10 Fist of the North Star LEGENDS ReVIVE Tips & Tricks You Need to Know

“You are already dead.” If you consider yourself an anime fanboy, then you know exactly who utters that iconic quote – Fist of the North Star’s Hokuto Shinken.

The post-apocalyptic world of Hokuto has been adopted for numerous video games and now it’s been adapted for mobile devices. Sega’s latest iOS/Android title is known as Fist of the North Star LEGENDS ReVIVE, which sticks to some solid action RPG mechanics. You’ll need to amass an army of mystical martial artists and other familiar heroes/villains from the manga/anime as you play through hotly contested party battles. And with our tips and tricks guide, you’ll survive the many dangers within the game’s mobile wasteland!

Here are the top 10 tips, tricks, and cheats you need to know for Fist of the North Star LEGENDS ReVIVE:

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1. The Perfect Path to Victory

Fist of the North Star LEGENDS ReVIVE


• Whenever you’re in the midst of a battle that calls for your active participation, you’ll want to adopt this battle strategy if you’re hoping to win. During every attack phase, make sure you follow the onscreen finger swipe/tap prompts to maximize your damage output and combo potential.

• Once you have a party member that’s capable of activating their special or secret maneuver, be sure to save it for the final batch of enemies. Using a special move can be parlayed into combo attacks. As for using a secret move, this powerful attack type allows you to do big damage and still be able to pull off normal party attacks as soon as it’s done.

2. There’s One Particular Screen Tap Prompt That Works Best for Every Battle

Fist of the North Star LEGENDS ReVIVE


• So the game gives you access to one of three actions that allow you swipe/tap the screen to increase your physical damage and pull off a series of attacks with your current party lineup. The “Hokuto Action” utilizes swipes, while the “Ring Action” and “Gauge Action” prompts call for precise button tapping.

• The Gauge Action mechanic is the easier method when it comes to maximizing your damage/combos since all it takes to get a good rating from it is to tap the circle at the end of an active meter. You’ll regularly find yourself getting a good combo rating if you stick with the Gauge Action mechanic (you can permanently switch to it by pausing the game during a battle).

3. Always Fulfill the Mission Requirements Tied to Story and “Clash” Quests

Fist of the North Star LEGENDS ReVIVE


• Over on the main menu for “Quests,” you’ll notice a meter on the bottom filled with random chests to unlock. Once a certain portion of that meter is filled, you’ll be able to acquire the rewards locked inside a chest. Filling the meter is accomplished through completing the three missions tied to each unbeaten quest.

• You should always fulfill all three mission requirements for every quest you take on so you can walk away with the maximum amount of star points. Doing so will quickly fill the meter for a story or Clash quest chapter and allow you to claim all the treasure chest rewards tied to it.

4. Farming for Goods Means You’ll Need to Become Familiar With the “Skip” Option

• Completing a story or Clash quest for the first time means you’ll be gifted with first-time clear rewards and other assorted bonuses. If you have an abundance of stamina to share, use it to farm the upgrade materials you need by utilizing the Skip option. This option lets you complete a previously beaten quest without even having to play it again – the mission you choose to skip will successfully be completed again and you’ll get the items for it that were present on the quest selection screen.

• You’ll only get to skip a quest once at a time at first. But once your player level reaches 25, you’ll be able to skip a story quest 10 times in a row (three times in a row for Clash quests) and score even more pieces of upgrade materials at once! It’s always best if you perform this action whenever you’re about to log off – use up all your stamina towards skipping assorted battles, leave the game for a day, then come back to some newly restocked stamina points the very next day!

5. Make a Few Friends to Collect Extra Stamina and Join a Guild

Fist of the North Star LEGENDS ReVIVE


• Another way to refill your stamina meter besides using “Stamina Cans” and waiting out the time limit that fills it back up is through the “Friends” option. Take a trip into that tab option on the main menu to request new online buddies. A full list of 100 friends means you’ll always have someone to collect extra stamina points from should you ever request them. And of course, you should repay the favor and send them a few stamina points of your own. There’s an allotted number of times you can claim energy from friends though, so keep this in mind every day you log in and perform this task.

• Speaking of being friendly, be sure to hook up with a guild so you can claim guild coins by taking part in the many activities tied to being in one. There are tons of buildings housed within the guild menu, so take part in all of their activities to claim all sorts of other rewards! For example, you’d better donate some Judollars on a regular basis to increase your guild’s level. The “Training Grounds” within your guild’s headquarters is especially useful – you can level up any of the characters you place within its slots and earn extra “Judollars” just for cheering on fellow guild members’ warriors in training.

6. Take Advantage of the Rewards Acquired From Completing “Challenges”

• Once you unlock the Challenges subset of battles, you’ll be able to engage in “Daily Events” and “Trial of Nanto” quests. Both of these challenge types give you the chance to earn all sorts of rewards based on the battle types attached to them. For instance, completing all of the daily attempts tied to beating the “Bandit Assault” challenge means you’ll gather tons of Judollars for your character upgrading, shopping and “Judollar Gocha” needs. Try to complete a few battles within the Challenges menu so you can claim a whole bunch of useful items before you log off for the day.

7. Go Hard in the “Coliseum” and the Shop!

Fist of the North Star LEGENDS ReVIVE


• The Coliseum is home to player made parties that are pitted against you in dojo battles where the characters fight on their own. This means you should always send in your strongest fighters for every encounter. You should focus on putting your party in the ring against rival parties with a power rating that’s lower than your’s so you have a better chance at attaining victory. You’ll get five attempts to complete Coliseum battles per day, so make sure you use all five of them during a current playthrough. Try to win 10 Coliseum battles per day so you claim all of the “Daily Rewards” – this means you’ll have to use up your five battle attempts, then earn five more by spending a few gems to restock them.

• Battle as much as you can in the Coliseum so you can steadily increase your ranking points and earn rewards when you reach a certain ranking goal for the first time. Winning Dojo battles nets you “Dojo Medals,” which can be put towards special purchases within the “Chi Shop.” The shop is also home to the “General Shop” and “Guild Shop,” which accepts two different types of currency to obtain items. By the way, pay a visit to the shop whenever you have an abundance of items that can be sold for Judollars. The shop automatically accepts them every time you enter it and gives you a hefty payout if you have a ton of ’em. Farming Bandit Assault Missions to obtain “Judollar Notes, “Wad of Judollar Bills” and “Gold Bars” means you’ll always have plenty of goods to sell at the shop.

8. Properly Enhance Your Characters

Fist of the North Star LEGENDS ReVIVE


• The processes that go into upgrading your characters is easy to comprehend. Using them in battle earns them the XP needed to level up. The max level each character can reach is dependant on your current player level – they can never go beyond their max level until you increase yours. Leveling up a character’s class level makes them even stronger, using the “Seven Stars” upgrade option increases their star ranking via collected character shards and it’s also possible to unlock/strengthen their skills & improve their equipment. And once you unlock certain characters that are tied to a group (such as “The Six Masters of Nanto”), those characters will receive group stat boosts.

• Just continue playing through the game’s assortment of battle-related activities to get your hands on an assortment of character and equipment upgrade tools. And whenever you have a few different types of “Water of Life” instant level-up tools on hand, spend an entire collection of one type to quickly level up a single character. So for instance, use a whole bunch of “M Bottle” Water of Life’s on one character then move on to another one to improve them with all your available “L Bottles.”

9. Always Take a Trip to the “Black Market” While it’s Open

• From time to time, the Black Market will randomly open up for business. As soon as it’s active, pay a visit and try to purchase something before it eventually closes back down. There are all sorts of rare character shards and other high-tier goods available within this store type, so keep an eye out for its unexpected openings on the main menu.

10. There’s a Ton of Achievement-Related Rewards to Claim!

Fist of the North Star LEGENDS ReVIVE


• This is one of those mobile RPG’s that has an overwhelming amount of themed achievements to complete and claim rewards from. There’s a long list of achievements to fulfill in the “Events” tab, “New Server Campaign” goals to reach and a “Missions” tab full of even more achievements to tend to.

• Besides all of those, there are “Star Dash Ranking” rewards to claim based on your overall party’s power rating and rewards sent your way just for logging in on a daily basis. Simply put, this game constantly gifts you with free items so you’ll never run out of currencies and other helpful items to use.

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