Alexis Davis Continuing Her Climb to Championship Contention

Second fight in six weeks for female bantamweight

Alexis Davis is in a hurry to get to the top of women’s MMA.

Less than two months after defeating Julie Kedzie in her Strikeforce debut in Chicago, the native of Port Colborne, Ontario jumped on the opportunity to return to action this weekend.

“That win was huge for me,” Davis said, speaking to Heavy MMA earlier in the week. “It was my Strikeforce debut and I would have liked to put on more of a show, but a win is a win. That victory gave me the opportunity to get this fight because I came off of it in really good shape. I had a couple of bruises, but I was good to go. This fight came up really fast, but fortunately I’m in really good shape.

“She talked a little bit of smack leading into the fight, so it felt good to come out with the victory,” Davis explained of her meeting with Kedzie. “My game plan was to keep the pressure on her and while it slowed things down a bit, I was able to control and ultimately win the fight. “

Davis had little time to savor the glory.

Shortly after her return to Canada, Strikeforce matchmaker Sean Shelby called with the opportunity to welcome Amanda Nunes to the 135 pound ranks here in Cincinnati.

“It kind of sucks diet wise,” Davis laughed when asked about the quick turnaround. “I’m dying for a big burger right now, but it will be okay. I have been training hard and splitting my time between Ontario and Jensen Beach, Florida where we just opened a club. I’ve been training with a lot of great people and also had the opportunity to visit [Pablo] Popovitch’s club. It’s been good because I’ve stayed in top shape and haven’t had any injuries.”

Across the cage, Nunes has quickly gained momentum for her combative style and ability to finish opponents.

She knocked out Julia Budd 14 seconds into the first round of her organizational debut. Oddly enough, that only makes Davis all the more excited to fight her.

“I think this fight with Amanda Nunes is going to be exciting. She is a lot like me; she is always pushing forward. I guess we are both kind of bullheaded that way where we both want to come forward and press the action. I think it was meant to be an exciting match-up when they put us together, and I believe it will work out that way. I’m just going to have to make sure I stay out of her reach, close the distance and play my game instead.”

With a win over Nunes this weekend, Davis could put herself on a short list of possible contenders for the 135 pound title.

“There are a lot of talented women out there now, and I believe this is an interesting time for women’s MMA. Strikeforce is doing a great job in helping our side of the sport move forward, and it is up to us to do the rest. I think if we keep putting on exciting fights then it will keep the momentum moving forward. If you look at the Chicago Strikeforce card, there were two WMMA fights that night, and I felt that was huge.”

“I’m looking to go out there on Saturday and take the fight to Amanda. I’m expecting a war from two people who enjoy mixing it up.”

Davis would like to thank her sponsors Clinch Gear, Eshine, Razor Wear, VII A.D. and Addison Sports Management and Media. You can follow her on Twitter @alexisdavisMMA.