‘Destiny’ Age of Triumph Livestream 2 Recap

In the second of three scheduled livestreams for the upcoming Age of Triumph, Bungie honed in on the new things you can do and the new treasures you can get. This latest stream ended earlier than schedule but still packed a lot of information in about an hour of streaming.

Most of the new things revolve around the Treasure of Ages which is a new box that contains everything Destiny’s team has ever released. This will include past, armor, emblems, emotes, masks, ships and other things you might’ve missed over the span of Destiny’s content. Of course, the Treasure of Ages has new things in it too but those will be covered in the final livestream.

The stream showed us that players start the Age of Triumph event by talking to The Speaker to receive a new quest. The player will be sent to the new weekly story playlist, which is a 380 light level activity. Each week will feature a different selection of missions with different sets of modifiers. Your first five completions for the week each provide 20 legendary marks, with the first also netting you a Treasure of Ages.

Destiny, Age of Triumph

Players will be able to get 2 Treasure of Ages free each week, one for the first completion of the Siva Crisis Heroic playlist and one for the Weekly Crucible. This will give players a total of three free Treasure of Ages each week. Players can buy additional Treasure of Ages from the Eververse too.

An additional updated activity is the 380 light level weekly nightfall strike playlist. This will be available once every four weeks and it’ll also be available for a six-week stretch in July and August.

Challenge of the Elders, the challenge mode added to the game during April of last year, is being raised to 390 light level too. Your first three completions of the week provide 10 Legendary Marks each and this activity won’t replace the existing version.

The final livestream is Wednesday, March 22 and Bungie will reveal the new armor from the Treasure of Ages and more things regarding Destiny’s final live update.

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