UFC On FX 3: Johnson vs. McCall Main Card Live Blog

Ian McCall vs. Demetrious Johnson (Josh Hedges/UFC)

UFC on FX 3 round-by-round updates

“UFC on FX 3” is set for this evening at 9 p.m. ET from Sunrise, Florida, and HeavyMMA.com has you covered on all the live round-by-round updates from the main card.

The event features a flyweight semi-final rematch between Demetrious Johnson and Ian McCall to determine who will face Joseph Benavidez for the UFC flyweight title.

In the co-main event of the card, welterweight prospects Erick Silva and Charlie Brenneman each look to take a step up the 170 lb. ladder into the mix of contenders.

The first two bouts of the main card feature Eddie Wineland vs. Scott Jorgensen and Mike Pyle vs. Josh Neer, in that order.

Tune in at 9 p.m. ET to HeavyMMA.com for all the action from Sunrise, Florida.

Scott Jorgensen vs. Eddie Wineland
Round 1: Fighters trading punches early, and Wineland landing the better shots. Nice right for Wineland, but Jorgensen gets a left. Takedown attempt from Jorgensen, but it only leads to the clinch, and Wineland is able to break away. Nice long left for Wineland. Leg kick glances for Jorgensen. Wineland misses with a body kick, but lands a right on a counter. Jorgensen misses with a counter, as Wineland displays great head movement. Jorgensen lands, but Wineland is quick on the counter. Good movement from Wineland. He sneaks in a jab. Jab lands for Wineland, and Jorgensen falls backwards. Wineland rushes in, and Jorgensen looks takedown. They clinch, and Wineland throws Jorgensen down. Big punches to the body, but he lets him up. Another nice couple shots on the feet land for Wineland. Jorgensen is a bit lost here. Wineland missing on a combination. Wineland lands a vicious combination after Jorgensen misses badly. Huge right for Wineland. Jorgensen misses with a head kick, and Wineland misses on a superman punch. Heavy.com scores the round 10-9 for Wineland.

Round 2: Jorgensen with an early takedown, but Wineland is right back up. Left hook fro Jorgensen, and another. Wineland is bloodied up after another shot. Wineland struggling here with the blood pouring out of his forehead. Nice right from Wineland, and another. And a left lands for. Jorgensen looks for a takedown, but Wineland gets away from it. Another nice one-two from Wineland. Florian confirms the cut was from a knee during the scramble at the start of the round. Wineland slips, but is back up. Leg kick from Jorgensen, but Wineland lands a nice punch. Jorgensen lands a nice punch now, but, once again, Wineland lands his right again. Jorgensen with a takedown attempt. Wineland’s mouth piece is out. Jorgensen with a leg kick after taking a punch. Brief pause in action to give Wineland his mouth piece back. Jorgensen gets tagged with a huge right hand and immediately drops. Wineland with ground and pound. This is over. Great right cross for the finish.

Official Decision: Wineland def. Jorgensen via knockout at 4:14 of Round 2

Josh Neer vs. Mike Pyle
Round 1: Leg kick from Pyle. Neer misses with a combination, but is hunting Pyle down. Nice combination for Neer. Pyle with a takedown attempt, and Neer can’t defend. Neer striking from the bottom, while Pyle lands a nice left. He moves into side control and is looking to mount, but Neer is defending nicely. Pyle goes for mount, but Neer gets butterfly guard out of the scramble. Neer with a leg lock attempt, but Pyle escapes and is back on top in Neer’s guard. Neer with a triangle attempt, switching to omoplata. Pyle sees it and escapes. Pyle back in guard, but not doing much from the top. Punches here and there. He lands a nice right and stands up. He throws down a big punch. Neer grabs a leg and stands. He is looking for a takedown. Pyle escapes, and they are back to the feet. Neer rushes forward with combinations. He is landing more frequently in the exchanges, but Pyle lands a knee. Neer looking to land more, trying to make up points after the beginning of the round. Pyle with another knee, but gets caught up in an exchange. He backs up as Neer looks to throw. Neer drops. Pyle landed a short right that floored Neer. No more punches from Pyle, who knows this fight is over.

Official Decision: Pyle def. Neer via knockout at 4:56 of Round 1

Charlie Brenneman vs. Erick Silva
Round 1: Brenneman comes straight forward and looks for a takedown. Silva makes him pay with big punches and a knee. Brenneman staggers away, but is fine. Silva looks for a spinning back kick, but Brenneman immediately grabs his legs and takes the fight down. Silva attempts to escape, but is down, and Brenneman has his back. Silva grabbing for a leg, but Brenneman escapes. Silva looks to strike, coming forward, and nearly falls into a guillotine, but Brenneman lets it go. Up against the cage now. Now action, and the referee breaks them up. Brenneman leads in with a nice punch and immediately works it into a takedown. Silva starts working his way up and is back to his feet, but Brenneman is pressing him against the cage. Punches from Brennaman, but not enough, as the referee separates them. Silva fires away immediately, landing a nice kick.  He tries another spinning back kick and lands it. They clinch. Knees from Silva. Separates, Silva lands a vicious body kick and the shots to the body hurt Brenneman, who shoots in for a takedown. He stuffs it and takes the back of Brenneman, who seems hurt. He gets the hook, and Brenneman is flat on his stomach. Choke is in and this fight is over. The Silva hype train continues after an impressive performance.

Official Decision: Silva def. Brenneman via submission (rear naked choke) at 4:33 of Round 1

Demetrious Johnson vs. Ian McCall
Round 1: Touch of gloves kicks this fight off, and McCall misses with a kick. McCall with another kick, but Johnson lands one of his own. Head kick blocked by McCall. They clinch up against the cage, Johnson pressing McCall into it. Johnson grabs his opponent’s legs, looking for a double. He gets it, but McCall works his way back up. They separate, and McCall presses forward with a combination, and Johnson counters nicely. Good footwork from “Mighty Mouse,” but he takes a punch and a leg kick. Johnson with a counter right hand that floors McCall. Johnson follows him to the ground and into guard. McCall stands back up and walks to the cage. Johnson clinches, but they separate. Leg kick from McCall. He looks takedown, but Johnson evades.McCall tries to kick out the back leg of Johnson, who then shoots for a takedown. Knee from McCall. He’s down, but quickly gets back up, eating a knee. McCall misses on strikes and presses forward earnestly. Johnson grabs a leg, but doesn’t get the takedown as the bell rings. Heavy.com scores the round 10-9 for Johnson.

Round 2: McCall guns forward with strikes and lands nicely. Takedown attempt from McCall drives him against the cage. McCall gets the fight down, but Johnson gets back up. Nice uppercut from McCall, who comes forward with a flying knee, but misses badly. Knee from McCall lands, and he closes the distance. This allows Johnson to wrap him up, but McCall breaks away. Johnson with a nice few short strikes, and McCall pushes him away. Kick from Johnson. And another. Kick below the belt causes a break in the action, as Johnson is in pain. Touch of gloves restarts the action. They trade, but McCall is the first to do anything significant by earning a takedown. Johnson gets back up, but they get tied up again. McCall with another brief takedown, followed by a nice slam, but Johnson is back up again. Clinch up against the cage. Johnson digging in knees. McCall turns him around and breaks with a spinning elbow. Another clinch, and the pair briefly grapple in the clinch. They separate again with one minute to go. Johnson lands a punch and a knee. McCall trying to land, but his opponent is too fast. Nice right from Johnson, who slips up after a kick lands for McCall. Kick from Johnson and then a takedown attempt. McCall defends and almost gets on top, but Johnson is up. Round comes to an end in the clinch with McCall landing body shots. Heavy.com scores the round 10-9 for McCall

Round 3: Fighters tie up early in the third, and McCall looks takedown, but can’t get it. Johnson lands strikes after separation, but they almost immediately are back in the clinch. McCall presses Johnson up against the cage, but can’t find a way to get the fight down. Another separation, but Johnson works the clinch now, pressing McCall against the cage. He drags him down. McCall works his way back up, but gives up his back. He is able to separate, and they trade on the break. They almost get tied up again, and McCall throws Johnson. Johnson gets up, but  eats a knee. Leg sweep attempt from McCall after a Johnson slip. McCall instead presses Johnson up against the cage. Johnson separates. Nice left hook scores for McCall. Another clinch, as McCall presses Johnson against the cage. They trade knees with just over a minute to go. Johnson breaks away and lands a left, followed by a push kick. McCall coming forward in the clinch again, but Johnson breaks away. Nice right from Johnson, who now is looking for a takedown. 20 seconds to go. McCall falls to his back after losing his balance, but spins back up. Johnson rushes forward, and the round ends in the clinch. Heavy.com scores the round 10-9 for Johnson.

Official Decision: Johnson def. McCall via unanimous decision (29-28, 30-27, 29-28)