Where to Find the Chemistry Workbench Plans in Fallout 76

Fallout 76 Chemistry Workbench Plan

There are a ton of structures and objects you can craft in Fallout 76, however, workbenches are perhaps the most important. These allow players to create everything from weapons to ammo to meds, which can be lifesaving in the wasteland. Yet, you will need to physically unlock these workbenches by obtaining plans.

In order to unlock the Chemistry Workbench Plans you will need to go to Arktos Pharma in Zone C. The file is on a shelf in the testing room with a cage on the second floor. This area has a fair amount of enemies, but they are all fairly low level. There are several Scorched, Bloodbugs, and a Protectron roaming the area, but their levels are pretty low.

Fallout 76 Chemistry Workbench Plan

However, if you want to thin the heard go towards the lobby on the left and hack the computer. From here you can activate the turrets and deactivate their failsafe, making them shoot literally everything in the building. Just be careful because there are two turrets in the lobby, but if you take cover they’ll shoot each other. We recommend letting the turrets open fire and shoot everything in the building. Once the gunfire stops, deactivate the turrets and head up to the second floor.

The first room on the right will have a shelf against the wall. You will find the Chemistry Workbench Plan there and then all you have to do is read the plan via your Pip-Boy. Keep in mind this isn’t the only place you can find a Chemistry Workbench Plan, but it’s one of the easiest in the early game. You can also get the plan by just completing the volunteer training mission you get near the start of Fallout 76. 

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