FaZe NICKMERCS Considers Return to Fortnite

nickmercs fortnite return

FaZe Clan

The start of Fortnite was a very exciting time in gaming as it seemed like everybody in the world gave the game a shot and quickly fell in love.

As time went on, more and more creators eventually decided to leave the game and move onto greener pastures. Tfue, for example, left Fortnite and eventually moved to Call of Duty Warzone pretty much full time.

FaZe Clan content creator NICKMERCS can also be lumped into that same category after launching to mainstream popularity after playing Fortnite.

Fortnite Chapter 2 saw a lot of longtime creators leave the game for good, but it looks like this Marvel season has caught the interest of several lapsed players, and has even gotten them interested in coming back.

NICKMERCS Might Come Back

On November 13, the FaZe Clan creator tweeted that he missed Fortnite and was even considering a return in the future.

“Bro I miss playing Fortnite,” he said. “Some of the best time I’ve ever had, gaming. Considering throwin’ it back in the rotation.”

Interestingly enough, this season has also gotten Ninja back playing with some regularity, so maybe Season 5 could be what finally gets people to come back for good.

What Has Gotten Everyone’s Attention?

As for why a lot of players are suddenly saying they could come back, that remains a tough question to answer.

Obviously, having a Marvel season is enough for many players to give it a try, but the loot pool also might have something to do with it.

Something Fortnite had at the beginning was all sorts of wacky weapons and items such as the Boogie Bomb, floor traps, Impulse Grenades, etc. that allowed players to try out weird strategies.

A lot of those items are back this season, and coupled with the Mythic weapons, there are all sorts of strange strategies players can pull off. This season has felt a bit more relaxed on the competitive side of things, which is never a bad thing, especially in the regular lobbies.

What happens in Season 5 remains to be seen, but let’s hope Fortnite can stay fun.

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