The Switch eShop Is Down! Bah Humbug!

eShop Down?

It’s Christmas morning and in what could be as disappointing as coal in your stocking, is a Nintendo eShop that won’t load.

Sadly, it seems many gamers would prefer coal. As of 9:29 am Central Time, the Nintendo eShop is down.

This is of course likely due to the massive influx of new players hitting Nintendo’s servers in the wake of Christmas morning – where the Nintendo Switch was surely a hot commodity under the Christmas tree this year.

The problem seems to be effecting international players as well:

The outrage is particularly savage as the Nintendo eShop is the primary way to play and download the multitude of Indie Games that are a major selling point for the Nintendo Switch – including games like Golf Story and SteamWorld Dig 2.

There’s no word if the outage is affecting system update or firmware update capabilities. However, Nintendo tweeted they are working on the problem and will hopefully have the shop up and running soon:

the official Nintendo website also states the Nintendo eShop is unavailable.

The Nintendo Switch itself has been a run away success, selling 10 million units since debut, and it hasn’t been out a full year yet. The PS4 sold 13 million its first year, and the Switch has a few months to go.

Which is to say Nintendo should have been prepared for a flood of traffic to the eShop. Perhaps they were and there was a glitch. Regardless, there are likely quite a few kids asking their parents to fix an Internet problem they can’t. Lets hope they bought a physical copy.

As gaming moves toward digital services, problems like this are depressingly frequent. If a company, any company, will rely on an online infrastructure, that infrastructure needs to work…especially when the most people are likely to accessing it. A similar problem occurred in 2013

That said, some gamers find the outage bittersweet. If there’s such an influx of new players, that means new consoles sold, and good health for Nintendo, which after the failure of the Wii U, was a question mark.

Stay tuned for updates regarding the ability to access Nintendo’s digital download hub.

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