Pokevision Alternatives: Which ‘Pokemon GO’ Trackers Still Work?

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Are there alternatives to Pokevision that still work? (Nintendo)

The latest Pokemon GO update not only disabled footprints completely, but it also disabled many tracking sites that Pokemon GO trainers were using, including Pokevision. So now that PokeVision is broken, what are your alternatives? Are there any alternatives? (To see an updated story about the latest problems with Pokemon GO’s scanner apps, please see our story here. And to find out how to track Pokemon without using a scanner, see our story here.)

Here’s what you need to know.

A Pokemon GO Update Disabled Pokevision

Pokemon GO didn’t just remove its own footsteps tracking system, it also removed many other tracking websites’ ability to access its API. Pokevision, for example, was a tracking website that showed were Pokemon would spawn and how long they would be around. But now, Pokevision’s map no longer works at all:

Other Apps Running the Same API Are Also Disabled

Pretty much every service that was using the same Pokemon GO API on Github, including Pokevision, Poke Radar, Pokewhere, PokeNotify, and Pokemon Go Map, have not been working since the new update. Some of them had received cease-and-desist letters from Niantic prior to the API shutdown.

In other words, it appears that maps operating from cloud servers have been banned. Users who are hosting maps locally are reporting that these still work. (But even these locally hosted apps may no longer be working. See our story here for more details.)

Here Are Some Pokevision Alternatives

Avid Pokemon GO trainers on Reddit have reported the following trackers may still work as alternatives to Pokevision, at the time of publication. These are reportedly non-cloud-based apps that did not receive cease-and-desist letters, but some Pokemon GO developers still recommend using alternative accounts when trying them:

Compass for Pokemon: The developer of this service (on Google Play here) said he just developed it last week. By next week, he hopes to have it overlay a small compass over Pokemon GO. It’s only available for Android with no current plans to make an iOS version. One Redditor commented that the app is slow but accurate and he was able to find a Growlith with it.

Pokemon GO Desktop Map: This map lets users run a scanner from their computer. To use, click the link corresponding with your operating system under Downloads. Install and open the app. Get your Google Maps key, paste it in, and log in with a non-Pokemon GO Google account. Users are reporting that they run it from their computer, connect via a mobile browser, and get alerts when a Pokemon they are interested in has spawned nearby.

PokePilot: On Reddit, one Redditor said that the beta for PokePilot may be one of the only iOS alternatives, since most are made for Android. Look for the one that is a map similar to Pokevision, not similarly named services that spoof or use bots.

PokeAlert: This app was also suggested on Reddit, but others are reporting that it’s not very accurate. Some can’t get the map to work at all and others reported that the Pokemon it shows spawning never appear. Their help page states that an increase in users has caused old spawns to show up as new and they’re working on the problem.

Skiplagged: This is another website map that shows Pokemon in the area. However, it only seems to work in bigger cities because it’s crowdsourced.

Run Your Own Scanner: If you have the technical know-how, you can use the code on Github here to run a scanner on your own computer and even receive notifications. See a Reddit discussion about the feature here.

Use Incense Correctly: Buying incense is still an option, but don’t just sit around in one spot because you won’t attract very many Pokemon that way. To use incense correctly, you’ll need to be moving. The faster you move with incense, the more Pokemon you can get while the incense is running. Keep in mind, it doesn’t always work this way, as some Pokemon GO trainers have reported that moving didn’t make a big difference for them.

Niantic likely only has the the Pokemon footprint feature disabled for a short period of time, while developers fix the issues that have plagued the in-game tracker. So if you don’t want to use the alternatives above, just rely on Incense and Lures in the meantime, until a new update brings back the footprints tracking feature.

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