Krzysztof Soszynski Talks KSOS System, UFC Future

Krzysztof Soszynski

UFC light heavyweight Krzysztof Soszynski talks KSOS System and Career Goals

There’s good news for fans of UFC light heavyweight Krzysztof Soszynski; he’s not hanging up the gloves quite yet.

While he’s taken time off from the Octagon this year, “The Polish Experiment” isn’t ready to retire. But when the time does come to call it a successful career, he’s fully prepared for life after fighting.

That’s because Soszynski (26-12-1 (MMA), 6-3 UFC) has developed his very own “KSOS System”, which he first began to develop and use upon his initial training in the sport after years of bodybuilding, and he has continued to improve the system over the years.

He’s set up shop in California at Mark Munoz‘ Reign Training Center, and Soszynski’s system has benefited the likes of Munoz and UFC 151 co-headliner Jake Ellenberger.

“It all kind of started when I got in the sport of MMA,” Soszynski said. “Coming from a bodybuilding background and professional wrestling background, I lifted alot of weights and stuff like that. So, when I first started fighting I realized that weight lighting the bodybuilding way a lot of fighters still do and what alot of athletes do is definitely not the way to go with mixed martial arts. I just started working on other stuff, alot of bodyweight movements and simulating a lot of movements for mixed martial arts. It kind of took off from there, when I get to Team Quest I started watching a lot of videos and it was really cool because Ryan Parsons would put us through these circuits and they simulated a lot of MMA movements and I kind of took some ideas from him and created ideas of my own and developed my own program.

“It’s been working really well for me, cardio’s always better, I feel like my muscle endurance is great as well as all the guys I train that use the KSOS System like Mark and Jake, I definitely see the improvements in their muscle conditioning and their overall body endurance.”

His knowledge is undeniable, and Soszynski will continue to be one of the UFC’s most phsyically impressive fighters until he does indeed retire. For now, he’ll continue to hone his skill set and the “KSOS System,” while training the aforementioned Munoz, aong with Ellenberger as he finishes up final preparetions for his fight next Saturday live on pay-per-view against Jay Hieron.

Needless to say, it means a lot that such high-caliber fighters are trusting in the system.

“It definitely means a lot,” Soszynski said. “Because I don’t have that schooling that other strength and conditioning coaches have. I don’t have a kinesiology degree or anything like that. For them to believe in me and believe in the system it really means a lot and I appreciate them taking the time to try it out because it’s not for everybody. It’s definitely a lot of hard work and a lot of dedication to the system and I really appreciate their effort that they have actually given me a try and the system a try and they’re actually still using it.

“On top of that, the system isn’t only for MMA fighters, it’s for anybody that’s looking to get in shape. I’m training a lot of my students and regular every day people that are looking to get in shape. I’m one of the strength and conditioning coaches over at Athlete’s Choice, I train using the system with 7-10 year olds, 11-14 year olds, and 15-17 year olds as well. It’s for everybody of all ages that’s looking to get in shape.”

With that being said, the 35-year old Soszynksi appears to be in a happy place for a career outside of fighting with his strength and conditioning system, which sports nutrition company Xyience is officially supporting.

However, he has some unfinished business to handle inside the Octagon and goals to accomplish before he fully sets out to make the world a healthier place with the “KSOS System”.

“It’s kind of funny, every time you step a little further you develop a new goal,” said Soszynksi. “So, when I first got into the sport I wanted to get one fight and see what it was like and once you get one fight you want 10-fights, then once you get past that you’re like I want to make it into the bigger organizations, then the next thing you know I got into TKO (Canadian Based Organization) and the IFL (International Fight League), and then I was like ‘let’s get into the UFC’. I got that accomplished and now my goal is to make it to 10-fights in the UFC and I’m one fight away. I’m 6-3 and I think I can get to 7-3, maybe even 8-3, and just leave it with a really good record in the UFC. I feel like I’ve been here in the UFC for four-years now and I’ve become a veteran of the UFC and it’s a great accomplishment. I started the sport at age 25 with no background of any kind whatsoever, no martial arts experience in the past, and I’ve never even been in a street fight. So, I say to myself that it took me six-years to make it to the UFC, I’ve been in the UFC for four maybe five years. It’s definitely my goal to make it to 10-fights and 7-3, and leave on good terms and have continued success training my students.”


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