When to Expect Fortnite v14.60: Everything We Know So Far

fortnite v14.60 update

Epic Games

It’s now Friday which means if we were going to get a weekly update in Fortnite, it would have happened already, so we now have to set our sights on next week.

We know there is at least one more update that is set to arrive before the end of the season, and if it is the last one, then we have to suspect it’s going to be a big one.

Whatever the last update is set to be will more than likely have a lot of details about the season-ending Nexus War event, which is being hyped up as the biggest thing we’ve seen in Fortnite yet.

Before we can even get to that point, we have to first get this update, so here’s what we know about it so far.

When is v14.60?

According to Fortnite leaker ShiinaBR, the next update will be arriving next week and it’ll be including event files.

It’s tough to say how much will be leaked once the update hits because Epic generally likes to hide at least some of the event so players can be a little surprised.

As for what to expect in terms of bug fixes, Epic Games has laid those out on their Trello Board. Since we don’t get patch notes anymore, this is the next best thing for players.

Let’s take a look at everything scheduled for a fix in the upcoming patch.

Confirmed v14.60 Fixes

It appears that nothing is actually confirmed for this next update, but we do have some things that will be fixed in a future update, which could be this one.

Here’s what those things consist of:

  • Burn Basher Pickaxe animation issue.
  • Team Size setting does not properly function when Join In Progress is set to Join Next Round. (Creative)
  • Wild West Llama not granting Steampunk weapon. (Save the World)

It’s a light list of things, but this could definitely grow as we get closer to the next patch. There are a variety of things the team is still investigating that you can see on the board.

One thing’s for certain and it’s that the season will be closing out with a bang, so stay tuned to whatever the team has planned!

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