Three New Arena Maps Teased for ‘Overwatch’s’ Anniversary Event

Overwatch Torbjorn

Overwatch is quickly drawing closer to its one-year anniversary celebration and with it comes some new content for players. Revealed this morning on the official Overwatch Twitter, three new Arena maps have been teased that are set to release on May 23 with the new Anniversary Event. While information is limited, it’s pretty easy to tell where each of the three new maps are located.

The first one shown is clearly someone in Dorado, as you get a glimpse of not only the same type of buildings, but the hacker Sombra’s workstation. There’s also a large statue in the center of a man we have not been introduced to yet, as well as some high ground areas located above the gate. Eichenwald appears to be the location of the second arena map, as it not only has the same design but has clearly suffered from the Omnic attacks this area is known for. Finally, the third map appears to be somewhere in Egypt as sculptures have the same visual designs as the Assault map Anubis.

Remember, arena maps are not full-scale levels designed for the bigger game modes like Payload or Assault. While these maps are strictly for either 1v1 or 3v3 game types, it’s great to see that developer Blizzard is supporting some of their lesser played content. No map names have been released yet, however, players will not have to wait long to get their hands on this new content.

Overwatch’s One Year Anniversary Event starts May 23 and runs until June 12

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