Friday the 13th: The Game Steam Review Angers Community

Jason Friday the 13th

Friday the 13th: The Game may finally be ironing out its bugs but another issue has started to create a divide in the community.

The developers at Gun Media recently revealed a list of guidelines to follow if you didn’t want to receive the ban hammer. The game itself doesn’t have a Terms of Service to agree to when you boot it up so the only way to find the guidelines is on social media, where the game does much of its communication.

A review on Steam by user Dilly Dingus has caused a rift in the community. In a negative review of the game, he argues that he has been permanently banned from Friday the 13th because he called out the Jason player and other counselors for working together. Helping Jason is one of the offenses that can get you banned, but Dilly Dingus claims it didn’t happen to the other players because they knew the developers.

Friday the 13th: The Game

Negative reviews like this are common with Steam. People often come to the Steam reviews to voice their frustration with games and this looks to be no different. What upset players was the fact that ThePraetorian, one of the developers of Friday the 13th, had a response to the review.

You sexually harassed other people (including a 12 year old child), specifically targeted them for their profession and you acted like a complete piece of trash towards someone you had no business harassing. You were absolutely in the wrong in this instance and to come in here and blame us for your behavior is beyond appalling.

Stop lying and we will be flagging this review for Steam.

Dilly Dingus admits to using inflammatory statements toward the other players in his responses, but his main grief with the situation comes with the players helping Jason, the players knowing the developers and a 12-year-old playing the M-rated game.

I have since added pretty much everyone from that match where this took place and can easily get their testimony to what actually happened if thats what you insist. Since you seem so eager to throw accusations around, I will easily disprove them. I stand by my statement that it is pretty funny to see how the devs handle their games community.

It has been nearly a week since ThePraetorian’s response so we might not hear much about it again. The situation has caused discussion on the review itself, 4chan and Reddit.

In an additional Reddit thread, ThePraetorian defended his actions and confirmed the Jason helper does know the developers of the game.

This user was banned for breaking the rules, sexually harassing a child and another person and acted completely in the wrong.

His ban was 100% justified and he clearly broke the rules with his sexual harassment of others. The other person who does in fact know us gave them fair warning to stop and this user continued their harassment.

Yes; people say ‘I know the devs’ or ‘I work for the devs’ all the time in an effort to try to scare others off. The fact remains this user continued to sexually harass other users completely outside social acceptability and I am frankly astounded any of you would be okay with a child being made into a sexual object by this banned user.

Want to say we’re ‘white knighting?’ You go right on ahead and think that. That behavior will get you banned every single time.

He received 55 downvotes for his response so it is hidden from view. In another post, he states you can use other words but the line is drawn when you begin to demean others in a sexual manner. This post received 49 downvotes so it will also require some digging to find it on the actual thread.

Strong language follows.

You want to team kill? Go ahead. You want to call someone a cunt? Go nuts. You want to wait to kill your friend last while you are Jason? By all means. You want to tell me to stick my head where the sun don’t shine up a farm animal? Fuck if I care.

When you harass others in a demeaning, sexual manner or act in a way that belittles who they are simply because of who they are, you cross a line. Everyone deserves respect and deserves to feel like a human being. You cease to be a decent person, you cease to garner respect and you take it upon yourself to learn what it means to be punished for your actions. Get banned and go away. How dare you harass others for the color of their skin or for the genitals they were born with. How dare you act as though you are better than any other person. We are all people, we all want to play a game and while I totally and completely condone a good bit of trash talk against that stupid piece of shit nerd little fucktard, I draw the line when you go into territory that cannot and should not be judged by any other person.

Here’s another lengthy post regarding the recent issue on Friday the 13th’s forum.

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