Fortnite Agent Jonesy Skin Leaks Following Device Event

agent jonesy fortnite skin

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The Fortnite Device live event has now wrapped up and now we have our eyes set on Season 3 as the next big thing.

This event ended up changing a lot about Fortnite as we know it, including a brand-new water storm that replaces the old one.

At one point during the event, players were teleported to an office building of some sort where a tuxedo-clad Jonesy opened the door up and asked if we could hear him talking.

As it turns out, an Agent Jonesy skin is actually in the works and it has been discovered in the files. It will very likely end up being what we saw in the live event, so stay locked into the item shop if you like what you saw.

Agent Jonesy Files Leak

Reliable Fortnite leaker ShiinaBR posted the files that were discovered indicating this skin is certainly on the horizon.

Whether it will be part of the Season 3 or arrive beforehand remains to be seen, but we do know it will more than likely be coming out in the very near future.

This will be a perfect skin for those out there who enjoy Agent Peely but would prefer to have an actual human player running around instead of a banana.

Of course, we already have the John Wick skin for that, but this new outfit will allow players to keep it in the Fortnite universe.

What Else is Coming?

Other than the skin leak, there isn’t anything new that we know about, at least until Season 3 gets here.

Once we get the giant new season patch, we’ll surely have a lot of new information such as leaked skins, map changes, and much more. The new Jonesy skin could very well end up being part of the new Battle Pass.

It will be interesting to see if the water storm stays when Season 3 rolls around or if it will close in on the entire map and result in some drastic changes.

We have to wonder what type of role Jonesy plays in all of this since he addressed us directly. Only time will tell.

Fortnite Season 3 begins on June 17.

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