Is Power Chord on Fortnite Coming Back? When & How To Get It

Fortnite E3 Power Chord

Fornite dropped a major hint on Twitter today indicating that the long-awaited power chord might be coming back. Now players are posting excitedly about the chord’s possible return.  Read on to learn everything we know so far about the Power Chord’s return (sometimes spelled power cord or powerchord by players) and how you can get it if the rumors are true.

Fortnite’s mysterious tweet around noon on Sunday, September 9 left players thinking that the Power Chord is on its way back tonight.


UPDATE: Fornite DID release the Power Chord skin.

And the rock out emote is available too:


Some players were saying this might just mean a new garage band skin will be added to the shop, but most think this means the Power Chord’s return. The lightning, they say, refers to the power and the guitar refers to the chord. When Red Knight returned, Fortnite did the same thing: gave clues that spelled out Red Knight’s return, one player pointed out.

Power Chord was an incredibly popular skin that hasn’t returned once in several months. It was on E3 posters, making people think it would come back sooner, but no one has seen Power Chord in quite a while. A lot of people who couldn’t afford to buy Power Chord the first time around are hoping they can get Power Chord this time.

If Power Chord is returning tonight, that means it will likely be in the item shop tonight, September 9, when the shop updates at 8 p.m. Eastern (7 p.m. Central/5 p.m. Pacific/ 12 a.m. UTC). The shop typically updates at the same time every night, so you’ll want to be on the lookout for Power Chord then. However, keep an eye on the shop earlier than that, just in case. Every now and then, Fortnite updates the shop early for a special occasion, such as updating the July 4 shop early to give people more time to use patriotic skins on the holiday. Fortnite’s item shop currently has a countdown of a little less than six hours until the shop changes over, which would be 8 p.m. Eastern/7 p.m. Central, as predicted.

It’s also worth noting that sometimes, shops in the UK may get skins a little later than everyone else. So if a shop in the U.S. updates at 8 p.m. Eastern with a new skin, the U.K. shop might not get the skin until the next day. So if you hear that U.S. shops have Power Chord at 8 p.m. Eastern today, U.K. shops may be seeing them on September 9 at 1 a.m., especially if past skins and shop updates are any indication.

Power Chord is a legendary skin that isn’t really attached to a season. But the skin’s appearance and uniqueness makes her a huge draw for Fortnite players.

Remember: We don’t know for certain that Power Chord is returning. But based on the hint from Fortnite, it would be a good idea to watch the item shop when it updates just in case the rumors are true.

This is a developing story. Would you buy Power Chord if she returns? Take our poll below and let us know.

Now let us know in the comments if you think Power Chord’s return is a good idea.

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