Star Wars Battlefront 2 (2005) Multiplayer is Back Online

Star Wars Battlefront 2

Widely regarded as one of the greatest Star Wars games ever created, Star Wars Battlefront 2, not to be confused with Star Wars Battlefront 2, was released back in 2005 to widespread fan and critical acclaim.  However, the game was the one of the causalities of the GameSpy shutdown and multiplayer for most players ended up being lost. You can still use some workarounds such as Game Ranger but if you don’t want to jump through any hoops, multiplayer no longer works.

Today, GOG and Disney have announced multiplayer is coming back and you’ll no longer have to install any more third-party tools to play. Instead, you’ll just be able to boot up the game, go to multiplayer and start finding matches to play. The same Battlefront 2 experience you remember all that time ago is back the way it was.

How the game holds up after all these years is a completely different story but it’s still an exciting thing to see after being without multiplayer for all these years. There’s still a small, but dedicated, group that plays this title online but the news the online is coming back will surely bring a wave of new players.

An update should greet you when you start up the game which will enable multiplayer.

Star Wars fans rejoice! Multiplayer support has returned for Battlefront II. Now you can draft your friends to the 501st legion and join up to 64 other players in a heated online battle for control of the galaxy.

The multiplayer is being brought back by GOG Galaxy crossplay so this not only affects GOG players but will also allow Steam players to get in on the fun. This update will allow for crossplay between GOG and Steam so you won’t have to buy it again if you already own on Steam. If you want to jump back into the vast world of Battlefront 2, you can do so on GOG for $3.99 as part of the Disney completion sale. Buying games on GOG guarantee a DRM-free version which means you don’t have to activate anything or have an online connection.

With today being the first day the servers have been opened, many players are reporting issues with actually getting into matches. GOG is aware of the issue and says it has been caused by having more players accessing the servers than they expect. There is a potential workaround that has been discovered and it has worked for us if you’d like to try it.

When the Star Wars Battlefront series was rebooted, many fans were expecting a game similar to Battlefront 2. Instead they were treated with a game broken into several DLC packs and completely omitted Prequel Trilogy content. There was also a lot of negative chatter regarding the game having no single-player campaign, a decision that has been remedied in the upcoming sequel.

Battlefront 2 (2005) features a storyline centered around Darth Vader’s 501st Legion of Stormtroopers, also known as Vader’s fist. You also have the ability to play as heroes such as Yoda and Darth Vader. One thing that was sorely missed in the reboot was the ability to have space battles and then dock your ship on a cruiser and start fighting on the ship. Luckily, you get to do all of that again with the news of the online coming back.

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