Last Year: The Nightmare Launches Today on Discord

Last Year The Nightmare

After a beta earlier this year, Last Year: The Nightmare has released today exclusively on the Discord Store.

This is arguably one of the first true exclusives the store has obtained that would encourage players to buy today instead of waiting for an eventual release on other platforms.

Last Year: The Nightmare is an asymmetrical multiplayer game that pits five survivors against one killer. The survivors have to perform a variety of objectives to escape while the killer’s goal is to prevent this from happening and killing them.

Once a survivor is killed they will have to be freed from a room, similar to Left 4 Dead, so you’ll never be truly gone if you are killer. The killer can be killed so if you work with your team you’ll be able to fight back.

If you’ve played and enjoyed similar games in the past such as Friday the 13th: The Game or Dead by Daylight then this style of game will be something to look forward to.

While Last Year: The Nightmare is currently a Discord Store exclusive that doesn’t mean it will remain that way forever.

Last Year: The Nightmare is exclusive to Discord for three months and then it is free to come to other platforms. Steam is am the obvious platform we should be seeing the game on, hopefully with cross-play for the early adopters on Discord. The recently launched Epic Games Store could also be an option for release and something to look forward to.

The game will almost certainly be making its way to consoles and while we haven’t received news as to what consoles it will be coming to, we can assume PS4 and Xbox One will be getting the game. It’s possible the Nintendo Switch could receive the game as well but we assume it’s not the number one priority.

Last Year: The Game has a variety of free content coming to the game with killers, maps and survivors. The developers have said all of this content will be free so it comes down to seeing how long it takes to put it out.

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