‘Pirates War – The Dice King’: Top 10 Tips & Cheats You Need to Know

Here are the top 10 tips/tricks/cheats you need to know for Pirates War – The Dice King. The official beta is currently open, so make sure you participate in the game by registering right here (iOS only).

1. Earn Doubloons to Win

Pirates War - The Dice King

• The in-game money is called Doubloon. After a total of 12 turns has passed, whoever has the most Doubloons wins the match. You can get more Doubloons from taxes and toll fees from your own territories, or by pillaging your opponent’s territories.

2. Battle: Stats and Dice

Pirates War - The Dice King

• The results of a battle are decided by the sum of your Deck stats and the results of the dice. Add your dice result to your stats.

3. Check Your Opponent’s Deck

Pirates War - The Dice King

• Keep an eye at your opponent’s Deck. If you have good Defense and your opponent has low Attack stats, buy as much land as you can. With lower Attack stats, your opponent will have a harder time taking over your lands.

4. Identify a Fortress’ Characteristics

Pirates War - The Dice King

• Every fortress has different characteristics. For example, some will give you more taxes and others will provide higher Defense stats. Take your Deck’s stats into consideration when purchasing or capturing lands. They should complement one another.

5. Various Strategies, Various Winning Points

Pirates War - The Dice King

• Game conditions are constantly changing. Keep an eye out and be ready to adapt your strategies on the go. If your opponents’ start purchasing every land they see on their way, initiate battle and try bankrupting them instead.

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