How to Get Fashion Doggo & Knight Looks Spray Free in Fortnite

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It looks like our first opportunity to get some freebies in Fortnite has now arrived and there are two free sprays that will soon be available.

All of this is being done as part of the new fashion drop, a way to get some more looks for your favorite skins. This will also be part of a physical clothing line if you’re interested in that too. No, there’s nothing to do with cubes this time around.

If you want to take a look at some of the real-life designs, get prepared to spend a lot of money here.

Anybody who’s trying to spend much less money, none at all as an example, then you’d be interested in learning how to get two free sprays.

On September 21 and running for a whole week, Shady Doggo will be your guy.

How to Get 2 Free Sprays

Balenciaga Brings Digital Fashion to FortniteFortnite showcases Digital Fashion Items by Balenciaga! For more details visit (LINK). It’s called Digital Fashion, look it up. See Ramirez, Doggo, and others in Fortnite express themselves in a whole new way with help from the Balenciaga Fit Set. Show the world your unexpected side with the Set’s apparel, free Sprays, the Strange Times…2021-09-20T13:59:23Z

The two sprays are earned quite simply as all you’ll have to do is complete two quests from Shady Doggo.

Now, this will all go live on September 21, so it’s not available in Fortnite at the time of this writing.

From the blog post, it sounds very easy to do as this is what it says:

“From 10 AM ET on September 21 to 10 AM ET on September 28, Shady Doggo has two Quests for you,” says the blog post. “Pull off the perfect pose against graffiti and fetch him new Triple S sneakers to unlock the free Fashion Doggo Spray and Knight Looks Spray!”

Fortnite leaker FireMonkey also leaked the quests for us, so you can just look at those.

  • Emote in front of Shady Doggo graffiti at Retail Row, Sweaty Sands, or Steamy Stacks (0/1)
  • Collect Triple S sneakers in the Strange Times Featured Hub (0/40)

The game will likely tell you exactly when the quests go active, so if you’re playing Fortnite at the time, just keep an eye on the news feed.

Who is Getting New Outfits?

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If you’re in the business of picking up new skins, then you might be interested in learning what skins will be getting an overhaul.

Well, you can get a look at the four of them above, but here’s what their official names will be:

  • Unchained Ramirez Outfit: She’s coming in haute. (Comes with the alt Silver Unchained Ramirez Style.)
  • Shady Doggo Outfit: Who’s a stylish boy? (Comes with the alt Midnight Shady Doggo and Cardinal Shady Doggo Styles.)
  • Fashion Banshee Outfit: Battle Bus prepped. Runway ready. (Comes with the alt 24K Fashion Banshee Style.)
  • Game Knight Outfit: So retro you can call it a renaissance. (Comes with the alt Stealth Game Knight Style.)

There will also be a bunch of new Back Blings to pick up to go along with new pickaxes, gliders, wraps and emotes.

It’s a big cosmetic release going on here, so if you like any of the styles that you see, be prepared to spend a lot of your V-Bucks.

There hasn’t really been any must-buy skins of Season 8 just yet, so these could prove to be the very first. If there’s one thing we know about Fortnite, these are just the beginning of the cool skins.

With rumors of a Naruto skin coming some time this season, it seems like the skins are only going to get cooler from here on out.

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