Mayhem: I’m Just Waiting On A Call From Strikeforce


Photo courtesy of Esther Lin

“Mayhem” waiting for the phone to ring

Where has Jason “Mayhem” Miller been?

Over five months have passed since the middleweight contender has competed in the sport of mixed martial arts, and almost an entire year has passed since he competed under the Strikeforce banner. Fight after fight has fallen through, including his expected bout against Tim Kennedy, and the promotion has opted against giving Miller the fight he has so effectively hyped; a match up against welterweight champion Nick Diaz.

The situation is a bit odd, if not baffling, but Miller insists he is just as confused as everybody else. Apparently left out of the loop, the former top contender says he remains in the dark in terms of what will be next for him in the San Jose based promotion, but he remains prepared.

“I know nothing,” Miller said on The Ryan Loco Show. “I’m waiting on Strikeforce to call me. Whatever, I’m training. I train all the time, hard as hell. I kept thinking I was going to fight, so I’d train super-hard for a week. I’d have black eyes and I was sore as hell and then they’d tell me I don’t have a fight.

“I’m like, ‘Alright, whatever. I’ll just keep on training.’ You know, that’s just the climate right now. I’m waiting to fight.”

Even though Strikeforce has failed to find a match for Miller over the past several months, surprisingly, he has not competed in Japan in some time either. His last fight, a submission victory from last September, came at DREAM.16, but that promotion has not given Miller a call either.

When asked where he would like to fight next, Miller simply does not care. He just wants to step foot into battle as soon as possible, whether it be in North America or halfway around the world.

“You better believe (I want to fight),” Miller said. “You better believe it. I love fighting. It’s so fun. It’s like the most fun I can have with tighties on.

“Whoever calls my management first. Whoever calls (my manager) first is the one I fight for.”

While Miller’s next fight remains a mystery to both him, there is no secret as to who he wants to meet next in Strikeforce. Ever since the post-fight brawl from “Strikeforce: Nashville,” which featured “Mayhem” against Jake Shields‘ corner, a feud has broken out between the aforementioned Diaz and the former middleweight top contender.

Neither Miller, nor Diaz have held back from trash talk, as each fighter has stated numerous times how they would defeat the other. However, the match up has yet to come to fruition, and Miller says he knows whose fault that is.

“I mean, I wanted to fight him, and he didn’t want to fight me,” said Miller. “Whatever. They couldn’t put the fight together. The Cesar Gracie people didn’t want to do the fight.

“I’ll fight whoever. That’s that. I was being selfish trying to get an easy fight. I know I could knock that fool out. I know I could submit him.”

With the amount of hype behind the match up, a fight with Diaz is likely not completely out of the question. However, at this point, Miller is fine with that. The “Bully Beatdown” host simply wants to get back to doing what he loves to do, and that is fighting.

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