10 Super Mecha Champions Tips & Tricks You Need to Know

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The battle royale craze hasn’t slowed down yet.

It seems like everywhere you look, there’s a brand new game on the scene that offers a unique take on the massive multiplayer third-person shooter genre. NetEase Games has certainly dipped its toes into the battle royale market and now they’ve arrived with a brand new title – Super Mecha Champions. Besides the basics behind battle royale battles and team deathmatch skirmishes, NetEase’s new game has one major thing going for it – MASSIVE ROBOTS! With some assistance from the game’s developers, we’ve arrived with this essential tips guide for all your mecha battling needs.

Here are the top 10 tips, tricks, and cheats you need to know for Super Mecha Champions:

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1. Go Anywhere and Everywhere

Super Mecha Champions

NetEase Games

• Gear up, jump in the pilot’s seat, and battle for victory in all-out mecha combat amongst modern cityscapes. There is no limit to where you can go. Dash around the city’s roads and highways or get a higher vantage point by climbing local buildings and structures.

2. There are Two Main Modes to Enjoy

Super Mecha Champions

NetEase Games

• If you’re a “winner takes all” type of person, the battle royale mode is for you. This mode includes single-player, two-player, and three-player team games. But if you prefer to battle together with friends, you can hop into the new Team Deathmatch mode where you can team up with your friends. The first team to get 40 points wins, but keep in mind that you can only pilot one mecha type per match and no more than two of the same mechas can be used in one match, so it’s vital to communicate and cooperate with your team members.

3. Pick up the Speed!

• Need to get around quickly? You can use special vehicles, such as skateboards, for fast and agile navigation. Alternate vehicles can be found during looting, but it’s important to remember that though the skateboard is the fastest, it also has the lowest durability. Use it strategically. As for the deformed car, it’s especially useful when your mecha is out of commission.

4. Be Careful Where You Loot and Land

• Scope out the battleground by using your parachute to strategically choose the best place to land. Buildings offer the most loot and the best places to hide when on foot, but other players will also be looking for items and cover amongst buildings, so choose your landing location wisely.

5. The Right Items for You and Your Squadmates

Super Mecha Champions

NetEase Games

• A well-used item can change a whole battle – be on the lookout for the best loot for you or your team. In-game items and supplies are up for grabs in airdrops, but they aren’t guaranteed for every player. Get to the airdrop quickly, and be ready to fight for it. Keep an eye out for protective helmets, leg guards, mecha module upgrade items and consumables to keep you and your team in the fight ’till the bitter end.

6. Hop Onto Your Ride in a Much Quicker Fashion

• While you’re in the process of looting, you may discover cards for alternate vehicles. There is a shortcut button located beside your health bar to quickly hop into a found vehicle. Strap in and race through the battlefield to find more enemies or to escape a sticky situation.


Super Mecha Champions

NetEase Games

• Guns are your best friends when you’re on foot, so be sure you become familiar with their functions and advantages. There are nine weapon types – SMG, assault rifle, sniper rifle, grenade launcher, flamethrower, ion cannon, exploder bot launcher, gun shield, and homing missile. You can carry up to three weapons at a time, so try to equip yourself with weapons that fit your fighting style best.

• A good mix of weaponry is always the way to go – one of the best ways to succeed is by equipping an assault rifle, grenade launcher, and gun shield combination from time to time. Another recommended weapons pair you should try out is the combination of a sniper rifle, homing missile, and ion cannon. The first trio of weapons is best-suited for mid-range players, while the second lineup of firearms is the smarter way to go for long-range experts. Are you more of a close-range killer? Then you should run into battle with an SMG, flamethrower, and gun shield.

8. Know When to Fire From the Hip and Zoom in for the Kill

• Hipfire can only get you so far. For enemies that are farther away, use the teleconverter to zoom in and focus your fire. More experienced players are masters at this ability, so learn fast.

9. Stay Mobile and Know When to Switch Forms

• Don’t stand still! It’s easy to target you that way. Jump, strafe, and roll to avoid enemy fire. If you want the upper hand, approach the enemy stealthily by squatting. Your footsteps become muffled that way. You should also know when it’s best to stay in human form and transform into your mecha form.

• Staying in human form is best when you’re looting (gotta nab all those mecha modules, right?), plus you’re much harder to spot. Switching to your mecha form is best when you run into an enemy mecha player. And if you happen to run into the last remaining players during a battle royale match, go all out and take them out in your mecha!

10. Land in a Less Populated Area and Keep an Eye Out for Rare Items

Super Mecha Champions

NetEase Games

• Landing in the heart of the battle may seem like fun, but you may need to think twice. Touching down in a heavily populated area means the probability of nabbing loot is low and the probability of coming face-to-face with enemies is high. Try to land on the outskirts of the battlefield first to gather adequate gear and let your mecha load before rushing into the action.

• In traditional battle royale style, there can only be one winner. A tip to ensure victory is to collect rare items. Rare items are classified by color – green being the most common, blue being uncommon, and purple being rare – and can be found in advanced loot crates or from looting blue NPC mechas. When all enemies have been eliminated, you will be the Super Mecha Champion!

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