Where to Harvest Buses & RVs in Native Fortnite Locations

fortnite xp xtravaganza week 4 native locations

Epic Games

The final week of Fortnite XP Xtravaganza challenges are now live and they are your last opportunity to level for the season.

Yes, you can still earn XP by doing your daily challenges, but if you want to get large chunks at a time, this will be your best chance to do so.

In the Week 4 challenges, you’ll have to harvest buses and RVs at native locations, which means you’ll have to first know what a native location even means in Fortnite.

These are locations that were on the original Fortnite map, which might not exactly be common knowledge to players who started in Chapter 2.

Don’t worry because we have you covered!

What Are Native Locations

fortnite retail row

Epic GamesRetail Row has survived.

Although Chapter 2 introduced a brand-new map into the mix, there are some locations from Chapter 1 that made the jump over.

While familiar names like Tilted Towers and Greasy Grove were wiped away and replaced with new ones, players can still get a sense of nostalgia if they want.

The native locations include Risky Reels, Retail Row and Pleasant Park. However, Pleasant Park was renamed to Doom’s Domain in Season 4, so that might not work for this challenge.

Now that you know the native locations, all you’ll have to is find RVs and buses, which is easy at both Retail Row and Risky Reels.

Not Many Days Left to Level

The season will end in December, so if you’re going for the foil skins or even just trying to finish off your Battle Pass, time is quickly running out.

You still have a few days left, but time will fly as we count down to Galactus, so don’t wait too long!

The new season will bring an all-new Battle Pass and even a Star Wars skin, so that’ll be something you can look forward to. We’ll have to make sure we get through Galactus first though.

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