylanders is back with a new twist to its formula. Along with the full cast of 300+ characters released thus far, fans will now get to take brand new characters into vehicles for the very 1st time.

Skylanders: SuperChargers is set to take players onto a new adventure involving outlandish cars and crazy race tracks that throw all types of enemies, bosses and puzzles your way. On the couch co-op front, this new installment in the Skylanders series uses up to two characters and one vehicle upon its Portal of Power. The majority of your fun will come from participating with a player who drives you to your destination while you deal with incoming threats. Solo adventurers can enjoy the SuperChargers fun on their own as well.

Skylanders fans, we’re here to provide you with a preview of everything included in SuperChargers.

1. The Main Hook of This New Skylanders Game is The Use of Vehicles

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Skylanders: Superchargers will once again provide players with a brand new “Portal of Power.” This time, this toy peripheral will be lot larger and wider in order to properly accommodate the size of characters and their vehicles. Half of the game will focus on the use of several ground, air and water vehicles. Players will have the ability to freely control their ground and water vehicles, while the ones that take to the sky will take them on a pre-determined path (you’ll have the option to speed them up or slow them down as you move along a track, though).

When the correct character is matched up with their signature vehicle, both elements will enter into a super powered state called “Supercharge.” The new toys being released for this sequel will package the newest heroes with their appropriate automobiles, ships and more. On the vehicle customization front, you’ll be able to attach new parts to them by finding them throughout many stages. You’ll be able to use the in-game currency (“Gearbits”) to acquire new mods for your collection of vehicles.

If you’ve collected a great number of traps during your time with Skylanders: Trap Team, you’ll be able to use them with SuperChargers. Traps have their own slot on the new portal, which provides you special ammo and unlocks new Skystones of the villain tied to that trap. Skystones minigames will be making their return as well.

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Take a peek at the trailer posed above to get some info on SuperChargers’ online multiplayer and co-op modes.

2. 20 New Characters Will Be Introduced, Along With Their Supercharged Vehicles

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The main character types you’ll utilize are the game’s SuperChargers, who’re the heroes you’ll place in vehicles. 20 characters and 20 vehicles will make up the new batch of content offered in this high-speed go round. Two of the new characters/vehicles are Nintendo exclusives, which we’ll be getting to later.

We’ve listed each SuperCharger plus the signature vehicles you’ll begin collecting soon below:

Brand New SuperChargers & Their Vehicles

– Astroblast/Legendary Astroblast & the Sun Runner
– Dive-Clops & the Dive Bomber
– Fiesta/Frightful Fiesta & the Crypt Crusher
– High Volt & the Shield Striker
– Nightfall & the Sea Shadow/Dark Sea Shadow
– Smash Hit/Steel Plated Smash Hit & the Thump Truck
– Spitfire/Dark Spitfire & the Hot Streak/Dark Hot Streak
– Splat & the Splatter Splasher
– Stormblade & the Sky Slicer
– Thrillipede & the Buzz Wing

SuperChargers Versions of Past Characters & Their Vehicles

– Lava Lance Eruptor & the Burn-Cycle
– Big Bubble Pop Fizz & the Soda Skimmer
– Deep Dive Gill Grunt & the Reef Ripper
– Hurricane Jet Vac/Legendary Hurricane Jet Vac & the Jet Stream
– Roller Brawl
– Dark Super Shot Stealth Elf/Super Shot Stealth Elf & the Stealth Stinger
– Shark Shooter Terrafin & the Shark Tank
– Double Dare Trigger Happy

3. The Nintendo Versions of The Game Will Feature Two Familiar Gaming Icons as SuperChargers

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Two Nintendo characters that Mario has done battle with will now take their rage and fury into the Skylanders universe. Donkey Kong will transform into Turbo Charge Donkey Kong, while Bowser will take on his new moniker of Hammer Slam Bowser. Both characters will also be available in dark versions of their normal selves.

Kong will do battle in his Barrel Blaster or Dark Barrel Blaster. Bowser’s custom vehicle comes in the form of a normal and dark edition of the Clown Cruiser. The physical figurines of both characters will double as a Skylanders and Amiibo attachment.

4. Three Bundle Packs Are Available For Purchase

Skylanders SuperChargers

Skylanders: Superchargers bundle packs will arrive in three different variations – the Starter Pack, Dark Edition and Dark Edition that’s packed with a Stealth Elf. All three versions will offer future buyers a physical version of the game, the new Portal of Power, two Skylanders: SuperChargers figurines, one vehicle and a collectible poster.

For those who don’t want to pick up the physical version and yet another Portal of Power, a completely digital edition of the game will be available across every console platform. The only two characters that will be usable in the digital version are “Instant” versions of Hotstreak and Spitfire.

Buy the Skylanders SuperChargers Starter Pack.

Buy the Skylanders SuperChargers Dark Edition Starter Pack.

Buy the Skylanders SuperChargers Starter Pack (Dark Edition with Stealth Elf).

5. A Racing Sea Pack, Plus Character/Vehicle Packs Are Also Being Sold

Skylanders SuperChargers

Once again, Skylanders fanatics can expect to be throwing a few extra dollars at the new characters and vehicles that will be sold separately or in bundle packs. One of those packs comes in the form of the Racing Sea Pack, which comes with Deep Dive Gill Grunt, the Reef Ripper and a Sea Trophy.

Check out the links below to start planning your wishlist of your next batch of Skylanders: SuperChargers figurines.

Buy the Skylanders SuperChargers: Racing Sea Pack here.

Buy the Skylanders SuperChargers: Vehicle Sea Shadow Character Pack.

Buy all your Skylanders toys and more right here.

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