How to Play in Fortnite Black Widow Cup: Time, Rules & More

fortnite black widow cup

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Another Marvel Knockout Series tournament is coming to Fortnite and there’s another skin that’s up for grabs.

This time around, it’s the snow suit variant of Black Widow, a skin that’s already in the game. The Marvel superspy will be joining both Ghost Rider and Daredevil as skins that were unlockable through this tournament series.

To compete in this tournament, you will need to get a friend because this is a Duos-only event. This is change from the previous ones because those ones were using the Trios format. Sadly, this does mean you’ll have to leave one of your friend’s in the dust if you’re played in the previous tourneys.

Here’s what you need to know about the Black Widow Cup.

When Does The Event Begin?

The Black Widow Cup kicks off on November 11, but it won’t be available at all of the same areas at the same time.

Here’s a look at when you’ll be able to start competing:

  • OCE 2:00:00 AM ET
  • ASIA 4:00:00 AM ET
  • ME 9:00:00 AM ET
  • EU 12:00:00 PM ET
  • BR 4:00:00 PM ET
  • NAE 6:00:00 PM ET
  • NAW 9:00:00 PM ET

There are some big differences from the previous Marvel Knockout events for placements as it looks like more teams will be able to get their hands on the prize this time around.

  • Europe – Top 1,200
  • NA East – Top 750
  • NA West – Top 300
  • Brazil – Top 300
  • Asia – Top 150
  • Oceania – Top 150
  • Middle East – Top 150

For a look at the official rules, head to the link here.

Black Widow Will Be In The Item Shop

Joining her fellow Marvel skins before her, Black Widow will be hitting the Fortnite Item Shop some time after the tournament concludes.

Pricing hasn’t been revealed quite yet, but look for her and the bundle to land around the same price as Daredevil and Ghost Rider.

Of course, getting the skin for free through the tournament will definitely be the easiest option, but it’s obvious that not everyone will have the same chance to do that.

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