Fortnite & Fall Guys Collaboration Coming Soon According to Leak

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One of the biggest games of 2020 was the quirky battle royale game Fall Guys and it looks like the developers want to keep the hot streak rolling in 2021 with some crossovers, including one with Fortnite.

It’s unlikely that the developers even predicted how big of a hit their game would be when it dropped on PC and PS4. The battle royale genre has become quite crowded over the past several years, but Fall Guys was able to blaze its own trail with its own unique spin.

It has since become a game that pretty much anybody is able to jump into and have fun with, but it looks like the developers plan on casting an even wider net to get more players.

According to a new leak, the devs will be doing that with a variety of crossovers with several hit games. Let’s take a look at everything we know so far.

Fall Guys Crosses Over With Everything

In a leak from FNLeaksAndInfo, we can see that Fall Guys has strings in the files that would indicate that plan on adding special skins from Among Us, Fortnite, Bomberman, Hades, Sonic and Tron.

That’s a lot of stuff for Fall Guys fans to look forward to, and it won’t just be simple additions either as we’re looking at several skins from these games.

For Fortnite, we’re looking at Llama, Cuddle Team Leader, Peely, Bunny Brawler and Ripley all appearing as Fall Guys cosmetics. In a deleted tweet, you can see all of the other games being listed as well.

fortnite fall guys leak

Twitter: FNLeaksAndInfoThat’s a lot of games.

Even if Fall Guys isn’t as popular as it was when it first came out, there’s still a very healthy playerbase and it doesn’t look like the devs plan on stopping the support any time soon.

Will Fall Guys Come to Fortnite?

fall guys fortnite

Devolver DigitalBean gang rise up.

While this is cool for Fall Guys fans who also play Fortnite, will we ever see one of those adorable beans show up in Epic’s battle royale?

So far, we haven’t seen anything that would indicate that being the case, mainly because it’d be pretty difficult to take a Fall Guys character and make him proportional in Fortnite.

With that said, we do have skins like Venom, Cable, Brutus, and several others that show us that not every character model has to be the same.

This does mean that the door is left slightly ajar for a crossover of that sort, and what better way to introduce it than in Season 5 with Jonesy grabbing characters from many different universes. Remember, a crossover has been teased before.

It’s highly unlikely that a bean from Fall Guys could prove to be of any value in defending against the unknown threat in Fortnite, but it’s all hands on deck as we’ve seen so far. At the very least, it’ll be a cool crossover if it ever happened, and it’d likely be beneficial for both games in terms of sheer promotion.

We’ll keep you updated if we hear more!

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