‘DiRT 4’ Mechanics: How to Get New Team Members

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One of the interesting additions to developer Codemasters’ DiRT 4 is the ability to recruits and customize the team that works on your car. While this can be easily overlooked, this is a critical part of this title and can make your repairs far less stressful. In order to access the recruitment start from the main menu and go to the “My Team” directly located under “Events.” This will open up three tabs, with the first one labeled “Staff” being the one you want to access. Open this and you will be presented with an employee list you can cycle through.

At the bottom, you will see four staff positions already filled out with lower quality workers and assistants.This will be the default team you start with when you load up DiRT 4, however, all of these jobs can be rehired if you are not satisfied with their performance or upgrades. There are 9 separate positions you can hire people for and they are:

  • Chief Engineer
  • Engineer 1
  • Engineer 2
  • Engineer 3
  • Engineer 4
  • PR Agent
  • Co-Driver
  • Rallycourse Spotter
  • Landrush Spotter

The most important members of your team are the 5 different engineers as they will affect how easy it is to repair your car. To hire someone, select a position and hit X (PlayStation 4) or A (Xbox One) to bring up their resume and skills. Here you’ll see a photo along with some stats, modifiers, their mood, train, and fee. If you want to hire that person on the spot just confirm all their information and they will be instantly added to your roster. However, you can actually negotiate their rate and make them different offers if you’re trying to be more conservative with your money. This can be done via the sliding bars on the bottom right corner of that specific employee’s card.

While this won’t be as critical for lower difficulties, it will factor in on the higher challenges where you are more likely to sustain damage to your vehicle. You can also change your Public Relations person who helps ensure higher end mechanics and spotters can become available later down the road. We recommend focusing on upgrading both this position and the engineers first since they provide the best long-term benefits over a spotter or co-driver in DiRT 4.

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