UFC 150 Preliminary Card Live Round By Round Results

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Join Heavy.com this evening for live round-by-round coverage and results from the preliminary card of UFC 150.

Action begins at 7:30 p.m. ET from Denver, Colorado’s Pepsi Center and a total of five fights are set to take place on the undercard.

Tune in this evening and stick with HeavyMMA for all your UFC 150 results.

Nik Lentz vs. Eiji Mitsuoka
Round 1: Both fighters hesitant at the start of this contest. Lentz rushes forward with a combination. Knee from Lentz, and Mitsuoka lookstakedown. It gets stuffed, and Lentz turns him to the cage. He works to the back and slams Mitsuoka down. Mitsuoka gets back up, but gets sent right back down. He finally shakes Lentz away, but eats a big right hand, followed by a takedown. Lentz looking to move to mount, but he gets sent back to guard. He postures up, but moves to side control. Mitsuoka gives up his back, but gets back to his feet. Another takedown from Lentz. He has the back and both hooks. Mitsuoka is flattened out and getting pounded with shots. Unanswered punch after unanswered punch. The referee moves in to stop the fight. Complete dominance from Lentz.

Official Decision: Lentz def. Mitsuoka via technical knockout at 3:45 of Round 1

Dustin Pague vs. Chico Camus
Round 1: Touch of gloves begins the second fight of the night. Pague moves forward with a right hook. Camus counters with a straight right. Pague throws a combo, landing a left, but Camus fires back. Kick from Pague, and Camus catches it and takes the fight to the ground. Pague throws his legs up for a triangle choke. He almost has it, but Camus is defending. Pague with a nice elbow. Midpoint of the round. More elbows from Pague. Meanwhile, Camus doing little from the top, aside from defending the choke. Pague loses the choke with 90 seconds to go in the round. Camus getting to work now, landing punches and elbows from the top. Pague rolls for an omoplata. He nearly gets it, but Camus breaks away. Vicious elbow from Camus, and Pague is bleeding now. Pague throws his legs up for a last second submission, but he can’t get it. Heavy.com scores the round 10-9 for Camus.

Round 2: Pague moves forward, walking straight into a Camus punch. Camus throws a kick, but gets taken down. Role-reversal from the first round, except Camus gets back up to his feet almost immediately. Pague stalking. Camus with a nice one-two combination. Pague throws back, but gets taken down. Pague looks to isolate an arm. Vicious strike from Camus. He keeps working strikes to the body, but Pague is sliding away. Camus steps into side control, keeping his opponent down. Pague recovers, regaining full guard. 90 seconds. Camus with a few elbows. Pague looking triangle here. Camus is really turning it up here. Nice elbow from the UFC rookie. Pague gets up to a knee, but eats a big knee in the process. He works back to his feet before the round comes to a close. Heavy.com scores the round 10-9 for Camus.

Round 3: Fight moves to the ground early, and Pague takes the back of Camus. He works a body triangle and has it secured with a minute down in the round. Camus biding his time, but finally explodes out. He is on top now with just under three minutes to go in the round. Ground and pound from Camus, who has Pague cut open. He moves to half guard. Not much action, but Camus is doing enough to avoid a stand-up. Scramble, and Camus moves to full mount. Pague rolls and gives up his back. Under a minute to go. Camus reaches for a choke. He has it, but Pague pulls is head out and stands. He flips over as the bell rings. Heavy.com scores the round 10-9 for Camus.

Official Decision: Camus def. Pague via unanimous decision (29-28, 30-27, 29-28)

Ken Stone vs. Erik Perez
Round 1: Leg kick from Perez. Stone comes forward, landing a nice punch. Counter from Perez lands. Stone drops to the ground. He gets up, but eats another shot that puts him down. Big strikes from Perez. This fight is over.

Official Decision: Perez def. Stone via technical knockout at 0:17 of Round 1

Michael Kuiper vs. Jared Hamman
Round 1: Hamman rips off a leg kick to start. Kuiper closes the distance, but doesn’t land. Hamman with a nice knee to the body. Body kick from Hamman. Kuiper moves forward, but is walking into shots. They exchange, each fighter landing. Outside leg kick from Hamman. Kuiper with a right hand. Hamman with a combo, finishing with a vicious knee to the body. He looks takedown, but Kuiper wraps him up and presses him against the cage. Kuiper throws Hamman to the ground, but Hamman hops back up. Knee from Kuiper. Right hand lands for Kuiper. He is looking for the knockout punch. Outside leg kick lands for Kuiper. Head kick from Kuiper, followed by several big punches. Hamman looks dazed, but Kuiper is not landing. Hamman fires back. Kuiper comes back with a few big strikes of his own, and Hamman falls to the ground. He is back up. Nice combo from Hamman. Kuiper with another vicious combo. Hamman is wobbly right now. Head kick lands for Kuiper. Takedown from Hamman, but he can’t get it. 30 seconds to go. Huge counter combination from Kuiper at the round’s end. Hamman’s leg is clearly injured as he moves to the stool. Heavy.com scores the round 10-9 for Kuiper.

Round 2: Touch of gloves to start the round. Nice straight right from Hamman. Kicks land for Kuiper, and Hamman grimaces, but fires back. Hamman lands a right, but Kuiper fires off a few counter shots. Huge punch from Kuiper drops Hamman. He pounces on him, landing big shots, but Hamman somehow works back to his feet. Up against the cage, Kuiper lands a huge punch. Hamman nearly drops, but staggers back instead. Kuiper forward with more punches, and Hamman collapses. His leg is in all kinds of trouble. The right hand on the feet is what finished him.

Official Decision: Kuiper def. Hamman via technical knockout at 2:16 of Round 2

Dennis Bermudez vs. Tommy Hayden
Round 1: Hayden moves in for a combination, but Bermudez lifts him up and drops him on his back. Hayden trying to tie his opponent up, but he is not able to. He does, however, manage to get back up to his feet. Hayden looking to take the fight down now, but Bermudez stuffs the attempt. Midpoint of the first round nearly here. Bermudez look to transition to the back, but Hayden scrambles back up to his feet. Big knee lands for Hayden, and Bermudez crashes to the canvas. He looks to move away, but Hayden hops on, taking the back. Hayden has an arm trapped, but gets shaken off. Arm bar now, but Bermudez slams him into the mat. He is back on top. Bermudez in half guard, but Hayden regains full guard. He is back up. Nice kick from Bermudez. Hayden drops for a takedown, but falls into a guillotine. He walks him into the cage, and Hayden is forced to tap while standing.

Official Decision: Bermudez def. Hayden via submission (guillotine choke) at 4:23 of Round 1

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